Hailey College Of Commerce

Whenever someone thought of studying commerce in Pakistan, Hailey College would be the first option, choice and wish of all. And no doubt Hailey has maintain its standards for so many years but from 1999 to 2007-08 it has faced a downfall in its studying standards due to so many reasons including bad management, lack of interest by the formal Principal and lazy attitude of students. But now after the new Principal has took over the charge standards are improving and improving fast. On campus I saw students with proper dressing like ready to be launch in market, teachers are taking their classes regularly, staff is becoming cooperative and you got a very well settled library. Overall its a good place to be and study commerce but mind one thing, its not Co man...oh yes Hailey is not having co classes so prepare your mind if you are going there.

After since Hailey's Establishment in 4Th March 1927 when Sir Ganga Ram donated "Nabha House" for this purpose. Name was given on the name of that time's Governor of Punjab Sir Malcolm Hailey. First they started 3 year degree program in commerce and achieved high level of standards in excellence of education.

BASIC INFORMATION: Now three year commerce degree program has been changed into four year B.Com(hons). Under the supervision of their new Principal Prof. Dr Liaqat Ali Hailey is progressing up words as he has his mission to made Hailey an institute where students like to study and want to be the part of this historically important institute.

MARKET WORTH: Organizations like Hailians for so many reasons like the historical values of high quality study, leadership in commerce industry but the most important one is that there are so many old Hailians occupying key positions in biggest organizations all over the Pakistan both in private and public sector.

OLD HAILIANS: Hailey produced so many famous personalities of Pakistan including Ishaq Dar the former wealth minister, Sartaj Aziz, Jahngeer Badar and so many others.

STUDENT TALK: while hanging around in campus of Hailey I'av talked to some students one said " Hailey college of commerce was my dream place to be study at but i don't found the standards here which I heard but now its improving and improving fast". So many students were talking about the Co education in Hailey.

FACILITIES: Class rooms are not quit good you may say old fashionad like there is no mulitimedia in most of the classes. Computer lab is not well equiped and many computers ara outdated. Library is good and fully air conditioned. Lawns are green and full of flowers. Overall condition is ok but I can feel improvement they are making.

  • B.Com (Hons) 4 year degree program 
  • M.Com(Hons) Planning, not confirmed. 
  • DCMA (Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting) 
  • DED (Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development) 

WEBSITE: Once there was a website of Hailey was www.hcc.edu.pk but its not working for unknown reasons, unknown for me at least. But you can see it on Punjab University's website by clicking here.


Awais Naseer Keyani said...

Awsme! cool post! I love your writting styel!

We'll be glad to c u in twitter too!


Shahzaib Siddiq said...

Thanks for your appreciation; I need a lot of it.

Twitter…already following you!

Muneeb Iqbal said...

That's not entirely true.. There are many good Comece College's across Pakistan.. but breif and professional style adobted by you is much appreciated.

c you around



Sartono Sungkono said...

Cool..love your writing style. and your post is very good.
sorry for my bad english..
nice to meet you.

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Anonymous said...

hailey is the best commerce college in punjab i think it has improved a lot.and the teachers are also very talented and cooperative.it is the best institute.its environment is also very good.and we have multimedia in almost every class now.and the best library.proud to be a hailian.if u want to have good education co-edu does not matter alot.

Madiha Munawar said...
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Unknown said...

em a hailian. its true that its standard is being improved day by day..
but the TRUTH is that we HAILIANS are struggling hard to get a good place in the market.

Malik said...

Hi, during web searching came here and saw ur blog i am also a Hailian, Hailey college is Pakistan no. 1 college in the commerce field
i am going to develop a group with the Name of "hailian" at joinpk.com
i was searching for photo of our college and found ur blog.
through the joinpk.com i must spread the greatness of Hailey
anyways my profile id is there

Unknown said...

hailey college is improving its standard at a rapid pace.the principal and faculty members are remarkably contributing their part towards its progress.i am very hopeful that hailey will again prove himself as best place to study if DR LIAQAT remain here as principal for next 4 to 6 years.i m satisfy with my decision to study at hailey.

bilal riaz said...

make a visit to Hailey College of Banking & Finance, each class is Equipped with multimedia nd AC
more over excellent teaching faculty for both disciplines i-e Banking & Finance nd Insurance & Risk Management
full operational Co curricular Literary, Debating , Art & Design and Educational Societies
Library with 10000+ books nd Computer lab with high speed internet facility and Digital Library excess over 25 journals national nd international

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Unknown said...

Any one here kindly inform me Can i get 2 years M.com degree equal to 16 years education after 2 years b.com IT ?

Unknown said...

Can i get 2 years M.com degree equal to 16 years education after 2 years B.com IT from Hailey College

Unknown said...

Can i get 2 years M.com degree equal to 16 years education after 2 years B.com IT from Hailey College

Scott Reyes said...

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