Best Intermediate Colleges for Boys in Lahore

Students who are free after their matriculation examination, keep on evaluating various institutes in order to pursue their further intermediate studies. They want to be a part of the college that has got good repute and studies both. These two factors are considered to be most important while making choice for intermediate college from the various alternatives available. According to my evaluation of colleges on the basis of factors mentioned above, i have identified the best possible options for students to go for in order to successfully get their intermediate done from Lahore.

The college that have got both excellent repute and quality studies is Government College (GC), Lahore. It is the most prestigious college for boys to do the intermediate in any discipline. Students associated with GovernmentCollege (GC) feel proud of themselves and consider it their valuable achievement. With its equally good studies and repute, Forman Christian College (FCC) also falls in the category of colleges that students want to be associated with for their intermediate after GC. Punjab College is another very renown name when it comes to quality education. It provides students with maximum facilities that can help them managing their studies well. A large number who are unable to get themselves admitted in GC or FCC, turn to Punjab college for their intermediate. All of three colleges mentioned above are privately owned. 

Moreover, Government College, Township, Government Science College, Wahdat Road and Islamia College, Civil Lines, all are ranked almost equal. They have got some name and repute for being government college and quality of studies is almost the same in all. However, Government College, Township is newly opened few years back as compared to the rest of the two but has got somewhat better repute than those. Faculty is said to previously belonged to reputed institutes like GC and FCC. Those students who want to continue their studies with government institutes, these are the best option among other government colleges. KIPS College have also emerged after the immense success of its network of academies, but have gained not much repute as yet.  


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