Back to School !!!

It’s time to go back to old, boring, studious life where you have to leave the bed early and go to bed early. It’s time to go back to schools, as most of the institutes in Punjab are reopening from 1st September, 2009 after the vacations of 3 months or so. Students feel miserable when they think of ending up with fun filled, relax, chilling life without the stress of assignments, projects, home works, and presentations. Now again there would be no music but teachers lectures, no novels but course books, no movies but horrible presentations, no chatting but assignments and home works. But at least one thing will be to blissful and cheer for and that is that we’ll be meeting our friends and fellows and welcoming our juniors. Some would be happy and excited for their new colleges or universities.

Thanks to Punjab Government, if they had not put their efforts, we would have been back to our schools for two or three weeks ago. Punjab Government issued the orders to all the educational institutions to remain closed till 31st August, 2009. If they won’t have been there, we will not be having 2 or 3 more relaxing weeks, instead we would have been going to our institutes in blistering sun and aggravation of load shedding. These unexpected extra vacations are gift to all the students from Punjab Government, so we all thank them for such an act of kindness. Our Government has really put full effort for this, they made surprise visits to the school to keep check, if they found or heard of any school opened, they went there and inquest them.

MBA at UET - Institute of Business&Management

Recently University of Engineering as established its new department "Institute of Business & Management" which is offering EMBA, MBA and BBA. UET has a strong reputation in allover the country for its excellent education in engineering field. But they have now decided to go with the flow so starting a business department is because of the trend among all the universities to have a separate Business Studies department. But they have started this with a bit different style, I mean they market their MBA at best.

Classes for E-MBA are in process since May 2009 which is offering 3 courses of 9 credit hours. I must say that IBM has really shown a great future to potential students by their strong marketing. They are also offering a 4-year BBA but here in this article I am gonna put my focus on their MBA program which is somehow hot in town.

UET under the name of IBM has started a 2-year MBA program for those who have a 16 years educational background. They got huge response from students because of two reasons, one is of course the name of UET and the other is that they have done their home work extremely well and targeted the right segment of market. They really design their product so well that every one got attracted towards this. They maintained a very strict admission criteria including test performance followed by a interview.

Some things I really liked in IBM like they give orientation sessions to their new MBA students of more then 6 hours and for more then a week, in which they helped their fresh entrants to improve their communication skills and also open up their mind for fastly changing business environment. And now they ara starting workshops on Microsoft Office to build some basic computer skills in students.

One thing I am not sure about is their faculty, I mean yes they have hired some very experienced, professional experienced personnel but only two of them are PhD and not more then 3 are have a post graduate degree. Some are of engineering background which made me thing that how can a engineer can teach Business, because he have served some multinational as a Manager it does not mean that he has enough knowledge business to teach those students. I am not quit sure that what visiting faculty their are going to have but I suggest that they must got some experienced teachers with strong Business Management background.

So far so good is best fit for IBM's MBA as they really started well, I am really looking fowarard for Market's Response for UET's MBAs. Findout more about IBM at their official Website.

University College Lahore

University College Lahore is one of the institutions of Pakistan which is providing international education within national boundaries. It has its affiliation for Bachelors with University of London, External Programme and for GCE A’ Level, with Cambridge University. The education and methods are set at par to provide excellent education and learning environment just as abroad. University College Lahore is not very much recognized in Pakistan as a very less number or only a particular part of the society knows about it. Tough it is not a commonly known institute like LUM, FAST or LSE to everyone but it holds priority for those who know about it. Students, who do O or A-levels, usually prefer it. To be at UCL is a thing of status, modernity, chill, sumptuousness and class.

UCL has not got a very good repute when it comes to the environment established for students. Whenever a child asks their parents that he/She wants to be at UCL, they hesitate and some directly ban to even ask for that. The way of life at UCL does not suit our culture, religion and moral values. A high class usually opts for UCL. I hope you have got the idea what I am trying to explain. I do not consider it an institution for mediocre or decent middle class families. Being an international education providing university, education is quite costly here. Normal people can neither afford the cost of studies as well as the customs and way of life at UCL.

