Marketing to Generation Y

One generation succeeds the other and posses the characteristics which are different from the previous one which may be based on demographic, culture, trends and other habits. Generation Y is the one that includes youth of current era. It includes those who are born between 1980 and 2000 (Lazarevic & Lazarevic, 2009). This generation is technology savvy and use it in their daily life for most of their decision making. Those who are young professionals may use it to save time and students use it to for entertainment purposes. People belonging to this generation have created their own personalized world through online social communities. These behaviours are totally different from those of previous ones. This poses a great challenge to marketers. 

Marketers have to continuously redesign their marketing activities for brands in order to match the dynamic behaviours of consumers belonging to generation Y. The consumers of this segment are difficult and disloyal. They share views with each other and influence decisions. So marketers need to closely observe the perception of this generation in order to design the marketing activities that are matching their interests and preferences. I believe that it is critical to identify the ways through which their satisfaction and loyalty can be ensured. They are living in the era of branding where they are surrounded by thousands of brands and its hard to keep sticking to single brand. So some strong brand related associations are needed to be developed that would try creating strong links in their minds. So this "tough to deal with" consumer segment requires marketers to be vigilant in adopting tools and strategies that would satisfy them. 


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