A-Level Campuses At Lahore

A few years back, a little number of people knew about O-Level and A-Level. But now the trend of doing O-levels and after that A-level is becoming popular. A- Level is an international certification from commonly two different boards in Pakistan, one is Cambridge i.e. CIE (Cambridge International Examination) and the other is Eddixel (London University). Cambridge is tough as compared to Eddixel, and has more value. CIE is offering the facility to the candidates to complete their A-level in two parts of one year each. Mostly schools in Lahore offer A-levels of Cambridge board.
Following are the popular schools offering A-level to the students.

Beaconhouse School System:
Beaconhouse, a well recognized name in the private sector. It has got a standing and repute in education sector. It’s a project of an international non-for-profit organization. They are offering a well organized A levels program to the students. There are various campuses of it in Lahore, A- level is offered not in all of them. It is offered at Beaconhouse gulberg campus (ALGC), Beaconhouse liberty Campus (BLL) (Only for girls), Beaconhouse Canal side Campus (CSC) and Beaconhouse Defence Campus (BDC). They are facilitating their students with very competent teachers, good guidance and refreshing environment. They are providing a Cambridge A level program. A range of subjects is provided there. Students also get scholarships who secure 6 A’s or more. Even those who perform well in December test and other exams are eligible. Students can choose the subjects of their own interests and matching their capabilities. Students are also encouraged to participate in different activities and competition both at school level and national level. So at Beaconhouse you can get a good combination of studies and co-curricular activities.
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Keynesian Institute of Management & Sciences (KIMS):
KIMS have its recognition among the colleges offering A-levels program. they are also offering AS level and A II level. Its campuses are in Defence and newly opened campus at Johar Town. They are also offering a Cambridge Certification A-Levels. They are offering scholarships at 2 A’s even. Nice and comfortable environment, good education, well organized study system, different activities for students, everything you will get at KIMS. The subjects offered are majorly of sciences, commerce, computing & business with exception to Art and designing. Teachers are qualified and have achieved a lot through their students.
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LACAS (Lahore College for Arts & Sciences):
A well known name to students. They have their A levels Campus near new airport, which is known as Burki Road Campus, quite far away. But to seek education u must go even if have to go to China. Anyways. The environment what I have heard about is quite open, free and bold. The students who really mean to study can study excellently because teachers are really good there. But those who are more towards chilling stuff can even ruin themselves (“a caution”). Scholarships are also offered to brilliant students. A variety of subjects is being provided from Commerce to music & media studies and Sciences to Arts & fashion designing. Last date for Registration is Wednesday 12th August 2009.
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LGS (Lahore Grammar School):
Lahore grammar school a cherry to the cake among all A-level Schools. Lahore Grammar is more famous for girls, than for boys. A level at LGS offers reviving and challenging educational experience. It is affiliated with the Cambridge Board of International Examinations for the A-Level programmes. Applicants to A level program are also required to take GET (General English Test) & GMT (General Math Test). Its has its campuses for A-level at Defence, Ghalib Market and Gulberg for girls only & Johar Town for boys only. It has a strengthened position and name. They are offering bigger range of academic and extra curricular options to students, variety of events and some exciting stuff. They a well organized system and teachers are well equipped with knowledge.
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SICAS (Salamat School System):
One more name with got enough repute but not as much as all above have. But still reasonable enough. They have coed the campus for A level program. Have good faculty, some young teachers as well. Students are always encouraged to show all their skill at different levels besides studies. They provide interactive environment like all others to make students more confident and vigilant. They are offering different subjects with average quality of education.
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Resource Academia:
It is also a well known school for A-levels. Its campus is near Barkat Market, opposite University hostels. The chief executive is Mian Aamir Mahmood. The school has good faculty and challenging environment for students. Besides studies students are also refreshed with extra curricular activities, events and trips. Facilities are good enough for students to go forward and bring out best out of them. Scholarships are also provided to the eligible students.
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Crescent School System:
Crescent is a good option, as it has a huge area, great reputation and a solid faculty. Crescent Model Higher Secondary School is no doubt one of the best schools nationwide with a remarkable history of producing academically outstanding students. The school offers many indoor and outdoor extra-curricular activities. A-levels program at Crescent is quite good under a qualified and brilliant faculty. It is really a good option go for A-level. A range of subjects are offered there. Campus is separate for boys and girls. There is a very organized, well behaved and good environment. Students are encouraged and braught forward not only in studies but also in other skills and activities.