But its good option for those who wish to acquire international education, but somehow unable to go to abroad. They can get those degrees over here in their national boundaries. Along with education, UCL aims for the personality building of students to make them a better part of the society and the corporate world.

Its one & only campus in Lahore is located at Raiwind Road Lahore. University College Lahore have three departments of education; A’ level GCE, LLB (Hons) and School of Economics & Management. They also provide some diploma courses regarding Law and Business Management. Since a less number of people are familiar with this university and comparatively very less number of students go there because of expenses so in market of Pakistan, they do not occupy big space.

Facilities at UCL are up-to-mark. Being the campus for international studies, it has got excellent facilities to complement the studies and to surface all the talents of the students. The library, Laboratories, cafeteria, transportation, everything matches the cost students pay to be at UCL. There is no hostel facility at UCL but they can help finding it students in the vicinity of the campus.


  • GCE A’ Level

The undergraduate programme at UCL presently offers the following degrees in the School of Economics & Management:

  • Bsc Economics and Management
  • Bsc Economics
  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Banking and Finance
  • BSc Management with Law
  • BSc Information Systems and Management
  • BSc Business Administration

Diploma Courses offered are:

  • Diploma in Economics
  • Diploma in Social Sciences

The undergraduate programme at UCL presently offers the following degrees in the School of Law:

  • LLB (Hons.)
  • LLM

Diploma Course available:

  • Diploma in Law

To visit the official website for more details about UCL, Click Here.

Unversity of Sargodha

The university I am going to give review on is relatively new one and yet to be come under highlights of educationalists. Just like Government College Lahore, Sargodha university is converted from Govt. College Sargodha in 2002 and charter as degree awarded institution. Since then they are efforting to give quality education in a small part of the country but unfortunately haven't got success yet. They have got a huge campus yet to be fully utilized in terms of building and quality of education. University is offering many programs under different departments including Medical, Business, Commerce, Arts, Economics.

One department which is really growing getting recognation by other institutes is "Department of Economics" . And reason behind is nothing else then the quality of education which they are giving to their students. They have excellent faculty including 8 PhDs. And when you have human capital with qualification like this, its abvious to acheive the highets of success which DOE is enjoying.

Unveristy's old building is kind of tradintional one which is well maintained but new blocks are designed with keeping in view the medern requirments of sociaty. Class rooms at UOS are not air conditioned but neat and clean and spacious.

You don't heard about UOS as its new in the field and haven't got any attention from the critics and if they continued to provide middle level education they might not got that attention ever. So they have to hire some highly qualitfied faculcty memebers as they did in Economics department. I talked to some students of UOS and according to them, there is very friendly envoirnment in class that is not bad but when its over-friendly, problems begin. So they need to improve class envoirnement to some extent to have some edge.

HISTORY: Sargodha College was first eastablished in 1929 in Shapur which was shifted to Sargodha in 1946 and since then it is facilitating all the nearby area of for high quality education.
College start graduation classes in 1987. With rapid growth college become Universtiy and started different under the name of Univeristy Of Sargodha.

STUDENT TALK: As I said above that I'av talked to number of students, ex-students of UOS and they were like not satisfied with the quality of education and atmosphere of unveristy. One of them said " sargodha unveristy is no where near the other Govt. universities like PU, Quid-e-Azam, BZU but they have to potential to gain some name in future years and for that they got to improve some basic things".

FACILITIES: Like other public sector universities unversity of sargodha also lack in the area of facilities,they have a central library which quit good but not as up-to-date as it is 
spoused to be, they recently installed a digital library function which is good. Class rooms are not air conditioned but yes furniture is comfortable. On campus enovirnment is very friendly infact over friendly which is not appreciated for studies. They don't have backup elecricity which is a big negative in todays Pakistan.

WEBSITE: UOS's website is

COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology

For me COMSATS is not a big name in educational institutes, let me very straight forward. But yes it has got a good repute in computer sciences. But I actually heard a lot about COMSATS's Chemistry department. I have asked a relative of mine who is a student of COMSATS Islamabad to write a review of COMSATS for me. So here is the guest review by Sadaf.

