MBA at UET - Institute of Business&Management

Recently University of Engineering as established its new department "Institute of Business & Management" which is offering EMBA, MBA and BBA. UET has a strong reputation in allover the country for its excellent education in engineering field. But they have now decided to go with the flow so starting a business department is because of the trend among all the universities to have a separate Business Studies department. But they have started this with a bit different style, I mean they market their MBA at best.

Classes for E-MBA are in process since May 2009 which is offering 3 courses of 9 credit hours. I must say that IBM has really shown a great future to potential students by their strong marketing. They are also offering a 4-year BBA but here in this article I am gonna put my focus on their MBA program which is somehow hot in town.

UET under the name of IBM has started a 2-year MBA program for those who have a 16 years educational background. They got huge response from students because of two reasons, one is of course the name of UET and the other is that they have done their home work extremely well and targeted the right segment of market. They really design their product so well that every one got attracted towards this. They maintained a very strict admission criteria including test performance followed by a interview.

Some things I really liked in IBM like they give orientation sessions to their new MBA students of more then 6 hours and for more then a week, in which they helped their fresh entrants to improve their communication skills and also open up their mind for fastly changing business environment. And now they ara starting workshops on Microsoft Office to build some basic computer skills in students.

One thing I am not sure about is their faculty, I mean yes they have hired some very experienced, professional experienced personnel but only two of them are PhD and not more then 3 are have a post graduate degree. Some are of engineering background which made me thing that how can a engineer can teach Business, because he have served some multinational as a Manager it does not mean that he has enough knowledge business to teach those students. I am not quit sure that what visiting faculty their are going to have but I suggest that they must got some experienced teachers with strong Business Management background.

So far so good is best fit for IBM's MBA as they really started well, I am really looking fowarard for Market's Response for UET's MBAs. Findout more about IBM at their official Website.


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