B.com At Punjab College Of Commerce

Before I start my article about PCC let me tell you that I am an Old Punjabian and have done my B.com from PCC. Punjab college is no doubt a very big name in undergraduate studies especially in Lahore. They enroll thousands of students for intermediate and bachelors level studies. There trade mark is that every year they secure some positions in Inter board and Punjab University so their popularity is increasing day by day. Youngsters love to become Punjabian as it is turned into a Brand which is every student's wish.

Now lets talk about Punjab College Of Commerce which is part of Punjab Group Of Colleges and responsible for I.com and B.com. But here I am more concerned about B.com of PCC because for me I have no benefit of doing B.com. Yes !! my two years at Punjab college never give me a single benefit.

Surprised? I'll explain it to you what I am talking is my personal grooming because an institute with this much huge setup and state of the art facilities Punjab college is not grooming its students to meet further challenges of modern studies in which your personal skills including communication, Interpersonal and analytical skills are given more importance than of those of bookish knowledge.

No doubt PCC is providing excellent education to its students and after its biggest competitor Hailey College of Commerce finishes with B.com IT, PCC has become a leader in B.com-IT. But they are not focusing on their students' personal skills which is a really pit fall of PCC.

Now see another side of picture, now as Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has started 4 years bachelors degree, most Institutes don't accept 2 year bachelors degree for further studies like MBA and those who accept only offer 3 year MBA program. So now if you want to start your bachelors make sure that its a 4 year degree, for this purpose you can start B.Com(hons) at any institute of your choice including HCC and University of Central Punjab (UCP).

It is so much unfortunate that no one has ever raise voice about this dilemma that why Institutes are still offering 2 year bachelors instead of 4 year. For me institutes like PCC and Superior are only offering 2 year programs just to make money out of them. I feel it my duty to tell my readers about this matter of importance that now there is no demand for 2 year degree as it has no future scope for further studies at any level.

So be very much careful before starting your bachelors.

Admission Criteria for FAST-NU -- A Joke!!!

Every university has specific criteria which is kind of standard for admission and that is entry test and interview. We all have knowledge about it to some extent. But today let me aware you of something really weird and unexpected and you will be surprised to know that it’s about FAST-NU, the university every student look forward and wish for. In concept of fast the interview has its own meanings. If this weird interview what they think is the right parameter for evaluation than all other universities and people are surely dumb.

Admission criteria for MBA, first entry test and than an interview, it sounds quite normal. But after experiencing this at FAST-NU by some students, they say entry test and than one more entry test to check you cramming skill. And it sounds quite pathetic. Don’t we all have the concept of interview?? I guess we have. But now add one more meaning of interview which FAST people have in their dictionary. It’s a public service message for the students, who want their MBA done from FAST-NU, just cram your books well, and you are at FAST.

Now I’ll tell you what actually happened to the student who passed the entry test and got selected for the interview for admission in MBA. But first refresh your true meaning of interview that what an interview is to you?? Well, according to me it is to check your personality traits, communication skills, general knowledge and the way you can promptly discuss on any topic. And I think that I have a reasonable concept. But at FAST-NU when students were asked questions from books regarding different subjects, they were dumbfounded. They have never expected such a foolish interview. They were like, what the hell was entry test for??? And I guess it’s quite fair reaction because they were not prepared for another entry test, much tougher than written. Because in written one you think, make some guesses and luck works. Once students have cleared the test, they are eligible; they have learnt something from their studies and have ability. An interview is to check those factors which are you unable to check through entry test.

