Five Concepts of Marketing

According to lay man, marketing is all about selling and advertising the product. But in today’s corporate world it is one of the most important elements to run a business or business like activity. It plays a crucial role in earning profits for companies.

Marketing is all about customer’s satisfaction. Companies create value for the customer (by providing required quality goods and services qualityto build long lasting and strong relationship to capture value from the customer in return. There are two goals of marketing; one is to attract new customers and build relationship with them and second is to keep and grow the existing customers by delivering superior value. How to deliver superior value?
It’s quite simple; you just need to cater with the needs of the customer. One thing is most important and is the core of the marketing, i.e. “to know your customer”.
You can do it in 2 ways, one is either you scratch out your customers need and delivers it or you can produce or innovate on a thing and then make it your customers need. If we take the example of Nestle Curd. They prepared a product which is already available in the market everywhere with much ease and at lower cost but still they made attractively packed curd and made it customers’ requirement. Marketing is a very broad term, it includes so many things but the purpose is one and that is to Gain and retain the customers, satisfy them and capture their loyalty in return.

Marketing Concepts:          To retain profitable customers, company needs to orient such strategies that would build long lasting relationship with customers. Following are 5 concepts, evolved with the passage of time to fulfill the needs of customers.

The Production Concept:         In production concept it is perceived that a customer favors such product which is readily available in the market at relatively lower cost. It is one of the oldest concepts.
So the producers who follow this concept, tries to increase their production capacity and productivity as well to lower the cost. For this purpose they need efficient production processes and effective distribution channel for the placement of product.
This concept is applicable in 2 situations, one; when demand is exceeding supply in the market, to outfit that demand excessive production is required to make the product available all over. Second; when products’ price is high because of too high cost, and improved productivity is required to cut the cost.

The Product Concept:          Product concept emphasizes on the view that customer favors the product that offer most quality, improvement, features and enhancements. For this purpose organization tries to put all its efforts in upgrading the product. This concept focuses on making continuous improvements.
This idea can work to some extent, but in current era of latest technology and innovative inventions, it may not work that much successfully.

The Selling Concept:          In selling concept, it is being perceived that customer will not buy a certain product unless it’s being promoted and advertised massively. Such organizations that have the strategies according to this particular concept need a large sales force and promotional activities to make everyone well-informed regarding its product or service.

The Marketing Concept:          It is the modern concept, in which the focus is customers’ satisfaction. Company first analyze the consumers’ need and then produce such good and service to satisfy that need. In this way it can build a strong relationship with customer which can earn monetary benefits for the company.
This is the concept which is popular nowadays. Because now customers are more concerned and well aware. They want their needs to be satisfied with rather compromise with available products.

The Societal Marketing Concept:          It is enlightened concept which emphasizes that company should make products which are not only satisfying the interests of customers and company’s but society’s long run interest are saved as well.
              For example, ozone free deodorants, they are environmental friendly and are produced keeping in view that how the environmental hazards can be minimized. Customer may not know the environmental benefit of the product but organization has done it for the well fare of the whole society.

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Terrorism Holidays

The two words up in the heading are too horrible to read, but unfortunately this condition is prevailing in our country. Now educational institutes are the target of terrorists. This thing has created a chaos among students of all ages. The terror of blasts has made students to sit home, unless the security measures are up-to-the mark in educational institutes. Students are the main asset of any country; terrorists are trying to paralyze our country. Parents are afraid of sending their kids to schools, colleges and universities. We do not know that how long this pathetic situation is going to prolong, but we can only pray.

The blasts at Islamic University are highly condemnable. After that sadistic incident, there has been disturbance all over the country. All institutes were closed till 26th October, 2009 and were asked to adopt security measures till then. All educational institutes have been asked to take standard security measures; which includes 8 feet high wall around the institute with wire hindrance up on it, no entry without students’ ID cards, properly equipped guards, metal detector gates etc; but mostly have been unable to follow the instructions given. The situation is too chaotic, some schools are open some are closed, which are open parents are afraid to send their kids; some opened but were closed again because security measure taken were too weak.

