University Of Management And Technology - UMT Lahore

Ever since ILM renamed as UMT they are progressing, and progressing well. A purpose build campus is under construction and some part is already completed and functional. I am not sure about their actual position but they are good at one thing, that is they are really satisfying their students. Students of UMT are in confidence as they are studying in some institute with LUMS or LSE caliber. And having satisfied customers is a great asset for any organization and for an educational institute students are the customers.

Claiming a non profit organization still they are charging comparatively more fees. For a 4 year BBA you have to pay more then 600K and for 2 year MBA fee is 475K. So its kind of joke that they still cliam to be non profit organization after charging this much fee. And I wonder that why should a student pay this much havey amount for an institute like UMT because no doubt they are progressing well but when you compare to outcome of their degree fee is much high.

As far as my opinion is concerned I am totally not impressed with UMT, because when I talked about UMT with some professionals of MCB Bank the response was not quit satisfactory, some of them was not of good opinion about UMT and other not even know nothing about UMT but remember ILM.

One more thing is that an educational institute is supposed to be a very neat and clean place but as far as UMT is concerned its campus is not well managed and you feel suffocation over there. Although building is still under construction but one must not compromise on cleanness. So they should give some attention on their atmosphere.

Now lets have a quick review of different aspects of University of Management and Technology.

HISTORY: Back in 1990 Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) was established in Lahore. ILM grow gradually and by 2004 they applied for university charter which was granted. So ILM become University Of Management and Technology (UMT) .

BASIC INFORMATION: With their Vision of LEARNING and Mission of LEADING UMT is claim to producing future leaders and decision makers but I wonder that how come an institute with 200 BBA's can compete with an institute which is concentrating only on 35 or 40 BBA's. So they have to reduce their number of seats for every program and strict their admission criteria. UMT pick students from 40 to 45% and put them into market by grooming them to may be 60 to 70%. so how a 70% student can lead future.

One plus point for UMT is that management is very friendly with students and help them in every aspect of their life which gain students' loyalty.

STUDENT TALK: Talking with some of UMT students was very interesting for me because no doubt they were so much confident about their institute I find them comparing UMT with LSE and on some times with LUMS even. They were satisfied with library, cafe, campus infact each and everything. And having this much satisfied customers any organization can grow, and UMT is growing !

FACILITIES: A purpose-built campus with more then 1000 computers and a library with 50000 books and over 1500 CDs/DVDs with subscription of online libraries and journals their facilities are good. Hostel is also available, hostels are located separately on Wahdat Road with pick/drop facility. So for their facilities and corporation with students I have to give a Good to UMT.

MARKET WORTH: Now that is the main point of my discussion about UMT that if they are charging huge amount of money for their programs what is the worth of UMT degree in market. A MBA from UMT may be get a 20K job average, but job placement is good University help its students in getting jobs and internships. But when you compare outcome with fees as I said above its not satisfactory.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: UMT is currently offering degrees in these disciplines.

School of Business and Economics

  • MS Management - 2 years.
  • MBA - 1 year for BBA degree holders.
  • MBA - 2 year for 4 year bachelors degree holders.
  • MBA - 3 year dual degree program.
  • BBA - 4 year Bachelors of Business Administration
  • MBA Executive - Evening program.
  • MBF - Evening program.
  • MHRM - Evening program.
School of Science and Technology

  • PhD - Electrical Engineering, Textile, Computer Science
  • MS - Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Textile
  • BS - EE, CS, TE, IE
  • Bachelor of Textile Fashion and Design
School of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • BS Social Sciences - 4 years
  • BS English Language and Literature - 4 years.
  • MA Education.
  • Master of Media and Communication - 2 years
  • PhD in Education
  • MA English Language Teaching - 2 years
  • MSc Applied Linguistics - 1 year & 2 year
  • MEd English Language teaching - 1 year
  • MS/MPhil in English - 2 years
Institute of Audit and Accountancy

  • M.Com - 2 years
  • BS Accounting - 4 years and 2 years for B.Com degree holders
  • ACCA - UK
  • CAT - UK

WEBSITE: They have a basic website. To visit click here.


Unknown said...

University of Management and Technology (UMT) is participating in the "Express Family Festival" and “Dawn Educational Expo".

Unknown said...

UMT signed MoU with Telenor Pakistan for Management Trainee Program:

Telenor Pakistan has selected UMT as one of the nine universities in Pakistan for an On-Campus Management Trainee Program (OCMT) that has been initiated to bridge the gap between academic learning and real world corporate sector requirements.
Under this agreement, Telenor Pakistan will select 10 students representing all disciplines at UMT for their OCMT Program. The selected students will be called Telenor Ambassadors. During the three-month internship, the Telenor Ambassadors from UMTwill work on projects covering research, project execution, market knowledge and its impact on business, event planning, creative management, team-building, operation management and market forecasting. They will compete with students of other universities on the basis of their skills, knowledge, grooming and professional competence. The top five competitors of the OCMT Program will be hired as permanent employees of Telenor Pakistan while the winner will be sent to the Telenor Head Office in Norway for the final one week internship. The winner will also receive a cash prize of Rs 300,000. The top three contestants will receive one hundred percent scholarships.

imelda said...

I have visited this site and start n i found it useful for doing a part time job i really love it!!!

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Askari said...

Hi, anyone please give me suggestion to choose eMBA from UMT, UCP and LBS lahore. .. . Which one is better?

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

I think UCP's EMBA is better than other two because PCBA is more recognized by market than UMT and LBS.

Unknown said...

which uni's bs softe engg is better?
ucp or umt?

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

UCP is better for software engineering.

Anonymous said...

wait i dont understand .. you are saying that thay are charging 6 lack for a 4 years bba ? but there website say that they are charging 12 lack for a 4 year bba ?

Unknown said...

mba 1.5 from umt or qau Islamabad ??? which one is better plzz guide

Arslan Baig said...

I get admission in UMT for please tell me that what is the market worth of it?

Arslan Baig said...

I am little worried that whether my decision is good or not?

Unknown said...

Could the current students of UCP and UMT provide any comparison of environment for female students in terms of safety, focus on study, healthy social environment etc.

Unknown said...

mane global institute lahore ma admision lena hai master in project management plz tell me about its worth in market.means global institute ki worth?

nancy john said...

An MBA degree definitely differentiates professionals from the herd. But we must prefer not just any MBA degree but an MBA degree from a premier business school.

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Cedrick Wiebe said...

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Unknown said...

I wanna know that which university is better for Doctor of Nutrition? UMT or UOL? which degree is more recognized?

Meet Hassan said...

I wanna know which university is best for software engineering Uol or umt ...???

Muneb said...

thanks for this blog its very informative for me because i also have a similar content of construction project management in Pakistan

Unknown said...

Uol or Umt for mphil botany??

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