Well, pity on those who have gone through this mishap or what we call in our frequent language “HAND”. And a request for FAST-NU people, do aware the students that they should come prepared for test of their cramming skills.

Some big names or great things can also have flaws, because they are worldly and nothing in the world is perfect. So never run blindly after those things, you should be aware of every aspect. People have made big names, but still have not got reasonable way to carry it on.

University Of Lahore

The University Of Lahore getting attention from educationalists as its achieved high ranks in sector and also ranked in world's 500 universities and got 'W' category by HEC. That is what they are publishing on their marketing medias. I agreed that no doubt they have reached on a high place but there are some reasons behind that.

First reasons is that they were operating in this sector in collaboration with Hamdard University but few years ago they changed their name as the result of their disputes with Hamdard University on high collaboration contract renewal fee. So when they changed their name to University of Lahore they already got a proper setup and students. So when international organizations measure the growth UOL they measure their progress in five years and shocked to see a university doing this much growth.

Another reason for there popularity is that they are offering everything, Yes ask for medical, engineering, business, commerce, pharmacy I mean everything. Accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and The Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and W rank from HEC sounds like woOww.
But let me tell you the inner side of picture, the most important factor for any educational institute is its teaching. So I have discussed with some students of UOL about their teachers and their teaching methods. The response was not satisfactory for me and wasn't near all the ratings and rankings they have got. You will read detail of my conversation with a student in "Student Talk" section.

With new campus near COMSATS they might get more attention but the ting is standard of education. They have to pull is up to meet the real competitors in Education Industry. Okay now have some quick review of different aspects of University Of Lahore.

HISTORY: History of University Of Lahore is not much old but they operated as Hamdard University for a longer period of time.

BASIC INFORMATION: With their main campus at Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore and newly build campus near COMSATS they are offering wide range in fact almost every degree which is available in Pakistan. Medical, Engineering, Business, Commerce, Pharmacy, Sciences etc. they have it all. Currently admissions are in progress in some departments.

STUDENT TALK: I talked to many students of University of Lahore and findout useful information. A student of BBA (hons) Sultan told me about faculty of business administration. He told me that Business Administration faculty is Normal overall but if we take faculty of finance out of it, it might be ranked below average. Teachers are not very much keen of quality. He was satisfied with cafe of new building but not the old one. According to Sultan class rooms are not quit meet the standards and not even enough spacious.

FACILITIES: Facilities at UOL are not up to the mark they need to improve their facilities for students. Class rooms are not quit good, cafeteria is normal with reasonable variety and taste, transport service is equal to nothing but lawns are green, overall campus environment is healthy.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: UOL is providing a wide range of disciplines you can see all the details of their programs by clicking here. and here.

UOL has separated its Business Studies section under the name of Lahore Business School(LBS). LBS is offering following programs.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BA (Hons) Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Finance & Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • MSc International Management
  • MSc Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MSc Finance
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctorate of Philosophy
  • Doctorate Business Administration

WEBSITE: UOL have very basic website which contains basic information about the institution. Find out more here.

Admissions fall 2009

Well guys… it’s the time to get yourself enrolled in universities and colleges. The admission season is at its peak. Even at some universities the form submissions formalities and tests have been completed. But those who have missed this opportunity or have been unable to get themselves qualify in those tests; there are still opportunities at so many universities. So do not get dishearten and go for those. Best of Luck!!!

Admissions at FAST-NU have been closed. They are done with their admission test and even results have been announced, and further admission process is in progress.
For any kind of further information you can click here.

One more university which you might have missed is LSE (Lahore School of Economics) where admissions have been closed, as their entry test has also been taken and further steps of admission process are going on.
For more details about LSE you can click here.

