Institutes offering Higher Research Degree (PhD) in Lahore

Awareness of acquiring higher education is increasing gradually in our country. It is evident from the increased number of educational institutes and students strength over there. In the similar vein, awareness of research in studies is also gaining significance. People are realizing the importance of research and opting for the degrees offering research content like MS/M.phil. Doctorate in philosophy (PhD) is the highest degree being offered here in Pakistan and matching the trend various institutes are offering this degree though in limited fields and areas. In this post i would be discussing the institutes offering PhD in Lahore.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) offers PhD in multiple disciplines. They offer financial aid and scholarships to students so they may be able to obtain their degree. They also offer monthly stipend and opportunities to teach at LUMS during your PhD. Admissions are done purely on the merit basis and those who have no financial support shall not be worried. There you can get you higher research degree done in the following disciplines:

  • PhD in Mathematics
  • PhD in Management (Organization Behaviour/HRM/Operations Management)
  • PhD in Computer Sciences
  • PhD in Chemistry
  • PhD in Biology
  • PhD in Physics
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
FAST-NUCES has also introduced its PhD programs in certain discipline. Financial assistance is also avaiable through HEC funded scholarships and student's loans. Eligibility criteria requires you to have 18 years of education completed with research degree and minimum of 3.0 GPA. You would be interviewed in irder to check your research capabilities. The PhD programs include:

  • PhD in Mathematics
  • PhD in Management 
  • PhD in Computer Sciences
  • PhD in Chemistry
  • PhD in Biology
  • PhD in Physics
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology provides opportunity to students for perusing their higher research degrees (PhD) in the following fields. Foreign qualified faculty is available for supervision of students  who have both national and international exposure and experience in research. I think it would be very good option to start your PhD here if you want to do it here from Pakistan.

  • PhD in Mathematics
  • PhD Statistics
  • PhD in Management Sciences (Management/Finance)
  • PhD in Computer Sciences
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering
University of Punjab also offer PhD Degree in various disciplines raging from management sciences to natural sciences, English to history. It also provides scholarship opportunities, monthly stipend and other part time opportunities. But one flaw i came to know about doing PhD at PU is the unavailability of qualified and dedicated supervisors. So it creates major problem in carrying on your higher research degree over there.

University of Management and Technology (UMT) offers a range of disciplines for PhD after University of the Punjab. They claim to offer innovative research and professional research training. Following disciplines are being offered:

  • PhD in Management
  • PhD in Architecture
  • PhD in Electrical Power and Energy System
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD in Embedded Systems, Robotics and Controls
  • PhD in Information Technology
  • PhD in Mathematics
  • PhD in Software
  • PhD in Telecom engineering
  • PhD in Linguistic/Applied Linguistic/Literature
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • PhD in Education/Special Education
  • PhD in Islamic Thought and Civilization
  • PhD Textile

University of Central Punjab (UCP) also its PhD programs in few disciplines in place. They have some experienced and qualified faculty in place for their higher degree research programs. Following disciplines are being offered for PhD:

  • PhD in Computer Sciences
  • PhD in Commerce
  • PhD in Business Studies

Superior University also offers PhD in the following disciplines, The offer is too limited and university has not gained much of appreciation in research based studies as yet.

  • PhD Business Administration
  • PhD in Law

What to Study Further after Matric?

Students are sometimes confused after their matriculation, they are undecided that what shall they do next. At this stage they usually follow what their parents think best for them. This is basically our social norm and sometimes students feel burden following this norm. They have to go for studies which they do not prefer for themselves. So today here i am going to put forth certain options for students which may help them making their decisions regarding further studies.

First of all, students who are good at their studies and also have got certain plans to go abroad for further studies, they have very good option of going for A-levels which is under Cambridge studies and examination system. This international course make student stronger conceptually and improves other interpersonal skills most important of which is communication skill. You have variety of courses belonging to various disciplines like medicines, engineering, commerce, IT, arts, media etc. But it isn't suitable for students who want to pursue further studies here in Pakistan because here in Pakistani education system they have to face various problems.