Yesterday some explosive material was found from the Commerce University of Karachi. Due to which again a wave of terror run across the country. Some schools were again closed due to this. We used to have summer holidays and winter holidays, but now terrorism holidays are introduced to us. We condemn all this terrorist activity. our Govt. should take measures to end this as soon as possible. May Allah bless us and our Country and get us rid of terrorism; AMEEN.


Top MBA In Pakistan

Lahore University of Management Sciences: The most Prestigious university of Pakistan, LUMS, is ranked at the top for its MBA. It has touched the reputation for its MBA, that every organization, either national or multinational hires the graduates of LUMS. In 1986 LUMS launched its Business School with a world-class MBA programme (recently the School has been renamed as the Suleman Dawood School of Business). To be a LUMS graduate is a remarkable achievement. LUMS produces professionals, who can compete in the market and have significance and intellectual of their own. LUMS’s MBA is recognized throughout the world. It has gain such repute through hard working, competent, dedicated and highly professional faculty. The level of studies, contents of courses, kinds of courses and the way all these things are integrated, is the key to such promising institute’s success. Students are assessed, brain stormed, and given such activities which enhance their skills and abilities. Culture at LUMS is more towards modernism, western and lavish. Usually students belonging to upper class are found at LUMS.

To be at LUMS for Masters in Business Administration, they require GMAT, and if you get yourself cleared in the test then interview and after that admission. Though to be at LUMS requires a lot of money, but students can also get financial assistance to carry on their studies.

Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi: Institute of Business Administration, Karachi; a giant among the institutes for MBA. It’s a dream of almost every student with business background to get its Masters in Business Administration done from IBA Karachi. It is ranked after LUMS in HEC ranking. It was established in 1955 with initial technical support provided by the world famous Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania; later, the University of Southern California set up various facilities at the Institute and several prominent American professors were assigned to the IBA. It holds ultimate market worth for its degree. IBA has produced about 8000 graduates to-date as outstanding professionals holding Chief Executives and top management positions in leading listed companies, corporations and banks. To get admission at IBA Karachi for its MBA, you need to clear its test with required marks and then you are being called for an interview and if your interview works then you are at IBA (Karachi). MBA program consists of two years (4 semesters) at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. Students are also facilitated with scholarships, stipend and financial assistance so no student remains deprived of quality education.

The professional attitude students of IBA (Karachi), shines them out. Their interpersonal skills and charismatic personality is developed through quality studies and challenging experiences of projects, case studies, tutorials, presentations, quizzes and participation in different business competitions at national and international level. They have rigorous faculty who perfectly complement the blend of courses at IBA and are well aware that how to inculcate the professionalism in students.

Lahore School of Economics: Lahore School of Economics, another name in the race, has also achieved enough fame, repute and market value. Masters in Business Administration at LSE is ranked at 3rd number but in Lahore, it comes after LUMS.

In LSE, MBA students are given challenging case studies and tutorials to equip them with proficient skills in their long hour classes.. Life at LSE is quite hectic when it comes to study. Students have to stay in the university for long hours till evening. And even after going home they have loads of work to be done either regarding quiz or projects or assignments. Students face quite tough studies. But besides all this, there is fun and enjoyment as well. Students get quite chilling, friendly, social and open environment. Lots of events, gigs, parties held at LSE. LSE is also famous for certain notorious events and stuff at it. Culture is quite liberal and out of limits.
Graduates at LSE are quite blunt, confident and bold. LSE hold very good market value. Students get jobs in national and multinational jobs and hired as trainees in top ranked banks and institutions, after completion of their Masters’ degree at LSE. For admission at Lahore School of Economics, you have to clear an entry test that is conducted by LSE it self.

Institute of Business Management, Karachi: For me the main features of IBM's MBA is that they offer MBA in so many disciplines from 1 year MBA to 3 year and from general MBA to specialized in Finance, Marketing and HRM etc. Another plus which IBM got over other institutes is their faculty, they have so many foreign PhDs with vast teaching experience and unique teaching style.