The date for applying at GCU has also been over. They are also in the further steps of their admission procedure.
To get to know more about GCU click here.

Admissions at Superior College have also been closed since 15th July, 2009, so you have missed the chance to be Superior ;).
To read more about superior College Click Here.

Well above mentioned universities were, where you have lost the chance to get admission if u did not apply there. But you still have many places to go and following is the information regarding that.

Admissions for Masters program of 2 years are open at University of the Punjab, Lahore, including IBA, Hailey College for Banking and Finance (Old Campus), English Department, Applied Psychology; PUCIT, Micro Biology &Molecular Genetics, Social & Cultural Studies, Chemistry, CIMR, biochemistry & Biotechnology, environmental Sciences, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, High Energy Physics and Sports sciences. Do not miss this opportunity. You need to clear an aptitude test before admission, for that purpose you can get entry test forms from the respective department. Admissions are open from 13th July, 2009 to 23rd July, 2009.
For admission at remaining departments, there will be no entry test; admissions will be based on merit. The schedule of admissions will be advertised in the first week of August, 2009.
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University of management (UMT), a project of ILM, is also making its name in the race of universities. They have a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Its degrees are fully recognized by HEC. Admissions at UMT are still open but closing date is not so far, its 23rd July 2009. Those who are waiting for the results can also apply. You can get the admission forms at the official website of UMT, link is given below. So hurry guys if you have still not pursuit for it and want to be there.
For more information regarding their admission process click here.

Well guys look for Forman Christian College (FC) too. They are providing western style and excellent education at undergraduate and graduate level, with the help of foreign qualified faculty. A range of programs is offered there. Even you may get a chance to cover 1 or 2 of your semester in USA during the course of your education there. Admissions are about to open at FC, I would say do apply at least and research on institute and about its studies, if you want to be there.
For further information regarding in institute or admission process Click Here.

Previously called PCBA (Punjab College of Business Administration) is now known as FMS (Faculty of Management Studies). It is a part of University of Central Punjab and has its affiliation with Federal Board. Admissions are also open here. They are offering variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of business management. To get yourself enrolled at FMS, you need to apply before 21st August, 2009. You can get your form online as well.
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This call is for girls only, as the admissions are open at Kinnaird College. To enjoy the freedom of all girls’ campus, and freedom to live a college life full of fun and excitement, it’s the time to apply for admissions. And do not get yourself late because last date for the form submission is 29th July, 2009, so go for it. They are providing a range of undergraduate and graduate programs with quality and excellence.
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University of Education, established on September 10, 2002, is the first specialized university in the field of Education in Pakistan. University of education is moving forward slowly to make its name in the industry of education. It is a Government university. They are also providing a variety of undergraduates and graduate programs to the students along with training. If you want to be there, you have time and opportunity for you, because last date to apply for admission is 15th of August, 2009. You have plenty of time to apply and you can utilize this time in conducting the research on university and its programs, if you do not have enough information about it.
To know more about the university and admission procedure click here.

Admissions are also open at university of Sargodha; you can apply for graduate/ masters’, program there till 20th August, 2009 and for undergraduate till 25th August, 2009. Those who are waiting for the results are eligible to apply for admission. It is also run under government authority. Entry test for MBBS will be on 27th September. Its MBBS is affiliated with University of Health Sciences.
For more information about it you can click here.

University of South Asia is also trying to rise up as a better quality education institute, but have not yet got that much success. Admissions at USA are also open. You can apply there online as well. Different programs at undergraduate and graduate level are being offered like Business, economics, Commerce, Mass communication etc.
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Here is the opportunity for those who want to pursuit their career Agricultural scientist or a researcher in the field of agriculture. Quality education regarding agriculture is provided at Arid Agricultural University, Rawalpindi. They have undergraduate and graduate level programs. They have their M-phil programs as well. You can apply there before 29th August, 2009.
For more details Click Here.