Next option i am going to discuss is for those students who immediately want to enroll into some professional degree so they can start their career as early as possible. You can enter into the field of accountancy, leading to ACCA, which is also an international certification in the field of accounting. There are very famous colleges for starting your initial courses in the field of accountancy that would lead to ACCA. It can give a good start to your career. It is costly, but definitely earn you a value in corporate world.

In the similar vain, male students who are interested in pursuing their career in engineering, have fear of not getting the admission at engineering university due to high merits and limited seats. They can go for B-tech diplomas as certain government institutes. These diplomas provide you professional certification and you can start as professional engineer.

There are those students as well who are determined to enroll for FSc pre-medical and pre-eng. They are hard to change their perception and they would go to colleges who are offering the same disciplines. But still i would advice those, who find their interest and their temperament a bit more creative, they shall drop this idea and opt for what best they can do. Such students can opt for commerce field and do It would have two benefits; First, they would be able to score high marks in this discipline and can peruse a recognized and well known institute for further commerce or business related studies like LUMS (in private sector) or IBA (in public sector) and Hailey College of Commerce OR media studies. They would be able to use their creative insight in such fields.

There are also certain female students who have interest in arts, crafts and home making activities. Homeeconomics college is best for such female students. Here students also have two way benefits, firstly they get to do the stuff they are interested in, secondly it also fulfills the latest need of girls to utilize their knowledge as a professional. It develops you professionally in your expertise.

General Science (ICS) group is also good option for students who are good at mathematics and want to go into field of business, commerce, media or education.

So whatever you do, just make your decision that you may not regret in future. Careful analysis of all available options would help to get to the best option leading to successful future.

Best Intermediate Colleges for Girls in Lahore

Girls are always very excited to go to college after they are done with matriculation. They consider the best possible option where they can start their intermediate studies. For majority of the girls, beside repute of the college and its studies, its environment and various other activities besides studies are also very important in evaluating different option for intermediate college. Their interests vary due to different combinations of repute, studies and environment. The analysis presented below would help in guiding their decision making process.

When thinking of intermediate colleges, the first name that majority of the girls consider worth continuing their studies is Kinnaird College (KC). Its a full package for girls because it not only offers quality studies at intermediate level in all disciplines but also provide them liberty and exposure in various extra co-curricular activities. Lahore College for Women (LCW) is the second best choice for intermediate after KC. It provides really good and quality studies to intermediate students in all disciplines and has got certain strict rules and supervision as compared to KC. Then, Homeconomics College is another name among most reputed colleges but it is specialized in its offer. It offers the only discipline of homecnomics which includes also includes art and design. So only those girls who are interested in specializing n household tasks, decoration, child care and arts, crafts and design have got best option as homeconomics college.

Government College, Gulberg is the third best option that students like to adopt when they are unsuccessful in getting admission in KC and LCW. It has got its repute for its being a government institute. But those who want quality education along with some really good study related facilities for students, Punjab College is the option after KC and LCW. As mentioned above, it has gained its repute and name due to quality education and student administration. Queen Mary college is still in the list but its repute and popularity graph has sloped negatively. It is preferred by the students living in nearby areas. Last but not the least KIPS College, that has gained its repute from being premium academy and now started its network of colleges as well. A reasonable numbers are opting it due to its quality studies and facilities for students regarding studies. But it has not gained the repute that its academy has got or the colleges for intermediate mentioned above have gained.   

Best Intermediate Colleges for Boys in Lahore

Students who are free after their matriculation examination, keep on evaluating various institutes in order to pursue their further intermediate studies. They want to be a part of the college that has got good repute and studies both. These two factors are considered to be most important while making choice for intermediate college from the various alternatives available. According to my evaluation of colleges on the basis of factors mentioned above, i have identified the best possible options for students to go for in order to successfully get their intermediate done from Lahore.

