Institute Of Business Administration - IBA Lahore

In business administration IBA Lahore secure some position in study market not like big giants like LUMS, LSE, IBA but they have some good reputation in industry. I mean organizations like IBA-ians. Recently they got new building build right before the old one. In new building classes are quit modern, seminar rooms are their and students sometimes feel jealous for those who got them. Some teachers are highly qualified but mostly lecturers are new but competent. I'av visited IBA many times and I noticed changes every time, good changes of course. Under they supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ehsan Malik IBA is growing. One thing that is very attractive for those who cannot afford expenses studies of LSE and LUMS they can get admission in IBA for very affordable fee. Institute of Business Administration is offering MBA program for quit a few years and their MBA's are preferred but not so much. Its not to long ago when IBA started Bachelors of Business Administration and they haven't produce their first batch yet, first batch is currently doing their internship in different government and private organizations. Lets have some quick review of IBA in different categories.

HISTORY: Longtime ago Punjab University established Department of Business Administration in 1972 which was upgraded to Institute of Business Administration in 1987 that was a milestone as they were the second to offer business studies at this level. They shifted to their existing building 1994 and got addition of one more campus 4 years ago.

BASIC INFORMATION: IBA Lahore is situated in Punjab University Quid-e-Azam campus. Its specialized institute in business administration field and producing some gentlemen and women to compete in market.

STUDENT TALK: Okay here is my favourite part Students Talk. While talking to some pretty faces I came to know much about IBA i.e they were satisfied with building and class rooms. A student of BBA final year give me quick snap of IBA in these words " well Mr Shahzaib our building and rooms are good, computer lab and library is also up-to-date, faculty is normal is normal some professors are good but most of them are new, cafe is fargh(bad), studies are not tough, girls common room is good but not air conditioned and overall environment is good". After this much comprehensive review I was really impressed with her and wonder that if all the students got this much confidence and communication power or not.

FACILITIES: Facilities at IBA Lahore are Average. Yes despite of students' satisfaction I personally feel that there is enough space for improvement. Computer lab is maintained well with high speed Internet connectivity, new building class rooms are fine and overall building is nice. Lawns are although green but not crafted to standards. Cafe is below average with little variety and low standard food I found many IBA-ians crossing the road for Mass Com's cafe.

MARKET WORTH: Market demand of IBA students is good but starting pay is not as much high as one can expect. Some companies hire students directly from IBA including Coca Cola, Suzuki, Engro Foods. IBA place students for internship in big government organizations including Stat Bank Of Pakistan, Sui Gas, National Bank, Fauji Foundation etc and Private firms like Coca Cola, Nestle, PC etc. So for job placement and market worth IBA can be eligible for Average+ but as far as pays are concerned Average could be enough.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: Main feature of IBA's programs is PhD in business Administration other programs are listed below.

  • BBA Hons (Morning/Evening)
  • MBA (Morning)
  • MBA (Evening)
  • MBA (1 year)
  • PhD
  • PGD - Post Graduate Diploma (Evening)
  • PGD - Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-business Management (Evening)

WEBSITE: IBA don't have its own website but there is a link on PU's webstie that can be reached by click here .

FAST - National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

Thinking about computer education? FAST could be a very good option for computer education, FAST - Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology is operating four campuses in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore. I am going to focus on Lahore campus as i got chance to visit that several times. FAST with the name of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences providing high class education in computer sciences, mid ranked in engineering and just a starter in business administration but because a huge brand name they have secure very good repute in business education sector. They have got a good and well equipped 12.5 acre campus. One plus, well plus for now days that they have got full backup electricity system. One very attractive feature of FAST is that they arranges so many seminars, workshops, exhibitions etc which not only keep them alive in news but also give their students a very good chance to interact with different people from different organizations and institutions that help them a lot to build their confidence and groom themselves. Me myself attended some of those science exhibitions. OK lets have a quick review of different aspects of FAST.

HISTORY: FAST - The Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology is the sponsoring body university. With their aim to produce high calibre scientists and technologists they step into higher education bye acquiring 4 highly ranked computer science institutes in four cities listed above.

