Cultural Exchange Scholarship Program 2014

Cultural Exchange Scholarship Program 2014 is managed by Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination.  Applications are invited for Masters and Ph.D. programs abroad under Cultural Exchange Scholarship Program 2014. Scholarships are expected from China, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Russia, Romania  Mexico, South Korea, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. These are fully funded scholarships in countries mentioned above including tuition fee, living allowances and accommodation.


Qualification: Candidates holding Masters, 4 years bachelors degree, MBBS in the relevant field are eligible to apply. Applicants with more than one second division their education career are not eligible to apply.

Age: Maximum age limit is 35 years.

Required Documents: All academic documents (from matric onwards) including domicile must be sent along with application and professional degree holders (MBBS, Engineering/Agriculture) shall send each year's complete result.

GRE Test: This test is compulsory that would be conducted by NTS. It would be subject special. Those who scored higher in the test would be considered based on quota available. 

Language Course: Candidates will have to language course of respective country as appropriate.


How to apply?

  • Application forms and deposit slips are available at NTS official website.
  • You need to submit completed form along with original deposit slip at NTS headquarters Islamabad.
  • Fee should be deposited in prescribed banks on deposit slip.
  • Applications delivered by hand will not be entertained.

For further information you may contact on UAN: +92-51-8444441

Allied Bank (Management Trainees) 2013

Position: Management Trainees Information Technology (MTITs in Banking Sector)


Allied Bank (Management Trainees) 2013 mentions following eligibility criteria for  Management Trainees Information Technology (MTITs in Banking Sector)

Qualification: Either Masters or 4 years Bachelors degree (Completed having transcripts or final results) from HEC recognized university in Computer science/Information Technology/ related Engineering/ Technology with minimum CGPA 3.0 or 1st division.
Age: Maximum 29 years on 30th November, 2013.

Candidates shall apply online on the official website. Link to the page is here. Hard copies of CVs and phone calls will not be entertained.

After applying for the position, if you are short listed you will go through the rigorous process of selection, which will include written test and interviews. Once selected you will be provided with appropriate training.

Prime Minister's Youth Skills Development Scheme

Prime Minister's Youth Skills Development Scheme aims to be a beneficial scheme for providing training to develop skills in unemployed youth. Training will be provided through various training institutions along with the provision of Rs. 2000/- stipend and fee support of Rs. 3000/-. Eligibility criteria for Prime Minister's Youth Skills Development Scheme is education till middle level with 25 years age. Training would be regarding standard and latest modules on trade for 6 months duration. Total number of trainees intake would be 25,000. All eligible candidates all across Pakistan can apply for the training program. 

Prime Minister's Youth Skills Development Scheme will help developing latest and modern skills in unemployed and less educated people to improve their lives and earn living for them.

Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme

Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme is basically internship programs in private and public sector for educated youth. It will be designed with the collaboration of private sector institution and the focus would be to provide appropriate training and develop skills in the youth so they can go ahead towards their future equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills. Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme will provide stipend of Rs. 10,000 to internees for one year. Graduates with 16 years of complete education are eligible for this scheme with maximum age 25 year while age limit for under-privileged areas is 26 years.

Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme will offer total of 50,000 internships for youth in private sector organizations and firms, development sector organizations, federal and local government offices along with educational institutes.

Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme is great initiative for youth i believe. Because main problem fresh graduates face is the lack of experience, it will add experience and practical exposure to their profiles which will help them locating future career opportunities.

Prime Minister's Small Business Loan Scheme

Prime Minister's Small Business Loan Schceme is for young, educated people who are looking to set up their own business after completing their education/graduation. Those who are below 35 years of age and have got a visionary plan are eligible for this scheme.  Prime Minister's Small Business Loan Schceme will award 50% of total loans to women to empower them. Its good step as a sign of equal opportunity for both men and women.

Prime Minister's Small Business Loan Scheme sets debt equity ratio of 90:10 which means that 10% share would be contributed by the borrower and rest of the 90% would be awarded under the scheme. The loan will be given for the total tenure of 7 years. Interest rate fixed for the borrower is 8% while the rest of the rate would be paid by the Government. Total number of 100,000 loans will be awarded of worth ranging from 0.5-0.2 million. NBP and First Women Bank are authorized for dealing this scheme and plan for the projects would be presented to apply for the loan under this scheme.