"COMSATS Institute of Information Technology got university charter in 2000 and today it is ranked as 7th top university in HEC ranking for research and development. This university is renowned in Pakistan for its sophistication and discipline. Its faculty and students mutually create a healthy learning atmosphere where one feels motivated and enthusiastic to learn. I am enrolled in its MS Mgmt program for last 2 years and each minute I’m spending here increase my overall knowledge base in a positive manner. The library is up-to-date and we have the facility of digital library as well. Digital library enables us to access online databases of journals and research papers. The faculty is highly qualified and experienced. Comsats offers its students bus and hostel facility. The main campus is in Islamabad and there are various campuses in prominent cities of Pakistan like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Abbottabad etc.
Comsats is famous for its IT and business studies. Along with these departments Comsats is offering courses in Engineering, Architecture, biological sciences and meteorology. These academic programs are available on both graduate and post graduate levels.
My experience with this university is remarkable in all aspects. I’ve learnt a lot from my esteemed teachers and colleagues. Join this university to add professionalism in your academic life."

So according to her this institute is really got something to offer to its students and students are quite satisfied as well, but ME? still not impressed. But yes you can join COMSATS for its low fee and average studies. Quality of study is higher then the price of it.

HISTORY: The CIIT operates under the supervision of The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South. CIIT become functional in 1998 and after a good response got charter in 2000 as degree awarding institution.Since then it is providing educational facilities in more then 6 cities.

BASIC INFORMATION: CIIT have campuses in Islamabad, Lahore, Wah, Abbottabad, Attock and Sahiwal. Besides of these they have planned 6 more campuses in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Quetta, Vehari and Gujrat. Their Islamabad campus is a vast campus covering acres of land and having a well purpose build building on it with full facilities.

STUDENT TALK: I have been studied with one of students of COMSATS and also one of my co-worker was a MBA from COMSATS Lahore. What I have observed is that the quality and presentation skills were lacking in them and after talking to them about CIIT, both of them were not satisfied with the level of education of at CIIT. But when it comes to campuses and classrooms and cafeteria and lawns and library and Lab, they were like almost satisfied. Being with them is my main source of knowledge about CIIT.

MARKET WORTH: CIIT haven't got a repute in market like oh you are from COMSATS, come and sit, you are selected. Basic staring level after doing MBA from COMSATS is not more then 15K average. And when it comes to Computer Sciences when you got a competitor like FAST you have to give to 200% to compete in market. But jobs are available for students of CIIT and they have a good scope for further admissions.

FACILITIES: As I said above that they are facilitating their students with good facilities but their cafeteria needs to be improve in its taste and variety. Other then this, things are quit well at Lahore and Islamabad campuses of CIIT. Don't any reference in other campuses so can't say anything about them. Just hope they are also good.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: CIIT offered these programs in its campuses.

  • Under Graduate Programs:
    1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – BS CS
    2. Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication & Networking – BS TN
    3. Bachelor of Science in Electrical(Telecommunication) Engineering – BS TE
    4. Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering – BS ELE
    5. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering – BS EPE
    6. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering – BS ChE
    7. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – BS Math
    8. Bachelor of Science in Economics – BS Elec
    9. Bachelor of Science in Biosciences – BS BS
    10. Bachelor of Science in Physics – BS Phy
    11. Bachelor of Architecture – B Arch
    12. Masters of Computer Science - MCS
    13. Master of Business Administration - MBA

    • Graduate Programs
    1. MS – Environmental Sciences
    2. MS – Biosciences
    3. MS – Health Informatics
    4. MS – Management Sciences
    5. MS – Mathematics
    6. MS leading to PhD (Meteorology)
    7. MS – Physics
    8. MS – Computer Sciences
    9. PhD Biosciences
    10. PhD Computer Engineering
    11. PhD Management Sciences
    12. PhD Physics
    13. PhD Environmental Sciences

    Website of CIIT will be open when you click here.

