LL.B. Program at UMT

University of Management and Technology's (UMT) School of Law and Policy offer LL.B. Program for those who want to study law and pursue their career in the relevant field of study. They aims to provide you international level of qualification to get the best professional practitioner out of you. There is offered a five year LL.B. Program at UMT. The highlights of their program at UMT is the experienced and professional local and foreign faculty. Who would teach students through practical examples, would provide them maximum exposure and would enable them to practice on the behalf of their knowledge in the relevant field. The teaching method would be based on Socratic Method as per international standards.

Admissions are currently open for LL.B. Program at UMT. You can get further inquiries from the following resource person:
Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad
35211058, 35211072

Further Details regarding the program are available here.


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