Giving chance to explore the entrepreneurial skills is a great opportunity for fresh graduates or those who have got vision but can not realize it due to lack of financial support. Prime Minister's Small Business Loan Scheme is the opportunity to get yourself established and improve society in terms of standard of living. Official website for this scheme is here.

Prime Minister's Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme

Prime Minister's Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme is basically a micro finance facility for the poor people in urban and rural areas. It is an initiative for coping with industry crisis. The aim is to remove poverty and make people improve their standards of living. 50% financing would be for women to empower them to earn for the family as well. It is going to be a interest free financing comprising of 250,000 loans of average Rs. 25,000 each for the year 2013-14. People belonging to less privileged areas would be given preference so they can improve their lives and transform themselves from takers to givers.

I would say that aims behind the Prime Minister's Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme concept are totally positive to make this society a better place as a whole. This financing scheme, if carried out as per lan, should be able to make betterment in the society. Official link for the scheme is here.

Preparing Effective Resume

Effective resume is the one that gets you a call from the employer for interview and stands out among the pool of other resumes. Preparing Effective Resume definitely requires certain important points to consider. Here i would be mentioning certain important points to consider for Preparing Effective Resume.

  • First of all keep in mind that you have to prepare your resume according to the qualifications and job description by the employer.
  • Key Achievements and Relevant Experience should be mentioned on first page to make it attractive to the employer. Because experience counts more than your education record. 
  • While mentioning your experience try making it clear and concise, mention all the important tasks you were assigned on the particular job and matches the current job requirement you are applying for. 
  • Key Achievements are also very important factor that helps employer recognizing your potential.
  • Additional skills that can be helpful in performing the job and making your personality stronger (like diplomas, courses, seminars, workshops etc.) are also helpful in making your Resume effective.
  • Mentioning education is must but in minimum space, because it indicates your eligibility.
  • Neither references nor picture should be placed in resume unless they are asked for. 
  • Right formatting of your resume is very important because it enhances the appearance and make it look good. So use professional font style, font size, spacing, alignment of text and headings. 
  • Do not decorate your resume, keep it simple and professional 

Note: For those who are either fresh graduates or do not have ample experience to show on their resume, should mention their experience on relevant projects and assignments conducted in this regard.

I hope these points would be helpful in creating or editing your resume :)

UHS MCAT Entrance Test 2013

MCAT Entrance test is an event for medical students and very important one in their lives. University of Health Sciences (UHS) organizes it every year where thousands of students appear to give exam of the knowledge acquired to achieve their dreams, but a number of dreams are broken due to availability of limited number of seats. UHS MCAT Entrance Test 2013 is here again, going to be held on Sept. 22nd, 2013 at 9:00 am. Around 42,000 thousand students are going to appear in the test against 3405 seats.

 UHS MCAT Entrance Test 2013 is going to give opportunity to the lucky ones who scored the most not only in intermediate/A-levels but also in their Entrance Test. Unfortunate things happen to most of the students. Most of students are unable to fall into the merit list due to a gap of just few points and numbers. Majority of those move to other fields of either sciences or some IT or commerce related disciplines. So these students should not feel bad or unfortunate, but they should do their best at whatever they are doing. It doesn't matter which field you opt for, if you are best at it, you are going to nail it. While others would want to try their luck next year by improving themselves.

So i would like to wish all of you who are going to appear in the UHS MCAT Entrance Test 2013, ALL THE VERY BEST !!!

Job in Government College University, Faisalabad 2013

Lecturer (Fine Arts Painting) Job in Government College University, Faisalabad 2013

GC university Faisalabad Campus is inviting applications from eligible candidates for Lecturer job from all over Pakistan. Initially job position status is temporary which is likely to be transferred to permanent in future time. Jobs are under BPS-18 and paid as per university rules for basic salary and allowances.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 21-35 years
Qualification: First class Masters Degree or equivalent 16 years education from HEC recognized university; minimum CGPA 3; no third division in academic career for masters degree holder but acceptable for MPhil/PhD degree holders.
No Experience required.

How to Apply?

Application form can be downloaded from official website of GC University.
Filled form shall be sent along with Rs. 700/- demand draft on the name of Treasury, GC University, Faisalabal; attested academic documents copies, NIC copy, two recent passport size photographs and updated CV.
Completed applications must reach university no later than Sep. 30th, 2013.