Although MBA from IBM didn't got nation wide recognition in the sense like top two institute LUMS and IBA got this much recognition that students from all over the Pakistan apply to get admission in them. But still IBM Finished at number four in Eduinn's ratings.

International Islamic University - IIU Islamabad

International Islamic University is the only one of its kind in Pakistan and provide a real Islamic meaning of education to both Pakistanis and outsiders. With promising management and pure dedication towards education and education in pure Islamic way. Its not that IIUI only provide Islamic education as its name suggests, its a complete package of Management sciences to engineering and from social sciences to islamic studies. The whole idea behind this institute is to provide young nation the latest education with some Islamic touch. Well it seems quit impresive, the whole idea, but the question here is that weather they really provide what they claim? My answer is yes. They are really providing a brilliant enovironment rather Islamic enovironment to students which is producing some great youngsters, altough IIUI's students are not yet getting welcome response from market but they got a great potential to capture the market in really near future.

IIUI is growing with great pace because of two major reasons; first which is its greatest strength is its students who are really hardworking and passionate about their studies and second is its management's dedication about this institute.

Teachers are cooperative to students who get frequent assignments to do and marked on a lenient scale so students are quit satisfied with their teachers. Most of the teachers Masters which for me is a weakness at the university's end because at this competitive market you got to have some real experienced fellows to make your students something like brilliant.

Some of the weaknesses are as I mentioned above about the qualification of teachers is mostly Masters. Generally administration is very non-cooperative with students which create little bit of dissatisfaction among them so they, the administration, need to be more cooperative with students. And also students don't have much liberty to complaint against management which quit unjust on the part of Management. Lets have some quick review of different aspects of IIUI.

HISTORY: Back at 1980 this institute established but construction of its new campus made it possible to expand and offer a whole new line of programs. Old campus was located around the Faisal Mosque which was not much spacious to make it a quality place to learn so the management decided to build a new and large campus.

BASIC INFORMATION: New campus of IIUI is situated in sector H-10 of Islamabad. In this purposely build campus they consturct seprate hostels for male and female students. Education in IIUI is also sperate for male and female students which somehow matching with all the Islamic concept behind this institute.

STUDENT TALK: Students are really satisfied with this institute's education standards and also with the teachers' attitudes. But a students of IIUI told me on the behalf of others that management and administration is not much cooperative with students and don't give proper attention towards their problems. Other then this complaint they seems like happy with this institute.

FACILITIES: Facilites at International Islamic University are above average because of these plus and negatives. Library, Computer and Science labs are above average with library having huge amount of books, journals and magzines reaching almost 1.5 million in numbers and computer labs are up-to-date and science labs are equiped well.

Full transport is provided to students of twin cities. Hostel facility is also there for both male and female students. Class rooms are air conditioned and well maintained. Cafeteria is not up to the mark as it is low on quality and variety. Overall all campus building is also clean and well maintained.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: IIUI is offering different programs in following faculties.

  • Arabic Language and Islamic Civilization
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Islamic Studies
  • Languages, Literature and Humanities
  • Shar'iah and Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Management Sciences

WEBSITE: Here is the weblink of Islamic university click here to have more knowledge about IIUI.

Entry Test (MCAT) 2009:

MCAT is like the biggest monster in the haunted house. Every year thousands of students appear in it. Likewise, this year 21,489 students appeared in the test which was held on 28th September, 2009, against 2479 vacant seats in the medical and dental institutions at 13 centres in 12 cities of Punjab. Look at the candidates’ numbers and then seat, huge difference, not even 1/4th of students get admissions. It’s quite awful. Every year efforts of thousands of students are being wasted.