Iqra University (Islamabad Campus), have their admissions opened. Last date to apply is 24th july, 2009 and you will be having your entry test the very next day. You do not have enough time, if you really want to apply there. They have diversified programs at undergraduate and graduate level. You can also apply online.
For more details and further information Click Here.

Admissions at SZABIST (Shaheed Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and technology, Islamabad campus) are also open. Last date to apply is August 1st, 2009. this institute has got its repute for science & technology and business programs. Quality education is being provided in range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Students awaiting results can also apply there. You can also apply online.
For more information click here.

Beacon House National University, a liberal and well-known institute, has also opened its admissions. They are providing a liberal Arts education which can play a vital role in the development of the country. They are providing the graduate and undergraduate courses regarding Business, Economics, cultural and technological fields. Last date to apply for undergraduate program is August 21st, 2009 and for Masters’ programs is September 1st, 2009. Admission forms are available at official website of BNU.
To visit the official website and get further information Click Here.

National College of Business Administration & Economics (NCBA&E) is also famous but not that much reputed college for Business, economics and IT education. students out there enjoy some extra advantage of liberal and chilling environment. Admissions are open at NCBA&E. you can apply there till 20th August, 2009.
To visit the official website and get further information Click Here.

Best ACCA in Lahore

ACCA is the most popular certification of accountancy all over the world specially in Pakistan. Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants abbreviated as ACCA allover the world is a famous but difficult certification to get. In this article I'm going to give a review of ACCA in Lahore. There are so many institutes offering tuition for ACCA classes including PAC, CAP, SKANS,NCBA&E etc. Well I'm going to evaluate these institutes on basis of there campuses, faculty, standard of coaching and fees as well. For a very long period of time SKANS lead them for its high standards of education and outstanding and committed faculty members but now they are losing there reputation as they more concerned about making profit instead of quality education. On the other hand institutes like CFE and PAC and CAPS is really concentrating on there level of education and really gaining reputation. Lets have a quick review of these institutes.

SKANS remain on the top for like a long period of time due to its highly professional faculty and their commitment for high class education. It was like Son: “Dad I want to do ACCA” Dad: “Ok I’ll bring SKANS prospectus for you”. But now they don’t maintained their top position because they are more concerned now about making profits and less to provide quality education. One more thing affecting their repute is that most of their teachers are leaving them and they are doing nothing to intact them also SKANS fee is higher then other institutes offering ACCA. SKANS has got a big and impressive building on very prime location of Lahore just opposite the PU hostels. However admissions are open and classes will start from 27th July.

CFE is becoming first choice for students for ACCA as they are focusing on their education standards and giving very friendly environment to their students. Fees are comparatively less. Campus is also not bad and also on main location of Lahore. One reason for CFE to becoming popular is that there is less glamour in there campus and more education. So for me I must rate CFE above the SKANS.

College of Accountancy and Professional Studies (CAPS) if offering ACCA for a long period of time and know ranked above SKANS and CFE among students. When I said students it means students how want to study and only study but those who are more concerned with other activities obviously go for SKANS. They share same road with SKANS but size of building is much smaller then SKANS but quality of education in there is much more then SKANS. Hurry Up admissions are open these days !

PAC – The Professionals’ Academy Of Commerce for me is now the best college offering ACCA because of there unique teaching methods and strict check on students in the shape of Quizzes, monthly tests, class presentations, assignments and attendance reports on monthly basis. PAC have its purpose build campus near Jail Road with nice qualities. There fees are also less and can be discounted if negotiated properly. So for me PAC is best choice at the moment.

Few days ago a teacher of mine told me about Rise Institute. He said that Rise is the best place to do ACCA as its run by that man who make SKANS, SKANS. But as I don’t have much information about this institute so I can’t recommend this.

Note: Above comments are entirely on my personal judgment after talking to stakeholders of these institutes.