    Problems faced after A-levels

    Here I am going to tell you some facts, for the students who want to study in Pakistan after their A-level and want to get admission at some very competitive colleges and universities, like government medical colleges or engineering universities in Pakistan. I figured it out through the experience of some of my friends and people around, who had suffered with some problems while getting admission after their A-levels in Pakistan.

    In Pakistan they do not accept the grades obtained in O and A level, they covert the grades obtained by the students into equivalent of matric or FSc respectively. The conversion of the grades is done in such a manner that it reduces the marks of students very low. This harms students a lot when they come down in the ranking while making merit at college or university. To get As’ in O or A-level is not an easy job. It takes a lot of hard work, time, energy, sacrifices and money. and when all this is resulted into low marks, it is really unfair, but students cannot do or say anything as it’s the rule.

    I do not know the exact formula of conversion, but as far as I know I can share here, while converting the grades of o-level, 5 subjects are taken into consideration, if all are As’ means you have 5 As’ then your grades will earn 723 marks for those. and in conversion of A-levels 3 subjects are taken, and they can earn maximum of 935 marks against you 3 As’ and 5 As’ of O-level. See now, competition is getting higher and higher every year, consequently, marks and merit. To compete with these marks becomes very tough.

    Above mentioned was one very major problem, there is another one, after A-levels, for the preparation of entry tests of medical colleges or engineering universities they have to study all the FSc syllabus. They have to prepare and learn the books in 2 months. Because entry test are designed out of these books. But now I heard from a friend of mine that there is gonna be a separate test for A-Level students.

    These are the problems what O and A-level students have to face. So keeping all the facts in consideration, the students who want to study in Pakistan, they should not at least do A-levels. See, person with A-level and other with FSc, at the end both are at the same level at the same place, when they are at any university or college together. At that point there, it doesn’t matter how much hard work or money have you put in, both are found at the same level and both are equal.

    Now Get Intermediate Result In Your Inbox !

    As I know that students are waiting for their results specially Inter Part-II result is on 8th August 2009 and will be declared at 10AM but as the traffic increases on Lahore Board's site, it slows down and students kept waiting for site to respond. I have managed some arrangements for those students that they can get their results in their Inbox both Mail and SMS. If you are an Intermediate student then you must have noticed a button on left side. Click on that button, fill that form, and you are done, your Intermediate Part-II result will be delivered on 10AM of 15th August.

    So don't wait be quick because I'll send results on "Come first Get first" basis. Best Of Luck students for your Result !

    National University of Modern Languages - NUML

    My experience with this university was quite enjoyable. I was selected in first batch of NUML’s BBA (Hons.) program and at that time NUML was only 5 years old university. NUML is semi-autonomous institution so the overall charges of MBA and BBA programs were quite reasonable compared to Pakistan’s top business schools like NUST, LUMS etc.
    The faculty of our dept. was fresh and young, so we bonded a special relationship with each other. The level of education was not up to the mark, but still hard working lecturers made the learning process much easier. NUML is accredited as Asia’s one of the top language university, as it offers courses from bachelors to masters and even research level in more than 20 languages. So in our BBA (Hons.) program one foreign language was included for two semesters. This was obviously one unique aspect of our education from NUML.

    The overall environment of NUML is multidimensional, as you can see students from various countries who indeed add up fascinating colors to the university campus. I have stated earlier that level of the education was not up to the mark, reason being the low quality curriculum in Business Administration dept. that was not properly matched with other top universities. But now the situation is much better and NUML has worked on this aspect quite a lot to upgrade its curriculum and teaching methodologies.
    The facility of hostels and buses is available in NUML. On the whole NUML is progressing in all aspects from its libraries to its class rooms, from its faculty to its general administration. NUML is now one of the high ranked universities of Pakistan.

    Guest Review by: Sadaf Shahryar

    Now lets have some basic information about NUML.

    HISTORY: Basically NUML started as an institute in 1970 to teach people different languages to help them communicate easily with each other. The concept clicked as it was the real need of new world. NUML got university charter in 1998 and now offer 23 different languages.