NTS Test

NTS Test will be conducted for Lecturer Job in Government College University, Faisalabad 2013.
Last date for submission for NTS is also Sep. 30th, 2013.
Test would be conducted on Oct. 30th, 2013.
Shortlisted candidates would be called for interview. No TA/DA would be given.

REGISTRAR: Muhammad Ayub

South Asian Media School

Media education is becoming popular in Pakistan. With the fast growth of media, student's interest towards this discipline has been diverted. Various universities are offering degrees and education in this discipline.  South Asian Media School is one of those institutions and aims to provide quality education and practical application through experienced & known faculty. It offers various diplomas and honors degree in field of media and journalism.  It has got its affiliation with ICM-UK. They are offering partial scholarships and internship support.

South Asian Media School is offering following courses/diplomas/certificates media and journalism:


TV Anchor/Host
TV Director/Producer
Social Media and Media Journalism
Media Marketing and Advertising
Digital TV & Radio Journalism
Become a Freelance Journalist
Media Laws & Ethics
Magazine Journalism
Sports Journalism
Business & Commerce Reporting
Communication Strategies & Public Relations
Gender Reporting

Diploma Courses 

Broadcast Journalism
Media Marketing, PR and Communication

South Asian Media School is introducing new courses and seminar is going to be held at Avari Hotel on Sep. 17th, 2013 at 4:00 pm. 

Note: Registrations are opened now on limited seats. You can get yourself registered today. Contact details are as follows:

Tel: 042-37555624; Cell: 0300-8411290

Commonwealth Scholarship for Masters & Doctoral, UK 2014

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is accepting applications for Commonwealth Scholarship for Masters & Doctoral, UK 2014. Application are invited from all over Pakistan and AJK. Scholarships are available for all disciplines for year 2014. Commonwealth Scholarship for Masters & Doctoral, UK 2014. Eligibility criteria for each program covered by the Commonwealth Scholarship for Masters & Doctoral, UK 2014 is described here on this link.

How to Apply?

  • Fill out the HEC application form which can download from the official website or the link here
  • Then fill out Commonwealth application form online at and select HEC as your nominating agency while filling out form. Once the form is filled, get 3 print outs of the filled application form. 
  • The attested copies of your academic and necessary documents must be attached with the form.
  • You are required to submit application fee of Rs. 500/- and submit its original receipt along with the application which is to be deposited in online account of HEC in HBL, Account no. 17427900133401, HBL, Shalimar Recording Company Branch, Sector H-9, Islamabad.
  • Interview would be conducted by HEC of selected candidates.
  • Incomplete applications will not be entertained and everyone meeting the criteria is encouraged to apply.
  • Application forms (3 Copies) along with above mentioned requirements must be sent to HEC on the following address latest by 20th Oct, 2013.

Engr. Waheed Ahmed Mangi
Deputy Director (HRD/Incharge FFSP/Commonwealth United Kingdom)
Higher Education Commission, H-9, Islamabad


Marketing presents a number of ways to understand consumers and research in this field is ongoing which offer various conceptual models and theoretical frameworks for understanding consumer's attitudes and behaviours regarding products/services. Neuromarketing is another emerging and hot domain in marketing which uses technology to track consumer's brain activity on exposure to various stimulus. Neuromarketing is a terminal where brain scicences and marketing meet. There is used technology like Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG) and  Steady state topography (SST). Technology helps answering interesting questions on reasons of consumer's particular behaviour and how their brain works in generating a particular response whether it be cognitive or affective. 

Neuromarketing is not common because its costly and have extensive details to deal with. But without a doubt it produces useful results for marketers as many it did for Campbell soup, Frito-lay and BMW. The insights into consumers' brain in always delighting for marketer in order to understand their psychology but technically the working of brain is complex and biologically there are certain brain activity that is triggered by other factor rather predicted or to be observed by the marketers. So its not always the one producing the accurate results. Its future is still questionable because applying it in research and practice would neither be cost effective and easy nor would be the one producing accurate result. 

I hope this article helps to the ones looking for an insight in understanding neuromarketing. Cheers !  

Trouble Selecting Study Field

Students always get into trouble selecting study field after their matriculation and intermediate. They randomly apply to various institutes with intent to take admission wherever they get one. Here I am talking about those students who lack aim, direction and vision for their future. And dilemma is that majority of the students fall into this category. The reasons for such condition are basically the lack of awareness, proper guidance and illiteracy that are also the major evils of our society. Our education system suffers due to lack of awareness and illiteracy of parents, negligence and lack of support of teachers and absence of career counseling facilities at this level (however same situation exists at every level).

