Marketing to Generation Y

One generation succeeds the other and posses the characteristics which are different from the previous one which may be based on demographic, culture, trends and other habits. Generation Y is the one that includes youth of current era. It includes those who are born between 1980 and 2000 (Lazarevic & Lazarevic, 2009). This generation is technology savvy and use it in their daily life for most of their decision making. Those who are young professionals may use it to save time and students use it to for entertainment purposes. People belonging to this generation have created their own personalized world through online social communities. These behaviours are totally different from those of previous ones. This poses a great challenge to marketers. 

Marketers have to continuously redesign their marketing activities for brands in order to match the dynamic behaviours of consumers belonging to generation Y. The consumers of this segment are difficult and disloyal. They share views with each other and influence decisions. So marketers need to closely observe the perception of this generation in order to design the marketing activities that are matching their interests and preferences. I believe that it is critical to identify the ways through which their satisfaction and loyalty can be ensured. They are living in the era of branding where they are surrounded by thousands of brands and its hard to keep sticking to single brand. So some strong brand related associations are needed to be developed that would try creating strong links in their minds. So this "tough to deal with" consumer segment requires marketers to be vigilant in adopting tools and strategies that would satisfy them. 

UCL Affiliation with GCU for Management Sciences

University College Lahore (UCL) has created its name in providing International Studies in the town. A real news would be for the students would be of UCL Affiliation with GCU for Management Sciences. Students who want to be awarded GCU degree with programs provided under international standard education and environment have got the opportunity to acquire the desired degree from UCL. All courses provided at GCU are available at UCL.

Further information on programs and admissions can be found at official website


M.Com 2 Years Program at Punjab College

Punjab College is the institute that has gained so much of trust in the education sector that it has become priority for majority of the students and their parents. Besides its programs at intermediate and undergraduate level, there is also offered M.Com 2 Years Program at Punjab College. It is offered in multiple cities and degree is awarded by University of Central Punjab (UCP).


  • M.Com 2 Years Program at Punjab College offers specialization in Accounting & Finance and Banking & Finance. 
  • It is based on semester system with 4 semesters and 24 courses. 
  • Student discount is offered to Old Punjabians. 
  • They aim to provide you premium education and develop professional skills so you may be able to enter the corporate world successfully. 
  • Institute's own Entry Test is needed to be cleared for admission


Students who have completed their bachelors degree in commerce or general science subjects are eligible to apply.


Admissions are currently opened in M.Com 2 Years Program at Punjab College till 14th September. Entry test date is 15th September 2013. For further details you can contact Punjab College M.Com Campus. Details of the program can also be find here

LL.B. Program at UMT

University of Management and Technology's (UMT) School of Law and Policy offer LL.B. Program for those who want to study law and pursue their career in the relevant field of study. They aims to provide you international level of qualification to get the best professional practitioner out of you. There is offered a five year LL.B. Program at UMT. The highlights of their program at UMT is the experienced and professional local and foreign faculty. Who would teach students through practical examples, would provide them maximum exposure and would enable them to practice on the behalf of their knowledge in the relevant field. The teaching method would be based on Socratic Method as per international standards.

Admissions are currently open for LL.B. Program at UMT. You can get further inquiries from the following resource person:
Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad
35211058, 35211072

Further Details regarding the program are available here.