BASIC INFORMATION: If you are pioneer in something it always help you and FAST is pioneer in providing undergraduate degree in computer sciences and now they are enjoying their leadership in CS in Lahore at least. But newly started business administration is not quit making it but the brand name of FAST will surely help them to achieve the peak if they follow their on standards of excellent education.

STUDENT TALK: While talking to students I was surprised with their reactions. Like they were more concerned with strictness of teachers then the standard of study. According to Hina a BBA student " teachers give tough time to us and its like difficult to get higher grades out of them but no doubt studies are of good standards" She was quit happy with cafe and labs of FAST.

FACILITIES: Facilities are Above Average at FAST Lahore campus. They have good air conditioned and spacious class rooms, lush green lawns, separate common rooms for boys and girls air conditioned obviously. Computer labsss are well equipped and up to date, nice cafe with lots of variety. So overall a well deserve Above Average for facilities.

MARKET WORTH: Students of FAST are enjoying very good repute in computer industry and engeneering as well but they have yet to establish their position in business administration as they have to compete with LUMS and LSE.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: Currently FAST is offering these programs on regular basis.

  • BBA - Bachelors in Business Administration
  • BS - Computer Sciences
  • BS - Electrical Engineering (In different fields)
  • MBA - 3 years
  • MBA - 2 years
  • MBA - 1 year
  • MS - Computer Sciences
  • MS - Electrical Engineering
  • MS - Mathematics
  • MS - Software Project Management
  • PhD

WEBSITE: FAST have a complete and comprehensive websites for detailed information about National University but Eduinn in no doubt still good for quick review. URL is .

Hailey College Of Commerce

Whenever someone thought of studying commerce in Pakistan, Hailey College would be the first option, choice and wish of all. And no doubt Hailey has maintain its standards for so many years but from 1999 to 2007-08 it has faced a downfall in its studying standards due to so many reasons including bad management, lack of interest by the formal Principal and lazy attitude of students. But now after the new Principal has took over the charge standards are improving and improving fast. On campus I saw students with proper dressing like ready to be launch in market, teachers are taking their classes regularly, staff is becoming cooperative and you got a very well settled library. Overall its a good place to be and study commerce but mind one thing, its not Co man...oh yes Hailey is not having co classes so prepare your mind if you are going there.

After since Hailey's Establishment in 4Th March 1927 when Sir Ganga Ram donated "Nabha House" for this purpose. Name was given on the name of that time's Governor of Punjab Sir Malcolm Hailey. First they started 3 year degree program in commerce and achieved high level of standards in excellence of education.

BASIC INFORMATION: Now three year commerce degree program has been changed into four year B.Com(hons). Under the supervision of their new Principal Prof. Dr Liaqat Ali Hailey is progressing up words as he has his mission to made Hailey an institute where students like to study and want to be the part of this historically important institute.

MARKET WORTH: Organizations like Hailians for so many reasons like the historical values of high quality study, leadership in commerce industry but the most important one is that there are so many old Hailians occupying key positions in biggest organizations all over the Pakistan both in private and public sector.

OLD HAILIANS: Hailey produced so many famous personalities of Pakistan including Ishaq Dar the former wealth minister, Sartaj Aziz, Jahngeer Badar and so many others.

STUDENT TALK: while hanging around in campus of Hailey I'av talked to some students one said " Hailey college of commerce was my dream place to be study at but i don't found the standards here which I heard but now its improving and improving fast". So many students were talking about the Co education in Hailey.

FACILITIES: Class rooms are not quit good you may say old fashionad like there is no mulitimedia in most of the classes. Computer lab is not well equiped and many computers ara outdated. Library is good and fully air conditioned. Lawns are green and full of flowers. Overall condition is ok but I can feel improvement they are making.

  • B.Com (Hons) 4 year degree program 
  • M.Com(Hons) Planning, not confirmed. 
  • DCMA (Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting) 
  • DED (Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development) 

WEBSITE: Once there was a website of Hailey was but its not working for unknown reasons, unknown for me at least. But you can see it on Punjab University's website by clicking here.


Its 26-jun-2009 and I'm starting something that would be very, very much informative and useful for those who are searching for some institute that will made their future bright and make their worth.

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