Center for Advance Studies in Engineering (CASE)

Guest Post by: Sidra Shahid

CASE is affiliated with University of Engineering and Technology Taxila and offers degrees in the disciplines of ‘Computer Engineering’, ‘Electrical Engineering’, ‘Software Engineering’, ‘Information Security’, ‘Engineering Management’, ‘Management’, ‘Business Administration’ and ‘Computer Science’.

CASE is situated in G-5/1 Sector of Islamabad near Serena Hotel.  The main campus building is actually for sir syed memorial and it has very huge and beautiful architecture.  On the 1st floor of the building there is sir syed hall and Islamabad museum. On the ground floor student’s affairs dept., accounts dept., CASE library, class rooms and labs are situated. On the 2nd floor there is main CASE reception, faculty offices and other class rooms. Admin office and conference rooms are also on the 2nd floor.  And on the top floor of the building there is main office of CARE (Center for Advance Research in Engineering).

Campus life at CASE is very interactive and lively. At the start of every semester, the senior students throw a welcome party for their junior fellow colleagues. There is a beautiful SyedBagh (garden) with a Dhabba in it where students can relax and refresh themselves. Also there is a cafeteria named Eldorado where you can get very delicious food in a very economical price and also can enjoy watching sports or news on the LCD in the cafeteria. 

Apart from that there are many activity groups in the university, like electronics group, thinker forum, arts group, sports group, adventure society and the very famous group headed by Mr. Mansoor Shoukat CRG (Case Robotics Group). These groups arrange different events, functions and workshops in the university for students. Students join these groups and participate in different healthy activities which not only increase their knowledge but also build confidence in them.

The main reasons why any students should choose CASE are not the one mentioned above because that can be found in any university. Important things are
  • Exciting and stimulating Academic environment
  • Highly motivated Faculty and Administration
  • Industrial linkages with CARE (Center for Advanced Research in Engineering)
  • One of the largest postgraduate engineering programs in the country
  • Excellent track record 20 PhD and 980 MS already awarded in Computer Engineering and Engineering Management
  • Undergraduate EE Program accredited by PEC
  • Remarkable list of Students’ Achievements And Awards

CASE is a radiant example of possible success that results from honesty, integrity, dedication, hard-work and purity of cause. The output of CASE over the last few years substantiate that this institution has continued its steady growth by genuinely focusing on its superior philosophy, high quality education, research and development. Today! CASE has one of the largest enrollments of post-graduate students in the country.