Latest Recruitment Techniques

Recruitment methods in international market are changing rapidly and recruiters are experimenting with a lot of new and innovative recruitments techniques along with traditional methods. Although we can never write off traditional recruitment methods like job portals, advertisements, campus hiring, head hunting etc. but some new methods are proving to be more than useful.

Here are few latest trends that recruiters are using to hire the best talent;

Social Media:
With the expansion of social media in recent years potential for recruiters has grown. As most of your potential candidates are using social websites so there is a chance to directly get in touch with them. We can use social media in recruitment in different ways using different platforms like:

LinkedIn is so far the largest online network of professionals where they interact with each other. So it gives recruiters a lot of options to hire the best talent in the game.

Facebook Pages:
A lot of companies are making their career pages on Facebook to have a targeted audience for any future openings they might have. It’s a really useful way to fill your vacancies with ease.

Mobile apps:
Having your own mobile app for your current of future openings where a user can submit her resume is becoming a popular way among tech companies to attract new talent.

Employee Referral Program:
Although it’s not a new methods to many companies but still there is a lot of room for improvement to make this program more innovative. This program not only get you trusted resources but can help you reduce the turnover by designing it in a way that both new and old employees get something out of it.

Hiring Vans:
Not very popular yet but few companies are using it to attract talent from some bigger firms. Basically you hire a van and design it according to your needs saying, “we are hiring” and then park it in front of companies that have the best talent in your industry. You can distribute flayers or even have on the spot interview in the van. 


Fewer companies are using billboards to fill their vacancies. This can be useful to get a large number of workers from a specific area.