What to Study Further after Matric?

Students are sometimes confused after their matriculation, they are undecided that what shall they do next. At this stage they usually follow what their parents think best for them. This is basically our social norm and sometimes students feel burden following this norm. They have to go for studies which they do not prefer for themselves. So today here i am going to put forth certain options for students which may help them making their decisions regarding further studies.

First of all, students who are good at their studies and also have got certain plans to go abroad for further studies, they have very good option of going for A-levels which is under Cambridge studies and examination system. This international course make student stronger conceptually and improves other interpersonal skills most important of which is communication skill. You have variety of courses belonging to various disciplines like medicines, engineering, commerce, IT, arts, media etc. But it isn't suitable for students who want to pursue further studies here in Pakistan because here in Pakistani education system they have to face various problems.

Next option i am going to discuss is for those students who immediately want to enroll into some professional degree so they can start their career as early as possible. You can enter into the field of accountancy, leading to ACCA, which is also an international certification in the field of accounting. There are very famous colleges for starting your initial courses in the field of accountancy that would lead to ACCA. It can give a good start to your career. It is costly, but definitely earn you a value in corporate world.

In the similar vain, male students who are interested in pursuing their career in engineering, have fear of not getting the admission at engineering university due to high merits and limited seats. They can go for B-tech diplomas as certain government institutes. These diplomas provide you professional certification and you can start as professional engineer.

There are those students as well who are determined to enroll for FSc pre-medical and pre-eng. They are hard to change their perception and they would go to colleges who are offering the same disciplines. But still i would advice those, who find their interest and their temperament a bit more creative, they shall drop this idea and opt for what best they can do. Such students can opt for commerce field and do I.com. It would have two benefits; First, they would be able to score high marks in this discipline and can peruse a recognized and well known institute for further commerce or business related studies like LUMS (in private sector) or IBA (in public sector) and Hailey College of Commerce OR media studies. They would be able to use their creative insight in such fields.

There are also certain female students who have interest in arts, crafts and home making activities. Homeeconomics college is best for such female students. Here students also have two way benefits, firstly they get to do the stuff they are interested in, secondly it also fulfills the latest need of girls to utilize their knowledge as a professional. It develops you professionally in your expertise.

General Science (ICS) group is also good option for students who are good at mathematics and want to go into field of business, commerce, media or education.

So whatever you do, just make your decision that you may not regret in future. Careful analysis of all available options would help to get to the best option leading to successful future.


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