COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology

For me COMSATS is not a big name in educational institutes, let me very straight forward. But yes it has got a good repute in computer sciences. But I actually heard a lot about COMSATS's Chemistry department. I have asked a relative of mine who is a student of COMSATS Islamabad to write a review of COMSATS for me. So here is the guest review by Sadaf.

"COMSATS Institute of Information Technology got university charter in 2000 and today it is ranked as 7th top university in HEC ranking for research and development. This university is renowned in Pakistan for its sophistication and discipline. Its faculty and students mutually create a healthy learning atmosphere where one feels motivated and enthusiastic to learn. I am enrolled in its MS Mgmt program for last 2 years and each minute I’m spending here increase my overall knowledge base in a positive manner. The library is up-to-date and we have the facility of digital library as well. Digital library enables us to access online databases of journals and research papers. The faculty is highly qualified and experienced. Comsats offers its students bus and hostel facility. The main campus is in Islamabad and there are various campuses in prominent cities of Pakistan like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Abbottabad etc.
Comsats is famous for its IT and business studies. Along with these departments Comsats is offering courses in Engineering, Architecture, biological sciences and meteorology. These academic programs are available on both graduate and post graduate levels.
My experience with this university is remarkable in all aspects. I’ve learnt a lot from my esteemed teachers and colleagues. Join this university to add professionalism in your academic life."

So according to her this institute is really got something to offer to its students and students are quite satisfied as well, but ME? still not impressed. But yes you can join COMSATS for its low fee and average studies. Quality of study is higher then the price of it.

HISTORY: The CIIT operates under the supervision of The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South. CIIT become functional in 1998 and after a good response got charter in 2000 as degree awarding institution.Since then it is providing educational facilities in more then 6 cities.

BASIC INFORMATION: CIIT have campuses in Islamabad, Lahore, Wah, Abbottabad, Attock and Sahiwal. Besides of these they have planned 6 more campuses in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Quetta, Vehari and Gujrat. Their Islamabad campus is a vast campus covering acres of land and having a well purpose build building on it with full facilities.

STUDENT TALK: I have been studied with one of students of COMSATS and also one of my co-worker was a MBA from COMSATS Lahore. What I have observed is that the quality and presentation skills were lacking in them and after talking to them about CIIT, both of them were not satisfied with the level of education of at CIIT. But when it comes to campuses and classrooms and cafeteria and lawns and library and Lab, they were like almost satisfied. Being with them is my main source of knowledge about CIIT.

MARKET WORTH: CIIT haven't got a repute in market like oh you are from COMSATS, come and sit, you are selected. Basic staring level after doing MBA from COMSATS is not more then 15K average. And when it comes to Computer Sciences when you got a competitor like FAST you have to give to 200% to compete in market. But jobs are available for students of CIIT and they have a good scope for further admissions.

FACILITIES: As I said above that they are facilitating their students with good facilities but their cafeteria needs to be improve in its taste and variety. Other then this, things are quit well at Lahore and Islamabad campuses of CIIT. Don't any reference in other campuses so can't say anything about them. Just hope they are also good.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: CIIT offered these programs in its campuses.

  • Under Graduate Programs:
    1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – BS CS
    2. Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication & Networking – BS TN
    3. Bachelor of Science in Electrical(Telecommunication) Engineering – BS TE
    4. Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering – BS ELE
    5. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering – BS EPE
    6. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering – BS ChE
    7. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – BS Math
    8. Bachelor of Science in Economics – BS Elec
    9. Bachelor of Science in Biosciences – BS BS
    10. Bachelor of Science in Physics – BS Phy
    11. Bachelor of Architecture – B Arch
    12. Masters of Computer Science - MCS
    13. Master of Business Administration - MBA

    • Graduate Programs
    1. MS – Environmental Sciences
    2. MS – Biosciences
    3. MS – Health Informatics
    4. MS – Management Sciences
    5. MS – Mathematics
    6. MS leading to PhD (Meteorology)
    7. MS – Physics
    8. MS – Computer Sciences
    9. PhD Biosciences
    10. PhD Computer Engineering
    11. PhD Management Sciences
    12. PhD Physics
    13. PhD Environmental Sciences

    Website of CIIT will be open when you click here.


    Unknown said...

    well i being student of telecom ciit lahore edu is big business now fast and lahore university etc.comsat being public sector university is best after nust and qaideazam uni.and beaware to survive in comsats specialy in lhr electrical dept. is very difficult.and land ve been acquire in dubai for its campus.migration to international univs. is also there for ciit students.pec has accridet all engg courses of ciit lahore. www.pec
    faculty ve teachin us are all foriegn qualified.and reseach ranking of comsat in 2008 is among top for improvment is there always.but in short span of time ciit has done alot.

    Ghazala Khan said...

    Great, and thanks for visiting Are you available for blogging interview, if yes, then please email me at ghazala dot khi @,



    Anonymous said...

    worst ever institute....just having a name nthing else

    Unknown said...

    Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

    Unknown said...

    I have been Seleceted for BS CS in COMSATS
    BS Accounting and Finance in FAST
    where should i go so that my future would enlight?

    Shahzaib Siddiq said...

    @ehtesham: BS CS from COMSATS is much better than the second one.

    sana said...

    i have been selected for BBA in hailey college of banking and finance and comsats which institute is better for BBA

    Shahzaib Siddiq said...

    @Sana, Comsats surely is a better choice. But if you have any traveling problems only then go for Hailey.


    Awais10122 said...

    I want to migrate from superior university to comsats,I am in 4th semester tell me the process..What should I do? I am not feeling anything extraordinary in Superior..
    I am in 4th semester of BSCS tell me the way how can I migrate to comsats!

    Awais10122 said...

    Please!!Answer me as soon as possible that i have asked above..

    sidra said...

    i want to migrate from comsats wah campus to comsats isb campus.... is it possible? what should i do? i am in 1st semester............ plz rply me plz plz ...........

    Unknown said...

    i want to migrate from preston university to comsat i m in 2nd semester doing bs cs on behalf of worker welfare qota...... tell me tha procedure if any...plz my contct no is there 03327662949

    Unknown said...

    is there is mass comm in ciit islmbad campus?

    Youth Insight said...

    i want to migrate from IIUI islambad for B.s physics to comsats.. is it possible ?? if yes what's the procedure . I am afghani national.. thnx

    Unknown said...

    Salam,I am a student of BS MATHS at postgraduate college,and did my 4 semesters at college ,can i do migration to comsatas?

    Unknown said...

    I want to do BS in Bioinformatics from COMSATS ISB. Am I taking a good decision? Please reply because I totally rely on internet and I have no friend or any adult relative who could guide me. I am my own :)

    Dalton Brandi said...

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    Unknown said...

    i m in BCS 4th semestr CIIT attock,can i migrate to comsat islamabad.?
    what will be pocedure.
    my reason is genuine

    Unknown said...

    For bba comsat lahore is best or bahria lahore

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