One more problem that I have observed is that students’ minds are penetrated with certain specific fields which they might not be interested in. The encouragement to explore their interests is nonexistent in our society that is the reason its trouble selecting study field. Minds are blocked and stuck which causes failures and frustrations. Interest, visions, abilities, skills and hard work are just words which are never taken seriously by our students. In my personal experience, on asking students of their aims, I just got blank faces in response and silence prevailed all over.     

I feel sorry to quote this but our education system is damaged to its roots. Students are not provided with right education at the base level which does not enable them to learn and proceed with the aims. They are confused, considering studies as a burden and relying on deteriorating methods of getting further in their education level. All factors of such sort contributes to their trouble selecting study field.

Not on the system’s end, I would like to suggest here what students can do at their ends to survive this situation. They need to explore themselves and study what matches their interest. Identify their aims, clear the vision and grab opportunities from the surroundings. It can be done by asking for advice of certain teachers who they consider can guide to the best. Their willingness to achieve only comes when they themselves have drive to achieve something. So students, just not waste your time and life, gear up yourselves and hit it!    

Job Opportunities September 2013

Nishat Apparel (A Project of Nishat Mills Limited)

Following job opportunities September 2013 are available at Nishat with several benefits including provident fund, medical, annual increments etc. as on 08-Sep-2013:

Marketing Executive (2); Minimum experience required is 3-5 years in the Garments Industry
Management Trainee Officers (5); Minimum experience required is 1-2 years in Garments Industry
Qualification: MBA (Marketing)
You can apply by 13th of Sep, 2013 on their website.

Lahore Garrison University 

Following job opportunities September 2013 are available at Lahore Garrison University on contract basis:

Position: Head of the Department (Computer Science)
Qualification: PHD in required field from HEC/Recognized university

Position: Lecturer (Computer Science)
Qualification: MS/Mphil Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Network, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Programming Language, Numerical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence from HEC recognized university

Position: Lecturer in Biology (Genetics and Molecular Biology), Sociology, Humanities (History, Pak.Studies, Political Science), Islamic Studies, Urdu
Qualification: MS/Mphil in relevant field from HEC recognized university


Complete CV along with attested photocopies of academic certificates, CNIC, Domicile, 2 passport size photographs and relevant experience letter must be sent latest by September, 20th 2013. Must mention the post applied for on the envelop and send on the following address:

Registrar Lahore Garrison University
Main Campus, Sector-C, Avenue-4, Phase-VI, DHA Lahore.
Phone: 0321-8899335-6, 0302-8480514

Institute of Arts,Design & Management (Project of STEP)

Following job opportunities September 2013 are available at Institute of Arts,Design & Management:

Position: Manager/Coordinator (Faculty of Arts and Design)
Qualification: Bachelors in Fine arts/Fashion Design/any other arts related area along with minimum 2 years of experience in the relevant field

Position: Manager/Coordinator (A-Level)
Qualification: Bachelors in Fine arts/Fashion Design/any other arts related area along with minimum 2 years of experience in the relevant field

Position: Manager/Coordinator (Faculty of Management)
Qualification: Masters in Business & Management/ Marketing/ HR along with minimum 2 years of experience in the relevant field

Position: Visiting Teaching Faculty (Management and Arts &  Design)
Qualification: Experienced Teachers/ Professionals

Note: Excellent Communication, Presentation & Computing Skills are required for all positions

INTERESTED CANDIDATES CAN SEND THEIR CVS TO latest by friday September 13th, 2013.

State Bank of Pakistan (Young Professionals Induction Program) 2013

Position: OG-2 (3rd Batch)

Masters Degree/Bachelors Degree (16 years) with 60% marks from HEC recognized university
CA, ACCA, ACMA qualified are also eligible to apply
Result awaiting students are not encouraged to apply

Age Limit: Maximum 28 years when applying for NTS test, however, relaxation of three years for candidates from FATA, Azad kashmir, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and northern areas. And employees of SBP have no upper age limit.

Written Test: Candidates need to clear NTS for application. "Graduation Employee Test For Financial Sector" (GET-FS) is the test needed to be taken as must. You can register for the test online on NTS website. You can apply for the test by Oct, 11th 2013 while test will held on November, 3rd 2013.
Note: Those who would clear thhe test are eligible to apply for the announced position.
  • Selected candidates would be given training.
  • Compensation package include Rs. 40,000/- salary with other fringe benefits.
  • Placement would either be in the head office in Karachi or in other 16 countrywide offices.

