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In business administration IBA Lahore secure some position in study market not like big giants like LUMS, LSE, IBA but they have some good reputation in industry. I mean organizations like IBA-ians. Recently they got new building build right before the old one. In new building classes are quit modern, seminar rooms are their and students sometimes feel jealous for those who got them. Some teachers are highly qualified but mostly lecturers are new but competent. I'av visited IBA many times and I noticed changes every time, good changes of course. Under they supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ehsan Malik IBA is growing. One thing that is very attractive for those who cannot afford expenses studies of LSE and LUMS they can get admission in IBA for very affordable fee. Institute of Business Administration is offering MBA program for quit a few years and their MBA's are preferred but not so much. Its not to long ago when IBA started Bachelors of Business Administration and they haven't produce their first batch yet, first batch is currently doing their internship in different government and private organizations. Lets have some quick review of IBA in different categories.

HISTORY: Longtime ago Punjab University established Department of Business Administration in 1972 which was upgraded to Institute of Business Administration in 1987 that was a milestone as they were the second to offer business studies at this level. They shifted to their existing building 1994 and got addition of one more campus 4 years ago.

BASIC INFORMATION: IBA Lahore is situated in Punjab University Quid-e-Azam campus. Its specialized institute in business administration field and producing some gentlemen and women to compete in market.

STUDENT TALK: Okay here is my favourite part Students Talk. While talking to some pretty faces I came to know much about IBA i.e they were satisfied with building and class rooms. A student of BBA final year give me quick snap of IBA in these words " well Mr Shahzaib our building and rooms are good, computer lab and library is also up-to-date, faculty is normal is normal some professors are good but most of them are new, cafe is fargh(bad), studies are not tough, girls common room is good but not air conditioned and overall environment is good". After this much comprehensive review I was really impressed with her and wonder that if all the students got this much confidence and communication power or not.

FACILITIES: Facilities at IBA Lahore are Average. Yes despite of students' satisfaction I personally feel that there is enough space for improvement. Computer lab is maintained well with high speed Internet connectivity, new building class rooms are fine and overall building is nice. Lawns are although green but not crafted to standards. Cafe is below average with little variety and low standard food I found many IBA-ians crossing the road for Mass Com's cafe.

MARKET WORTH: Market demand of IBA students is good but starting pay is not as much high as one can expect. Some companies hire students directly from IBA including Coca Cola, Suzuki, Engro Foods. IBA place students for internship in big government organizations including Stat Bank Of Pakistan, Sui Gas, National Bank, Fauji Foundation etc and Private firms like Coca Cola, Nestle, PC etc. So for job placement and market worth IBA can be eligible for Average+ but as far as pays are concerned Average could be enough.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: Main feature of IBA's programs is PhD in business Administration other programs are listed below.

  • BBA Hons (Morning/Evening)
  • MBA (Morning)
  • MBA (Evening)
  • MBA (1 year)
  • PhD
  • PGD - Post Graduate Diploma (Evening)
  • PGD - Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-business Management (Evening)

WEBSITE: IBA don't have its own website but there is a link on PU's webstie that can be reached by click here .


Muhammad said...

I've found one website:

Is it official site of IBA Lahore?

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

@Muhammad: Yes they just got their own website and its official.

Anonymous said...

Whats the average starting salary for graduates?

Anonymous said...

Starting salary....

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

Starting average salary is some where about 15000 to 20000. Depending own student to student.

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Anonymous said...

hi i m mustafa dildar, student of iba,mba session 2009-2011.i want to add some more features of iba punjab is for every one.students of diversified geographical back grounds are studying here, so this factor gives u extra exposure.respect for opposite gender is there,and all of the above no politics,teachers r very professionl,syllabus is up to date n overall atmospher is brilliant

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<<<-- Y a w a R -->>> said...

IBA lahore is not the real IBA of Karachi. IBA Karachi is world renowned and competes directly with LUMS Lahore. And you cant simply compare LSE with IBA. HAHA
IBA is way above than LSE in everything. It has a Global Brand name.


Lawns are although green but not crafted to standards. Cafe is below average with little variety and low standard food I found many IBA-ians crossing the road for Mass Com's cafe.
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Malik Danish said...

What is the fee for bba? Morning and evening both

Malik Danish said...

What is the fee for bba? Morning and evening both

James Harris said...

There is probably still lot needed to be done and made by the students and for the future these would also create more of the understanding. nursing capstone paper

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