The college that have got both excellent repute and quality studies is Government College (GC), Lahore. It is the most prestigious college for boys to do the intermediate in any discipline. Students associated with GovernmentCollege (GC) feel proud of themselves and consider it their valuable achievement. With its equally good studies and repute, Forman Christian College (FCC) also falls in the category of colleges that students want to be associated with for their intermediate after GC. Punjab College is another very renown name when it comes to quality education. It provides students with maximum facilities that can help them managing their studies well. A large number who are unable to get themselves admitted in GC or FCC, turn to Punjab college for their intermediate. All of three colleges mentioned above are privately owned. 

Moreover, Government College, Township, Government Science College, Wahdat Road and Islamia College, Civil Lines, all are ranked almost equal. They have got some name and repute for being government college and quality of studies is almost the same in all. However, Government College, Township is newly opened few years back as compared to the rest of the two but has got somewhat better repute than those. Faculty is said to previously belonged to reputed institutes like GC and FCC. Those students who want to continue their studies with government institutes, these are the best option among other government colleges. KIPS College have also emerged after the immense success of its network of academies, but have gained not much repute as yet.  

FAST-NUCES Fall Admissions 2013

FAST- National University of Computerand Emerging Sciences (NUCES) has announced its fall admissions for 2013 for undergraduation, graduation and post graduation programs. It is accepting applications in the following diciplines:

FAST School of Management

FAST School of Management aims to produce competent professional in corporate world. They offer quality education with professional development and exposure to the real corporate world. The students after completing management studies from FAST-NUCES are inducted in well reputed organizations. This is not only due to the name of the institutes imprinted on the degrees but also the competencies they develop during their studies. So opting any course at FAST-NUCES in order to continue can be beneficial for students in all aspects. The programs offered are

BBA (4 years program)
BS (Accounting & Finance) (4 years program)
MBA (1.5 years program)
PhD (Management Sciences)

FAST School of Computing

FAST-NUCES School of Computing is its trademark. It is recognized worldwide and provide the best place to pursue computer sciences degree. It offers th best BCS and MCS education. Students are not only inducted at best places in Pakistan but also get international opportunities to start their professional career. They create successful computer engineers. So getting admission here would be the best option available.

BS (Computer Sciences) (4 years program)
MS (Computer Science)
MS (Software Project Management)
PhD (Computer Sciences)

FAST School of Engineering

It aims to provide quality education the field of engineering. Though offering very limited option, they try to create the best of the lot by providing students with the right guidance not about the studies but also regarding being professional.

BS (Electrical Engineering) (4 years program)
BS (Civil Engineering) (4 years program)
MS (Electrical Engineering)
PhD (Electrical Engineering)

FAST School of Sciences and Humanities

Like its other disciplines, it aims to provide the best it can to its students in Mathematics. It only offers Masters and higher research degree in this discipline but still they to be the best at what they are offering.

MS (Mathematical Sciences)
PhD (Mathematical Sciences)

Admission Procedure

They offer online system for initiating your admission procedure, you have to visit the official website in order to lodge application. Official web address is OR Once you have lodged the application, you would have to visit the campus for further details and verification of your documents. When visiting campus you must have the following documents with you:

All original academic certificates
Roll No. Slip of Part II for Intermediate students and Statement of Entry for A-levels students
Equivalence certificates for O/A levels
CNIC or Form-B
One photograph
Application processing fee including admission test fee is Rs. 1000/-
Last date to apply for admission is June 29th, 2013
Test dates and time would be mentioned once you are done with the verification and payment
Admission tests would start from 1st July, 2013.

Note: Students who have already taken SAT/GRE and scored minimum marks as required would be exempted from admission test. Moreover, NTS-NAT candidates can also apply.  

ACCA+ at Premier Diverse Learning Concepts (DLC)

Premier Diverse Learning Concepts (DLC) is a project of Beaconhouse group as a joint venture between renown Beaconhouse group and DLC worldwide, UK. Here in our country, its offering challenging accountancy related professional courses. Beaconhouse is a name of quality education and trust and we are well familiar with its international origin and practice of same standards.