    BASIC INFORMATION: NUML is specialized in its language courses which it offers in different 23 languages. Having main campus in Islamabad its other campuses are in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Faisalabad. Islamabad campus is quit a large place with so many facilities available but other campuses are not quit spacious. NUML's PhD program is very hot now a days.

    STUDENT TALK: As this institute is reviewed by one of its own student itself so can have a better idea about what NUML students think about NUML. But as far as I have discussed NUML with its students of language courses they were quit happy and satisfied with the overall environment of NUML, particularly library that is available to its students is so much Rich in content.

    FACILITIES: I am not sure about other campuses but facilites at Islamabad campus are appreciable as they provide transport service all over the city. Library as I mentioned above it rich with content campus is well managed. So overall nice and attractive environment.

    WEBSITE: I cannot give all programs NUML offer as they are so many so u better go to HERE and help your self :)

    The Agha Khan University

    Aga Khan University is a big name in Pakistani Education sector specially in Karachi. Aga Khan University is operating all over the world including United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania. AKU can be called a medical university because Its major programs are in medical and nursing. I never visited AKU but feel like sharing some information about this Institute as till now I have only reviewed institutes from Lahore mostly. This is not gonna be my regular format review but just a piece of information for my readers especially from Karachi.

    I was telling about AKU, got charter in 1983 AKU is a private institute which is run by Prince Karim Aga Khan, A personality who is so much famous and a well-known all over the world. Lets come back to University, since its incorporation AKU is providing state of the art teaching and research facilities to its students. AKU has Medical Colleges, Nursing Schools, Institute of Educational Development and a examination board. 

    Aga Khan University School of Nursing was the first academic component of AKU which was established in 1980. Since its establishment AKU-SON and trained more then 2000 nurses who meet international standards and are serving the Nation well. The school offer several programs including a 3-year diploma programme and Pakistan's first ever 4 year BScN and 2 year post RN BScN and MScN programme.

    With a state of the art campus loaded with latest equipment AKU is running a Medical college which was established in 1983 with offers of 5 year bachelors program of Medicine and Surgery. Back in 1996 Aga Khan University introduces a Masters programme in Epidemiology and Bio statistics. At this time college is providing PhD in Health Sciences with independent research facilities and latest technology.

    Having a strong Medical background AKU established a Hospital back in 1985 named as Aga Khan University Hospital. This is a non profit hospital which provide financial assistance to the its patients but for me this is a kind of experimental house for AKU's nursing and medical students as they can give practical practice to their students.

    After gaining success in Medical field AKU jumps into the Development of Education by establishing Institute of Educational Development in 1990. This institute is started with an aim to promote educational system in Pakistan as well as in other under-developed countries of world. Institute offer both professional and non professional programmes including PhD and Masters programme.

    Aga Khan Board remains in headlines for a long time for its conflicted courses and other unknown aspects but now it is operating both in Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate.

    Another Institute of AKU is Institute of Study of Muslim Civilization but I am not mentioning it here because it only operates in UK. And here in this post I am only summarizing campuses located in Karachi and Hunza.

    Official website of Aga Khan University is HERE.

    Best Colleges After Matric

    Hot topic in the air, matriculation result has been announced and students are now looking forward to get admission in colleges. The excitements as well urge to get enrolled in one of the best colleges in city are at peak. The city like Lahore, have many renowned options and chances for students. I’ll be mentioning here some top options available at this time for boys and girls. So best of luck!!

              For Girls:

    Kinnaird College (KC): KC is the charm for every girl. It’s the best college to be there in Lahore in almost all perspectives. Responsible and well organized studies are the trait of KC. But merit for the KC is too high, not fulfilling the wish of everyone and leaving so many candidates disappointed. KC brings out the best, and at the end results are the proof of that. Top position holders belong to KC. No notice for the admissions for intermeidiate has been announced yet. But admission would be opened soon, keep waiting and checking.