Result of the entry test to Medical Colleges had been out. 70% of your Inter or A-level ,arks and 30% of your entry test results marks are included. Students put their lifetime effort in preparing for the entry test, but weightage is only 30%. Once again, as per tradition, a few students are very happy, some are sad, frustrated and some are mad at authorities.A few happy students are those who secured brilliant marks and have hopes and bright chances to be at any of the Govt. Medical Colleges. The students who had been unable to score well are sad but those who are considered to be intelligent and brilliant but still could not score that well which can get them to the medical colleges, are frustrated and mad. It happens almost every year. This year there was separate test for A-level students prepared out of their syllabus, but there was still complaint from the students side that their were around 40 questions which were out of syllabus. A-level students even swept the road outside UHS. But the UHS administration says that there is nothing like that, they have confirmed it with persons who designed the test. Some FSc students had the same complaint, they protested regarding this as well. But UHS is not ready to accept all this; they are not bothered about this.

In addition to this mess, one more issue has disturbed FSc students alot, there is possibility of separate quota of 200 seats for A-level students, its not confirmed yet. but still Students with intermediate background are annoyed at this, because out of 100% A-level students are 3% only. So if 200 seats are separated for those 3% then it’s unfair with 97%age. They already have very less number of seats. FSc students protested and opposed the idea of reservation of seats for alevel students.

Every year a lot of students waste their one more year to try again for MCAT, some change their field and areas of interests. In my opinion those who move ahead leaves the medical madness behind do very good of them.

to get more information related to UHS or MCAT result 2009 Click Here.

University of Engineering and Technology - UET Lahore

Guest Post by: Aisha Anwer

I was asked to write about my university, that is, University of Engineering and Technology (U.E.T.), Lahore, where I had graduated from. I said okay to it, but when I sat down to start writing, I thought to start with the history of the university, to kind of take a tour from past to present and probably talk about what promises for future does it make. So I decided to consult U.E.T’s website for that, and while I was going through it, I thought when they have all the information about the university, and even I am consulting the university’s website to write for this blog, then why bother writing in this blog? My answer to my own question was kind of the definition of this blog: as the name suggests, this blog is the Education Inn, a house for all the educational information, coming to this one place the reader can find most of the basic and a lot more information about many institutes in Pakistan, besides other educational information. So, I thought it is okay even if I consult U.E.T.’s website for writing this post, the purpose is to provide the information ‘under one roof’.

Here is an
outline of what you will get to read in this post, about U.E.T. Lahore

  • My Personal Experience
  • History of the university
  • Admission Procedure
  • Number of Faculties and Departments*
  • Research Institutes

*I will explain the difference between the two as well, so please hold your thoughts, if any, on that

My Personal Experience: My personal experience of the university has been great ! I will not say that U.E.T. is the perfect place to be, but yes it is one of the best ! One of the things I noticed about U.E.T. after paying some visits to FAST and LUMS, (this is my personal observation, and you are free to disagree) that U.E.T. is for everyone ! Whether you are the preseident’s son, or a farmer’s. Besides the moderate fee structure, the environment is such that nobody will fall prey to any complexes ; superiority or inferiority. I simply love this fact about U.E.T. As far as my educational experience is concerned, U.E.T. is good educationally, that we know from its entering the compitition in world’s best universities. But I cannot say that everyone of the faculty is the best ! There are people of all kinds in every group ! But we were taught by teachers who were nothing but the source of all knowledge you could ever imagine ! (for the most part during the four years stay at university)

History: The main campus of UET is located in the northern part of Lahore on the GT road, near the Shalimar Gardens. The institution was established in 1921 as the ‘Mughalpura Technical College’. Later it became the ‘Maclagan Engineering College’, a name given to it in 1923 when Sir Edwards Maclagan, the then Governor of the Punjab who laid the foundation stone of the main building, now called the Main Block. At that stage the institution offered courses of study in only two disciplines; Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In the year 1932, the institution was affiliated with the Punjab University for award of a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. In 1947 the institution was offering well-established B.Sc. degree courses in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

In 1954 it started a Bachelor's Degree course in Mining Engineering, the first-ever of its kind in the country. However, the real expansion and development of the institution commenced in 1961 on its transformation into the ‘West Pakistan University of Engineering & Technology’, and within a few years Bachelor's Degree courses were started in Chemical Engineering, Petroleum & Gas Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Architecture, and City & Regional Planning. Later, the University started to develop its postgraduate programs, and by 1970's it was offering Master's Degree Courses in various specializations of engineering, architecture, planning and allied disciplines. Later, Ph.D. Degree Program was also instituted in a number of disciplines.

