EduReadings: Marketing Mix For Marketer and Customer

We've studied Marketing Mix in a traditional way in which we get to know about the famous 4Ps of Marketing. These 4Ps are the main concept to understand complete Marketing. What I came to write here is that these 4Ps have different sequence when you see them through user point of view. The one we read normally is the marketer point of view but according to user noticing point of view it is vice versa. Let me explain you below in detail.

Marketing Mix for Marketer:

For marketer it is the same way as we read in the books and same sequence. Let me give you below their sequence and little brief info about it.

1. Product:
Defining the need in market, doing market research, giving solution to your desired market and creating a product. A product which will give a solution to one problem.

2. Price:
After we make the product, we set the price. We set these price according to target market and competition we have. There are many other things to notice while setting a price which is not concern right now.

3. Place:
After setting the price we came to delivery and distribution of the product. How and where this product will be distributed. Which place has our target market and how to deal with them.

4. Promotion:
In the end we do the promotion to let people know about product. There are several ways to promote a product, one most famous is advertising. We apply all these promotional techniques to let people know about our product and attract them to use it.

Marketing Mix for Customer:

Now think yourself as a user or customer. See how this marketing mix will affect you. What thing you'll notice first and what will impress you first. This way your marketing mix will be reversed and look like as below:

1. Promotion:
First thing which will impress a user will be the promotional campaign of that product. First thing which user notice and which attract user is a promotion. If you are attracted enough with the promotion that you'll give it a try then this will become your first step.

2. Place:
Second thing which come in your mind as a customer will be that from where I'll get that product? From which shop? which store? If that place is in approach then customer will more likely to try it. If not in reach then you might forget about it.

3. Price:
After going to place where you find the product. Before trying the product you'll notice it's price. You haven't tried the product but only with the promotional campaign, it's availability in the market will help you to guess whether that price will serve the value or not.

4. Product:
In the end you'll try the product, which came first if you act as marketer, but in last when you are customer. Though these all things effect customer to become user of that product but to attract a customer you need to take through the above mentioned stairs.

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