University College Lahore

University College Lahore is one of the institutions of Pakistan which is providing international education within national boundaries. It has its affiliation for Bachelors with University of London, External Programme and for GCE A’ Level, with Cambridge University. The education and methods are set at par to provide excellent education and learning environment just as abroad. University College Lahore is not very much recognized in Pakistan as a very less number or only a particular part of the society knows about it. Tough it is not a commonly known institute like LUM, FAST or LSE to everyone but it holds priority for those who know about it. Students, who do O or A-levels, usually prefer it. To be at UCL is a thing of status, modernity, chill, sumptuousness and class.

UCL has not got a very good repute when it comes to the environment established for students. Whenever a child asks their parents that he/She wants to be at UCL, they hesitate and some directly ban to even ask for that. The way of life at UCL does not suit our culture, religion and moral values. A high class usually opts for UCL. I hope you have got the idea what I am trying to explain. I do not consider it an institution for mediocre or decent middle class families. Being an international education providing university, education is quite costly here. Normal people can neither afford the cost of studies as well as the customs and way of life at UCL.

But its good option for those who wish to acquire international education, but somehow unable to go to abroad. They can get those degrees over here in their national boundaries. Along with education, UCL aims for the personality building of students to make them a better part of the society and the corporate world.

Its one & only campus in Lahore is located at Raiwind Road Lahore. University College Lahore have three departments of education; A’ level GCE, LLB (Hons) and School of Economics & Management. They also provide some diploma courses regarding Law and Business Management. Since a less number of people are familiar with this university and comparatively very less number of students go there because of expenses so in market of Pakistan, they do not occupy big space.

Facilities at UCL are up-to-mark. Being the campus for international studies, it has got excellent facilities to complement the studies and to surface all the talents of the students. The library, Laboratories, cafeteria, transportation, everything matches the cost students pay to be at UCL. There is no hostel facility at UCL but they can help finding it students in the vicinity of the campus.


  • GCE A’ Level

The undergraduate programme at UCL presently offers the following degrees in the School of Economics & Management:

  • Bsc Economics and Management
  • Bsc Economics
  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Banking and Finance
  • BSc Management with Law
  • BSc Information Systems and Management
  • BSc Business Administration

Diploma Courses offered are:

  • Diploma in Economics
  • Diploma in Social Sciences

The undergraduate programme at UCL presently offers the following degrees in the School of Law:

  • LLB (Hons.)
  • LLM

Diploma Course available:

  • Diploma in Law

To visit the official website for more details about UCL, Click Here.


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