Premier Diverse Learning Concepts (DLC) have upgraded ACCA degree to ACCA+ by offering accountancy with supply chain management. These are two different qualifications in single program of 2.5 years duration. Its a value added program that would equip you with diverse skills in two fields. It would be international degree with innovative combination.

Those who want to enter the professional accountancy education right after their matriculation/ O levels/Intermediate. They have preliminary course of Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) leading to ACCA+ at Premier Diverse Learning Concepts (DLC). It builds your base for accounting and consists of three papers regarding accounting and one paper related to supply chain management. The details of papers are as follows:

  1. FAB- Accounting in Business (AB)
  2. FMA-Management Accounting (MA)
  3. FFA-Financial Accounting (FA)
  4. IoSCM- Introduction to Business (I2B)
This ACCA+ degree at Premier Diverse Learning Concepts (DLC) would definitely provide you an edge while presenting yourself into the corporate world. In addition to this, while doing your ACCA+ you can get supplementary degree of BSc Honors from Oxford Brooks by submitting analysis and research paper along with completed ACCA modules. You would be able to get its recognized by HEC if you have completed your intermediate level education earlier.

Admissions are open nowadays for 2013. Even discounts are also available, so you may avail those discounts if you want to persue for this degree. Its campuses are located at Kalma Chowk and Gulberg in Lahore, with all latest

The News Education Expo 2013

The News is bringing on the "largest education expo" 2013 this June in Lahore. In partnership with its Platinum and Gold members which include big guns of Lahore's educational institutes. You may get a chance to locate future opportunities at the news education expo. Its bringing renown institutes at one place where you can get all relevant information you need. The highlight of the news education expo is its "Free Career Counselling" sessions with distinguished trainers. It is planned to be a two day education expo at Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel Lahore on 17th & 18th June, 2013. Entry is absolutely free without any pass or ticket. Career Counselling regarding different fields are planned on both days. Following is the list presenting the dates for different career counselling sessions:

June 17th, 2013

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • CV Writing and Interview Skills
  • Ali Moeen Nawazish

June 18th, 2013

  • Business and Economics
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Accounting and Finance 

So the news education expo is not going to provide you with opportunity to locate institutes but also to get help and counselling from experts to have insight of the field you may want to opt. By interacting with representatives from multiple institutes you would be able to compare and analyze the best suitable opportunity for you. The news education expo basically provides platform to both institutes and students to get to know each other in order to benefit both the parties. Career counselling sessions are attraction, those who may find themselves stuck in the middle of more then one option to choose can get the direction of their future. So you can be there to get something better.

The Institute of Business & Finance (IBF): NUML Fall Admissions 2013

IBF is business school affiliated with NUML, one of the renown HEC recognized universities with its main campus in Islamabad. IBF-NUML has announced its fall admission 2013 dates for its bachelors and masters courses in management sciences. It has invited applicants of intermediate and graduates even those who are waiting for their results can also apply. The application fee is Rs. 100/- and application forms can be obtained from campus. Following are the key dates announced regarding admissions:

July 13th, 2013: Last date for application submission
August 8th, 2013 and onward: Interviews would be held

Management sciences programs available at the institute are described as follows and they are offered in  morning and evening timings.

  1. BS (Hons.) Accounting & Finance
    • 4 years programme with 8 semesters
    • Intermediate (FSC/ICS/ICom) with 45% marks and A-levels with 50% marks
  2. B.Com 
    •  2 Years programme with 4 semesters
    • Intermediate (FSC/ICS/ICom) with 45% marks and A-levels with 50% marks
  3. B.Com (Hons.)
    • 4 years programme (8 semesters)
    • Intermediate (FSC/ICS/ICom) with 45% marks and A-levels with 50% marks
  4. B.B.A. (Hons.)
    • 4 years programme (8 semesters)
    • Intermediate (FSC/ICS/ICom) with 45% marks and A-levels with 50% marks
  5. MBA
    •  2 Years programme with 4 semesters
    • BBA/B.Com with 2nd division
  6. MBA (Regular) (Marketing & Finance)
    • 3.5 years program (7 semesters)
    • BBA/B.Com (2 years programme) with 2nd division & BA/BSC with 2nd division
  7. MBA (Executive) (Marketing & Finance)
    • 4 years programme (8 semesters)
    • BBA/B.Com or BA/BSC with 2nd division OR 4 years managerial level job experience