Kinnaird College For Women Lahore

Who would not be familiar with the name of Kinnaird College? It has got its impact since its inception. Top rated Girls College where every girl wishes to get admission. Some decades back LC and KC used to be rated as equal, infact LC had higher merit than KC, but with the passage of time and after being privatized it has got more status and merit much higher than that of LC. Now it has become a “status symbol” for people. With such a repute and remarkable standing it is not easy to get admission in KC and wish of so many remain unfulfilled, usually opting for sciences, and sadly I am one of them. You need to score really high in matriculation to get admission in KC, particularly for sciences. KC is also known for its wicked and bold environment, which lure so many of girls to get admission there. The activities and events at KC go with its standard. Being a KCite you will enjoy a large number of events, concerts and parties there. No one will deny the fact that most confident, brilliant and gutsy girls are found in KC, but at the same time it is also crowded with some notorious girls. You will also find a number of KCites with smug and arrogant attitude.

Talking about its campus, well with a doubt KC has got very graceful building. It is wide, airy and very gorgeous. Its elegance is still there even after so many years. The architecture is amazing. Besides, wide and vast grounds also add to its beauty.
Studies at Kinnaird College are up to the mark, both at intermediate level and graduate and post graduate level. Highly professional faculty, with all the required education and knowledge, well designed programs and facilities provided for studies have major contribution in making it an A rated college. In market, KCites have got place for them. Most of the KCites get admission in top medical colleges, engineering universities and other universities of Pakistan and contribute towards their country. Kinnaird College is providing a range of honors programs which are having worth in market. Studies at this level are very strict and organized.

Kinnaird College is delivering a unification of quality education and values since 95 years. KC started its intermediate classes in 1913 and B.A in 1917. In 1939 they moved from Lake Road to the current campus of 20 acres. Today Kinnaird ranks as the country’s premier institution for education where over 3,300 students are enrolled at present.

Kinnaird College has started programs leading to a Masters Degree in English Literature, Applied Linguistics, Mass Communications, French, English Language Teaching, Environmental Sciences, Science Education, Statistics and Computer Sciences. M.S in Accounting and Finance and M. Phil in English Literature is started last year. Various other programs will be started this fall.

On talking to some Kinnaird College girls I was told that they have got a large number of wide, airy and neat class rooms, and some small as well. Out of which some are air conditioned. There are different large blocks, architecture is awesome and there is a lot of greenery. Facilities are more for BCS and Masters Students. One more complaint was of less no. of labs. Cafe is quite large having variety, but food is not so hygienic and very expensive. Some teachers are good some are average or even below like every institute. Level and quality of education is very high, systematic and organized. There is strictness in college. Well I guess students at KC are quite satisfied with studies there, which is remarkable.

Having the repute of Premier College, KC is facilitating its students. Computer Labs, library and laboratories are there to facilitate students in their studies. Besides, grounds, sports equipments, auditoriums for games and different events to bring out talent of students. A large number of classrooms, different blocks, cafeteria and transport facility all over the city, to make the students more comfortable and productive. Hostel facility is also provided to the over board students.

Kinnaird College has got its worth and place in market at every level. Students who do their inter get admissions in medical colleges and premiere universities and after that in professional institutes. Similarly graduates and masters of KC also get their place in market.

Following programs are currently being offered by the Kinnaird College to students:

  • Undergraduate
    • Intermediate
    • B.A/B.Sc Programme
    • BBA Hons.
  • PostGraduate
    • M.A. Applied Linguistics
    • M.A. English Language Teaching
    • M.A. English Literature
    • M.A. French
    • M.A. Mass Communication
    • M.Phil in English Literature
    • M.Phil in Environmental Sciences
    • M.Phil in Statistics
    • M.S. Accounting & Finance
    • M.S. Computer Science
    • M.S. Environmental Sciences
    • M.S. Science Education
    • M.S.c Statistics
    • Masters in Educational Leadership And Management
    • Masters in International Relations with Component in Law and Diplomacy


KC have its very comprehensive and active website check it out by clicking here.

