Unversity of Sargodha

The university I am going to give review on is relatively new one and yet to be come under highlights of educationalists. Just like Government College Lahore, Sargodha university is converted from Govt. College Sargodha in 2002 and charter as degree awarded institution. Since then they are efforting to give quality education in a small part of the country but unfortunately haven't got success yet. They have got a huge campus yet to be fully utilized in terms of building and quality of education. University is offering many programs under different departments including Medical, Business, Commerce, Arts, Economics.

One department which is really growing getting recognation by other institutes is "Department of Economics" . And reason behind is nothing else then the quality of education which they are giving to their students. They have excellent faculty including 8 PhDs. And when you have human capital with qualification like this, its abvious to acheive the highets of success which DOE is enjoying.

Unveristy's old building is kind of tradintional one which is well maintained but new blocks are designed with keeping in view the medern requirments of sociaty. Class rooms at UOS are not air conditioned but neat and clean and spacious.

You don't heard about UOS as its new in the field and haven't got any attention from the critics and if they continued to provide middle level education they might not got that attention ever. So they have to hire some highly qualitfied faculcty memebers as they did in Economics department. I talked to some students of UOS and according to them, there is very friendly envoirnment in class that is not bad but when its over-friendly, problems begin. So they need to improve class envoirnement to some extent to have some edge.

HISTORY: Sargodha College was first eastablished in 1929 in Shapur which was shifted to Sargodha in 1946 and since then it is facilitating all the nearby area of for high quality education.
College start graduation classes in 1987. With rapid growth college become Universtiy and started different under the name of Univeristy Of Sargodha.

STUDENT TALK: As I said above that I'av talked to number of students, ex-students of UOS and they were like not satisfied with the quality of education and atmosphere of unveristy. One of them said " sargodha unveristy is no where near the other Govt. universities like PU, Quid-e-Azam, BZU but they have to potential to gain some name in future years and for that they got to improve some basic things".

FACILITIES: Like other public sector universities unversity of sargodha also lack in the area of facilities,they have a central library which quit good but not as up-to-date as it is 
spoused to be, they recently installed a digital library function which is good. Class rooms are not air conditioned but yes furniture is comfortable. On campus enovirnment is very friendly infact over friendly which is not appreciated for studies. They don't have backup elecricity which is a big negative in todays Pakistan.

WEBSITE: UOS's website is uos.edu.pk.


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