They offering their programs in 4 canals purpose build campus with all latest technologies and facilities including spacious parking and separate common rooms facilities. There campuses are located in Garden Town.

Service Profit Chain: A Strategy for Service Firm

Services are different from those of tangible goods on the basis of nature and certain characteristics. That is why service firm tend to have a bit different strategic focus than those of firms involved in business of tangible goods. Service firms are more prone to immediate customer feedback, therefore requires expertise in providing the right service experiences. Therefore, the strategies to keep their marketing efforts and service provision going right, are needed to be including all aspects that could effect the service quality in any way. "Service Profit chain" is a strategy used by service providing firms  in order to provide value to customers and receive value in return.
Service profit chain is a step-wise process that helps companies yield what is beneficial for both organization and customers. Its like a chain reaction, if the preceding step accomplished successively the next step would automatically go right. According to Kotler (2011), The first step this chain is "Internal Customer Service" which emphasizes on serving the inside customers right and internal customers of the company are its employees. Employees are the main asset of the company, and they are the ones involved in creation and provision of service. So first priority is to care for them so they may care for the company in return. When they are served right, they become satisfied and motivated to do their jobs efficiently and effectively which makes them productive employees. Here come the next step in the chain that is "Employee Productivity". If the first step is done right, it would automatically lead to increased employee productivity. Productive employees would ultimately be successful in providing right services to the customers and creating greater customer value. "Greater Customer Value" is the outcome of employee productivity. When customers receive the benefits that matches their expectations and fulfill their needs and wants, they feel satisfied and become loyal customers to the company. So "Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty" is achieved when they are provided with greater value. This attitude and behaviour of consumer helps companies earning greater values in terms of profit. Therefore, "Greater Profits" are the outcome of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Following this service-profit chain companies can keep their customers happy and make their interaction with customers successful. Because customer-service provider interaction is the situation which can make or break customers. So companies should initiate their focus from effectiveness of service provider who deals with customers directly or indirectly in order to earn greater revenues.

Degree Attestation by HEC: Facilities opened in Lahore and Peshawar

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is highest education authority in Pakistan. It not only regulates the education system and approves universities' charter after careful evaluation but also involved in degree attestation in order to confirm the validity of degrees. HEC attests the degrees/diplomas or certificates issued by HEC recognized universities only which may be private/public. Further neither does it recognize foreign degrees. For many years, HEC was providing attestation services only in Islamabad city. In order to facilitate people, it has opened two more facilities for attestation at its regional centers which started their working on 3rd June, 2013.

One facility is opened in Lahore and other in Peshawar. This action would make it easier for many residents of the particular city and nearby towns and cities to get their degrees attested. Following are the details of location of both offices:

HEC Regional Centre 
55-B/2, Gulberg III, Lahore 

HEC Regional Centre
Phase-V, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Procedure of Attestation

There is a particular process for getting your degrees attested by HEC
. There are announced official timings for degree attestation from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. During this time period, token numbers are issued which help you wait for your turn. Total of 240 token are issued for a day, any number going beyond that is neither issued nor entertained. Further, they do not exceed their time limits in order to entertain the applicants. You can also apply online at HEC's official website for degree attestation.