Institute of Management Sciences Lahore - Pak-Aims

In 80s Pak-Aims was an institute in which students like to enroll themselves for MBA program. Their standards of MBA were too high and very much well directed but with the passage of time and LUMS’s step into the business of education makes things little bit tough for Pak-Aims. LUMS by hiring Pak-Aims faculty started their progress steadily and gaining the attention gradually. On the other hand Pak-aims did nothing to retain its teachers and so they start losing their popularity as LUMS get over them.

Well apart from this little history of Pak-Aims down falling they still have repute for being an old player in the game. If you ask me about Pak-Aims I’ll not suggest it as a good place to be if you can get admission in some other institutes like LUMS, LSE, IBA-Karachi, FAST, GCU and welcome our new entrant FCU. But again one can prefer Pak-Aims if one have some financial limitations as they offer cheapest MBA in private sector in about 238000. Pak-Aims has the potential to compete with the education market in Pakistan but I don’t know why they are not utilizing most of their potential. I mean they don’t have a campus which tells that this institute is more then 25 years old.

Lets have a quick review of different categories of Pak-Aims which is now Institute of Management Sciences.

HISTORY: The Institute of Management Sciences is a project of Al-Karim Educational Foundation which is a non profit organization with an aim of providing higher education in Pakistan. IMS was started under the name of The Pak-American institute of Management Sciences in 1986. Pak-Aims at that time was offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Management and Computer sciences. Pak-Aims was chartered in 1995 under government of Punjab in 2002.

BASIC INFORMATION: Institute of Management sciences have two campuses one in Center Point and other one is near MM Alam road. With experience on hand and determination to grow, they are providing Business, Computer and Las education for past 25 years. They have enjoyed leadership in MBA before the entrance of LUMS and now challenged by LSE, FAST and to some extend IBA-Lahore.

STUDENT TALK: While talking to an old Pak-Aimian I get to know a lot about IMS. He told me that back at IMS administration was too strict not only for students but they keep an eye on teachers too. Class rooms are in good condition but not too spacious, air conditioned. He wasn’t happy with the cafeteria and library of IMS. Overall he was more concerned with the strictness of administration then study standards.

FACILITIES: Pak-Aims is not ranked as a well established institute which provide a lot of facilities to students I mean their class rooms are although neat but not too large, library is very small, cafeteria is also not provide variety and computer lab have small number of computers. There is a table tennis in the name of sports and that’s all.

MARKET WORTH: In market Pak-Aims has a name. Organizations know Pak-Aims and in many organizations there are high ranked managers who passed out from Pak-Aims so job positioning is good. They also place their students in different companies so the job market is good for pak-aims.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: Currently Institute of Management Sciences is offering these programs
  • BBA
  • BcS
  • MBA (morining/evening)
  • MBA 1 year
  • MCS
  • MBA Executive

WEBSITE: Here is the website of Pak-Aims, click here.

Lahore College For Women University - LCWU Lahore

Nobody can deny the significance of Lahore College. LC is the priority of so many girls to get admission there after their matriculation. Lahore College holds the ranking as one of the top colleges in Lahore. Students have to work really hard to get admission there as the merit is very high, especially in sciences. It has enrollment of around 6500 girls. I have been to LCWU once to attend an event. I liked the preparation and control over there. The student councils are really effective there. And girls who wants to be at LC, beware of the “mobile restriction”, very strict rules prevail in LC regarding not using the cell or even having it in college premises. But the campus of LC will charm you the most, vast grounds, huge and well constructed buildings, wide and airy classrooms but with one flaw of not being air conditioned.