    Here is Kinnaird College Lahore last year Merit:

    779 marks as the requirement for admission in pre-medical and
    750 pre-engineering
    712 for ICS with physics
    676 general science and for arts.

    To read more about KC and its campus Click Here.

    Lahore College Women University (LCWU): LC is ranked after KC, so this makes is the 2nd best option for the girls to be there. Merit is high but not as much as KC’s. At intermediate level, students can get themselves enrolled in choosing different subjects ranging from Sciences to arts, and Commerce to IT. Studies at intermediate level also very competent in Lahore College. Results are good for LC as well, some prominent positions in board. Admissions for FA, F.Sc, ICS, G.Sc & I.Com are open since 31st July, 2009.

    Lahore College For Women University Lahore last year Merit:

    763 for pre-medical
    754 for pre-engineering
    710 for ICS with physics
    680 for ICS with economics
    660 for general sciences
    662 for intermediate in commerce (ICom) and
    620 for arts.

    To read more about LCWU and its campus Click Here.

    Government College of Home-economics: It is also ranked equal to Kinnaird College. But the difference is that it is for those girls who are not interested in sciences. It’s all about everything, from sewing to cooking, music to child care and painting to arts. What a variety, you can never get board. You get command on household chores as well as other sciences of arts, music, creativity and all that. Merit is high as well but not as much as at KC. Girls it’s a real opportunity, fun with studies. They provide 4 years bachelors degree recognized as BSc, immediately after matriculation. Id get admission at home-economics College, you will be having fun of your life. But besides, it is also tough, the assignments, projects, to complete them if not perfect then rejection, you have to face all these realities as well. Hostel facility is also available. Lots of fun, events, supports and other occasions are waiting for you at Homec.

    Government College of Home-economics Lahore last year Merit:

    For District Lahore
    Open Merit

             For Boys:

    Government College University (GCU): Boys switch from their subjects in matriculation and priorities to get admission at GC. GC is without a doubt, ranked as no. 1 College. At intermediate level, it has more strength and qualities. Organized studies, discipline, excellent faculty and very good facilities. It holds the highest merit among all colleges. For the boys who have got excellent marks, best opportunity. But the students there have to keep patience at the disciplinary orders. The outcome of all the management and faculty over there is the excellent results. Many positions holders in board belong to GCU. Admissions are open from 1st August, 2009 to 8th August, 2009.

    Government College University Lahore last year Merit:

    769 for pre-medical
    776 for pre-engineering
    720 for intermediate in computer sciences (ICS)
    712 for general sciences and
    639 for arts.

    To read more about GCU and its campus Click Here.

    Forman Christian College University (FCU): Well FC is not far behind the GCU, 2nd best college for boys after GCU. Level of education, availabity of facilities to compliment studies, proficient faculty and the campus, everything at FC including FCCU itself is a great package. Students there, get another level of values and disciplines. Always very good results. Merit is obviously high. Students after doing their intermediate at FC are found in big and well named institutes, whether they be in the field of medical sciences, engineering, commerce, business or any other. FC has got a repute and name in education industry, so feel proud to go to FC.

    FC College Lahore last year Merit:

    750 marks for pre-medical
    754 for pre-engineering
    673 for general sciences
    691 for ICS with physics and
    691 for ICS with statistics.

    To visit the official website for more details Click Here.

    Islamia College Civil lines Lahore: This college has a glorious history; it was established by Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam in 1892. But it is no longer regarded among the elite colleges of Pakistan. It had tremendous repute and quality education but after its nationalization by Z. A. Bhutto in the 1970s that saw their gradual descent in all aspects. After GC University and FCC University, it is regarded as third best college as far as the merit of F.Sc and F.A is concerned. Students of this college are referred to as "Habibians" after the name of the college's oldest and central building.

    Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore last year Merit:

    631 for arts.
    677 for pre-medical
    683 for pre-engineering

    University Of Management And Technology - UMT Lahore

    Ever since ILM renamed as UMT they are progressing, and progressing well. A purpose build campus is under construction and some part is already completed and functional. I am not sure about their actual position but they are good at one thing, that is they are really satisfying their students. Students of UMT are in confidence as they are studying in some institute with LUMS or LSE caliber. And having satisfied customers is a great asset for any organization and for an educational institute students are the customers.