Today, U.E.T. stands among the top 600 universities of the world, according to the THES & QS World University Ranking

Admission Procedure: The admission procedure in the university is almost the same as any other engineering institute in Pakistan. For the undergraduate admissions, U.E.T. conducts the entry test usually somewhere in July-September . Newspaper advertisement is given to call for applications, wherein the interested candidates, who have atleast 60% marks in F.Sc. or equivalent examinations, apply.

This year, i.e. 2009, U.E.T. introduced an online facility to apply, to make the application procedure simple and easier for the students from outside Lahore. For this purpose laboratories with guidance on application procedure, in some of university ’s departments were allocated, to help the students who do not have computer or Internet facility at their homes. After the students have applied, they are issued a kind of roll number slip, with the test date, time and centre mentioned on it. The entry test carries a total of 400 marks, with negative marking rules of minus 1 for each wrong answer. U.E.T.’s entry test is valid for all the engineering universities of Punjab, as well as some reciprocal seats in other provinces. The final result is calculated by using the formula 70% F.Sc/equivalent marks + 30% entry test marks.

First merit list is displayed usually one week after the entry test. Minimum three and at times 4-5 merit lists are displayed. So, even if some candidate did not get into the faculty of his choice, he still has a chance of being upgraded (provided they gave the option in the form they filled) and have secured admission in the university. Few years back there were separate self-finance seats, but now they have been merged in the open merit seats, but other special seats like over-seas etc. still exist.

Faculties and Departments: Now coming to the faculties and departments, faculty can be thought of as a container of departments, departments are sub-divisions/parts of faculties.

1. Faculty of Electrical Engineering
» Department of Electrical Engineering
» Department of Computer Science & Engineering
2. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
» Department of Mechanical Engineering
» Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
» Department of Mechatronics & Control Engineering
3. Faculty of Civil Engineering
» Department of Civil Engineering
» Department of Transportation Engineering & Management
» Institute of Environmental Engineering & Research
» Department of Architectural Engineering & Design
4. Faculty of Chemical, Mineral & Metallurgical Engineering
» Department of Chemical Engineering
» Department of Polymer & Process Engineering
» Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
» Department of Mining Engineering
» Department of Geological Engineering
» Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering
5. Faculty of Architecture & Planning
» Department of City & Regional Planning
» School of Architecture & Design
» Department of Architecture
» Department of Product & Industrial Design
6. Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities & Islamic Studies
» Department of Chemistry
» Department of Mathematics
» Department of Physics
» Department of Humanities, Management & Social Sciences
» Department of Islamic Studies

Moreover, U.E.T. has recently started Business Management under the Institute of Business Management. Information on which, is already there on this blog, you can get it here .

Research Institutes: U.E.T. is not only about teaching, it provides platform for new research as well. Besides the creative and innovative work done by students in their respective departments, U.E.T. has research centers as well, to facilitate research. Here is a list of them, (source)

» Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science (Weblink)
» Central of Excellence in Water & Engineering (Weblink)
» Inter-Disciplinary Research Center
» Laser & Optronics Center
» Nano Technology Research Center
» Automotive Engineering Center
» Energy & Power Research Center
» Bio-Medical Engineering Research Center
» Manufacturing Technologies Development Center
» Software Engineering Center
» ZTE-UET Training Center
» Vehicle Examination Center
» Innovation Technology Development Center
» HUAWEI-UET Joint Telecom IT Center (Weblink)

PS: I have tried to share with you what I know, trying to make it as simple to remember/understand as I could, and have given references to the resources (mostly university’s website links) where needed, any omissions in the information are not deliberate, if any.
For further information you can reach university’s website