Application Process:

Forms will be available at SBP website. Application form should be sent latest by Dec 6th, 2013 along with NTS test result sheet, attested copies of educational documents, 3 passport size photographs, CNIC and Domicile. Mark position applied for on the envelop and send on the following address:

Personnel Management Department
State Bank of Pakistan
SBP Banking Service Corporation, Head Office
I. I. Chundrigar Road,

Admissions MBBS/BDS 2013

Islamabad Medical and Dental College

It is offering its admissions MBBA/BDS 2013. It is situated in Islamabad with its purpose built campus.  It is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and has its affiliation with Bahria University, Islamabad.


Eligibility criteria for admissions MBBS/BDS 2013 is as follows:

Intermediate (Premedical group) or equivalent with 60% marks
A-level students will provide an equivalence of their results issued from BISE

Important Dates

Admission Closing date: 28th September, 2013
Entry Test Date: 13th October, 2013

Admissions are opened now and prospectuses are available at regional centers as follows:
Main Campus, Murree Road, Islamabad
Islamabad Dental Hospital, Murree Road, Islamabad
Ahmed Medical Complex, Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi
Social Security Hospital, I-12, Islamabad
Punjab School System, Township, Lahore

Note: You can also download forms online from the official website.

Stress at Work

Stress is a metal and psychological condition that can both positive and negative impacts. It is caused in response to certain environmental conditions that may act as stimulus. Employees are very much prone to stress because they are exposed to certain situations like deadlines, assignments, tough situation, uncertain work environment, boss's harsh instructions etc. Stress is goods when it gets the best out of you but excessive stress at work may lead to inefficiencies. I believe that it depends on the person exposed to the stress. This dependence make stress an independent construct that can impact employee's performance while person's personality and mental characteristics can act as moderators.

Following factors can contribute to stress at work

Nature of Job Responsibilities

You may be given certain responsibilities which either are below or above your mental and physical capacity. You may cope with this sort of stress by updating your skills, understanding your job closely and checking your emotional attitudes.

Role in Organization

Stress at work may arise from you role ambiguity, role demands and significance of role. You can cope such stress related factors by keeping your abilities of performing simultaneous tasks at the same time intact. Never let situation overcome your emotional state of mind, stay balanced and involve yourself in healthy activity.

Career Development

It involves factors like job promotions, job security, pay raise etc. You can cope such stressors by development of emotional intelligence like social awareness, self-management and relationship management.

Interpersonal Workplace Relationship

This factors includes workplace harassment, biased behaviours, discrimination etc. You need to keep your nerves strong and ignore the ones who try discourage you or take advantage of you. Keep it cool and involve yourself in healthy activities so you may be able to cope in such situations.

Overall Organizational Climate

Overall organizational culture, its environment, management style, communication system etc. can contribute to stress at work. You need to keep the things balanced around you through your positive behaviours, hard work and commitment to your job.

You must not neglect the situation when you start feeling stress, you need to give your best to keep yourself out of the trouble ! 

Simple tips for Literature Review

Literature Review is very important step in your research process. Your research usually starts with this step and provides you the basis for your research. Literature Review is no doubt time taking but needs all of your concentration and analytical skills so you may be able to identify the gaps and match the theories to come up with conceptual model for your research. Today i am sharing here simple tips for literature review:

Gather relevant articles, which are related to the area of your interest. You may get plenty of literature but you need to keep yourself focused to your topic or area of interest.
  • Start reading articles presented by Guru's in their domain and published in world lass journals because those article would present the true picture and concepts of topics. For instance; those who want to review literature in the field of branding or brand management, must begin with reading Aaker and Keller's articles on branding. 
  • Keep making critical notes and important points you may extract, it will help you organizing your thoughts in the end.
  • Try to understand theoretical frameworks mentioned in the literature first and identify various perspectives being adopted in the study, it will help you relating theories and perspectives for your research.
  • Start understanding the general theories and concepts and then come down to the specific areas of your interest.
  • Literature review should be able to highlight for you the key gaps in the research so may be able to build your research in that area.

These are tips i consider worth mentioning for a good literature review. I hope it will be helpful. Cheers !