    Claiming a non profit organization still they are charging comparatively more fees. For a 4 year BBA you have to pay more then 600K and for 2 year MBA fee is 475K. So its kind of joke that they still cliam to be non profit organization after charging this much fee. And I wonder that why should a student pay this much havey amount for an institute like UMT because no doubt they are progressing well but when you compare to outcome of their degree fee is much high.

    As far as my opinion is concerned I am totally not impressed with UMT, because when I talked about UMT with some professionals of MCB Bank the response was not quit satisfactory, some of them was not of good opinion about UMT and other not even know nothing about UMT but remember ILM.

    One more thing is that an educational institute is supposed to be a very neat and clean place but as far as UMT is concerned its campus is not well managed and you feel suffocation over there. Although building is still under construction but one must not compromise on cleanness. So they should give some attention on their atmosphere.

    Now lets have a quick review of different aspects of University of Management and Technology.

    HISTORY: Back in 1990 Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) was established in Lahore. ILM grow gradually and by 2004 they applied for university charter which was granted. So ILM become University Of Management and Technology (UMT) .

    BASIC INFORMATION: With their Vision of LEARNING and Mission of LEADING UMT is claim to producing future leaders and decision makers but I wonder that how come an institute with 200 BBA's can compete with an institute which is concentrating only on 35 or 40 BBA's. So they have to reduce their number of seats for every program and strict their admission criteria. UMT pick students from 40 to 45% and put them into market by grooming them to may be 60 to 70%. so how a 70% student can lead future.

    One plus point for UMT is that management is very friendly with students and help them in every aspect of their life which gain students' loyalty.

    STUDENT TALK: Talking with some of UMT students was very interesting for me because no doubt they were so much confident about their institute I find them comparing UMT with LSE and on some times with LUMS even. They were satisfied with library, cafe, campus infact each and everything. And having this much satisfied customers any organization can grow, and UMT is growing !

    FACILITIES: A purpose-built campus with more then 1000 computers and a library with 50000 books and over 1500 CDs/DVDs with subscription of online libraries and journals their facilities are good. Hostel is also available, hostels are located separately on Wahdat Road with pick/drop facility. So for their facilities and corporation with students I have to give a Good to UMT.

    MARKET WORTH: Now that is the main point of my discussion about UMT that if they are charging huge amount of money for their programs what is the worth of UMT degree in market. A MBA from UMT may be get a 20K job average, but job placement is good University help its students in getting jobs and internships. But when you compare outcome with fees as I said above its not satisfactory.

    PROGRAMS OFFERED: UMT is currently offering degrees in these disciplines.

    School of Business and Economics

    • MS Management - 2 years.
    • MBA - 1 year for BBA degree holders.
    • MBA - 2 year for 4 year bachelors degree holders.
    • MBA - 3 year dual degree program.
    • BBA - 4 year Bachelors of Business Administration
    • MBA Executive - Evening program.
    • MBF - Evening program.
    • MHRM - Evening program.
    School of Science and Technology

    • PhD - Electrical Engineering, Textile, Computer Science
    • MS - Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Textile
    • BS - EE, CS, TE, IE
    • Bachelor of Textile Fashion and Design
    School of Social Sciences and Humanities

    • BS Social Sciences - 4 years
    • BS English Language and Literature - 4 years.
    • MA Education.
    • Master of Media and Communication - 2 years
    • PhD in Education
    • MA English Language Teaching - 2 years
    • MSc Applied Linguistics - 1 year & 2 year
    • MEd English Language teaching - 1 year
    • MS/MPhil in English - 2 years
    Institute of Audit and Accountancy

    • M.Com - 2 years
    • BS Accounting - 4 years and 2 years for B.Com degree holders
    • ACCA - UK
    • CAT - UK

    WEBSITE: They have a basic website. To visit click here.