First of all to begin with degree/diploma/certificate attestation process, you must have original certificates/degrees from Matric onwards along with transcripts/DMCs; Detailed list is as follows:

  1. Original matric certificate
  2. Original intermediate certificate
  3. Original degree
  4. Original transcripts/detail mark certificates (DMCs) showing date of admission and completion                           of program
  5. Copy of Computerized Identity Card 
  6. Authority letter duly attested by a Grade 17 officer for the authorized person 

Further there are few other important requirements of degree attestation by HEC such as;
  1. The name of the candidate should be same on all documents provided, i.e. both on degrees and NIC.
  2. The father name of the candidate should also be same on all the degrees and identity documents provided
  3. Date of birth should also match on all documents provided
  4. Both Degrees/ Transcripts issued on the same date, or overlapping semesters between an Undergraduate Degree and a Graduate Degree will not be recognized/ attested by HEC.

Note: If applicants are unable to fulfill any of the above requirement, HEC will not attest the degrees/diplomas/certificates. 

Attestation Fee

There is charged fee for per document attestation by HEC. It charges Rs. 800 for original document attestation and Rs. 500 for photocopied degree/diploma/certificate attestation. Those who go by themselves have to pay the fee on the counter but those applying online and does no go by themselves have to submit their charges to OCS which also provide shipment service for degree/diploma/ certificate attestation. OCS shipment service charges are Rs. 155 for Islamabad and Rs. 240 for the rest of the Pakistan (excluding attestation fee).

Why does Brands matter?

Whenever we go to market, we find ourselves surrounded with various brands. Even if we are thinking to make decision on buying something, we immediately get multiple brands in our minds, belonging to that particular product category. For instance, in an attempt to make decision regarding buying a smartphone, various brands like IPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC etc would strike us. Why does it happen? Why don't we go for any product we find in the category? This happens because companies have differentiated their products by creating brands out of those. They have modified simple products into brands by offering distinct benefits and signing specific name, logo, symbols etc.

American Marketing Association defines brand as "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.". Therefore its not just name or logo of a brand that creates strong association in our minds, it more than that. It includes all those benefits and features that are important to consumers and not provided by competitors. For instance, Apple being the top most brands among many other successful one garbed this place because of its innovative experience it provides to its consumers which depends on the use of innovative technology, distinctive and user friendly features and more convenient and satisfying applications.

Through brands, companies create an overall experience for its consumers. An experience that leaves longer results and help building greater number of associations with brand. These associations can be function related or design related, price related or any other benefit related. If consumer experience has been successful, then more favorable  stronger and unique association would be formed that would link the brand into consumer's mind and help forming favorable attitudes and behaviors in the end. Bisially this is the association based mechanism that helps bringing brands on the top of the mind in any purchase decision. This is the reason that brand matters not only to companies but to consumers as well.

COMSATS-Lancaster Dual Degree Program (DDP)

Dual Degree Programs have world-wide recognition though not offered in all countries, but some renown North American and British Universities are offering Double/Dual Degree programs. COMSATS University in Pakistan is a prestigious university and is affiliated with Government of Pakistan. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) puts its prominent efforts in developing international linkages in context of courses and research and development in order to follow the direction guided by Government of Pakistan to make this university one competing internationally.

In the same vain, COMSATS offered its Dual Degree Program in collaboration with Lancaster University, UK for undergraduate students. It has helped bringing international education and standards to Pakistan. Students are awarded with two degrees, one is local and the other one from international partners. Students can earn their international degrees in their home country at convenient prices. I find it a great opportunity for students because it provides not only the quality education as per international standards and transform students into well groomed professionals but also award you the international degree which holds international value. Following are the disciplines offered under Dual Degree Program at COMSATS:
  • Computer Science (CS)
  • Software Engineering (SE)
  • Business Administration (BA)
  • Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering (TE)
  • Electrical (Electronics) Engineering (EE)
  • Electrical (Computer) Engineering (CE)
  • Chemical Engineering (Che)