LC got the status of university in September 2002, since then it is now known as Lahore CollegeWomen University. LCWU has got A-class reputation regarding its studies at inter level. They generate results through devotion and dedication of their teachers’ and hard work of students. The students of LCWU snatch many prominent positions in Board. But unluckily, LCWU has not been able to secure the same reputation for their degree programs. Their degree programs are not valued that much hence does not occupy good market place. The reason, which I have realized is that they are new and they do not have the required professionalism, knowledge and experience regarding degree programs. They do not have well established internship programs for their Business and commerce students. Their first batch of Honors program is not out yet, but output is not expected to be up to the mark. And the future is also not certain, students can only ‘hope’ for the best.

Established in May 1922 as an Intermediate residential college, it was housed in a building on Hall Road, Lahore. In 1950, the college was shifted to the present building on Jail Road, which was originally a school known as Sir Ganga Ram High School and Teachers Training Centre. At the beginning, it was affiliated with the University of the Punjab. B.Sc. classes started in 1955. Post-graduate classes in 1966. The defining moments in the history of the Institution were when granted Administrative and Financial Autonomy on 1st August 1990, acknowledged as a Degree-Awarding institution on 13th August 1999 and was elevated to the status of a Women University10th September 2002. on

As one of the oldest female institutions of Pakistan and in the 87th year of its existence, the University has approximately 6,500 students and a teaching faculty of more than 325 members. It admits students at the Intermediate, Degree, Master and Ph.D. levels. At the moment Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Electronics, Environmental Science, Computer Science and Pharmacy are taught at Graduate and Master Levels in the faculty of Science. English, Urdu, Punjabi, Islamic Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Fine Arts, Pakistan Studies, Mass Communication and Gender and Development Studies are being offered at the master level. At intermediate level this constituent College of Lahore College for Women University is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore for the purpose of curricula and examination.

On talking to a fellow at LCWU I got to know how the students at LCWU perceive about their institution. She said that class rooms are good and wide having white boards but no air conditioners. Computer labs are ok but internet is not available sometimes and they have to face problems, but these are air conditioned. They do not have common room in their department, Ummmm!!! On asking about environment she immediately said, its quite strict and daunting like not to wear trousers, not to bring cell phones etc. Studies are average not so good. Some teachers are very good and professional and some are new and average. Overall she was like “its fine”.

Besides facilitating the students with good studies, they do have other facilities with complement the students in their studies. Like facility of HEC digital library, university’s own library, book bank, computer labs. Besides that sports grounds and all sports equipments are available and students are encouraged to take part in these activities. Lahore College for Women University has also provided transport facility for its students in all over the city. Overall, students in LCWU are facilitated in goods manner.

Intermediate done from Lahore college women university holds great value, as students generate results and get admissions in top class professional colleges and universities. This is evident from the fact that majority of the female doctors serving and retired have at some stage (F.Sc. or B.Sc.) studied at Lahore College. But LCUW lacks repute for is graduation and post graduation programs. LCWU is not standing out at university level.


  • Intermediate
    • FSc (Pre-medical, Pre- engineering)
    • FA
    • I-Com
    • ICS
  • Lahore College for Women University provides following programs at graduate level:

    • B.A. Hons
    • B.S. Hons
    • B.F.A.
    • BBA
    • BS-CS
    • B.E. (Electronic Engineering)
    • BS-ES ( Environmental Science)
    • Pharm-D

  • Lahore College for Women University presents the following Post Graduate programs:

    • M.A.
    • M.S. / M.Sc
    • MS-CS
    • MIT
    • MBA
    • M.F.A

  • LCWU is offering Ph.D programs in the following subjects:

    • Botany
    • Chemistry
    • Economics
    • Environmental Science
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Fine Arts
    • Islamic Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Mass Communication
    • Physics
    • Political Science
    • Punjabi
    • Urdu
    • Zoology

  • Besides that diplomas and short courses are also offered at Lahore College for Women University (Diploma courses in the field of Ceramics and other related modules of Fine Arts and Home Economics are being run successfully.)

WEBSITE: The official website of Lahore College for Women University is lcwu.edu.pk