Admission Schedule

Admissions at COMSATS open twice a year, once for fall semester in June-July and the other for spring semester in November-December. So currently admissions are open at COMSATS for Dual Degree Program which would be closing on 15th July, 2013. Further, there is requirement to clear aptitude test by NTS (NAT). Two dates for NAT are offered; 23rd June 2013 & 21st July, 2013. Moreover, the  following eligibility criteria for DDP is clearly defined:
  • FA/F.Sc/A-Level with Mathematics with minimum 60% marks.
  • IELTS with a minimum of 5.5 Band (May be acquired within first year of study period)

BS (BA) & BS (SE)
  • FA/F.Sc/A-Levels with minimum 60% marks
  • IELTS score of at least 5.5 Band or higher (to be acquired within first year of study period)
  • The students must be able to communicate well in English language (mandatory)

BS (TE), BS (CE) & BS (EE)
  • F.Sc (Pre-Engg)/ICS/A-Levels or equivalent with minimum 60% marks.
  • IELTS with a minimum of 5.5 Band (May be acquired within first year of study period) 

BS (Che)
  • FSc. with minimum 60% marks (with Physics, Maths, Chemistry) OR equivalent
  • IELTS with a minimum of 5.5 Band (May be acquired within first year of study period)
  • For further information about the NTS and the testing process applicants may get assistance at COMSATS' offices.

Cost of Dual Degree Program

The fee for DDP is directly paid to Lancaster University that is GBP 500 per annul. Payment can be made through direct transfer to Lancaster University's account, using your debit/credit card or by opening foreign currency account for direct transfer.

Online Application

CIIT have its online application procedure. Where you have to complete the following steps in order to proceed with your online application:

  1. Register on
  2. You will have to fill an online application for and submit that online
  3. For further formality completion you will have to visit the admission office in your respective area.

Admission Officer
Phone (Off): 092 42 111 001 007 (EXT 830, 831)
Fax (Off):092 42 99203100

Associate Degree Program (ADP) at Punjab Group of Colleges

Punjab Group of Colleges has earned its repute and name over the years with its best services among the private sector. It is recognized for its studies, hard working faculty and strict student's supervision. It has always considered student's needs and offered their services and programs. Similarly, keeping in view the student's urge for professional learning and entering the market with appropriate skills, Punjab Group of Colleges, has launched its Associate Degree Program (ADP).

It’s a two years degree program in the field of commerce and IT i.e. along with majors in business subjects; students can do their specialization in either in Finance or IT. It’s based on semester system with each semester consisting of 4. 5 months approx. Students on successfully accomplishing this program would be awarded the degree by University of Central Punjab (UCP) and would be able to enter the professional world. This course is offered to the students who passed their Intermediate (in any field) and is offered at MCom campuses of Punjab Group of Colleges in all cities. Fee for whole ADP program for 2 years is Rs. 165,000/- approx. However, student of PGC gets discount on it.

So the students, who search out for options after their intermediate, have got another alternative added to their basket. This degree is first time offered in here by UCP and students can get admission in masters program after completing this degree. Associate degree program is already renowned in abroad, so those students who have their further plans to go abroad, can consider it as a good option for them. Further, students who consider going for simple BA in order to further or alongside pursue their ACCA, CA or CSS. This degree is a good choice for them too. Firstly Associate degree program is a two year degree program, just like BA. Secondly it provides you with a professional degree which can be useful in future. Moreover,Associate degree program provides you insight into professional world and career which strengthens you foundations if you want to pursue for some higher degree in relevant field. 

Registration of BA candidates (Private) for 2014 Annual Examination

University of the Punjab has announced registration deadline for private candidates who want to appear in BA / BSc examination 2014. Registration is open from 2nd May, 2013 and will remain open till 28th June, 2013. The fee amount with single fee is Rs. 2200/-. However, those who failed to meet the deadline with single fee can apply with Rs. 500/- fine from 1st July to 31st July 2013. And candidates missing this date as well would be allowed to submit registration forms with Rs. 1000/- fine from 1st August, 2013.
Further details along with conditions and requirements are described in the advertisement below: