Scooty Scheme for Female Students by CM Punjab

After successful distribution of laptops and solar panels among students belonging to public sector institutes, next initiatives is the scooty scheme for female student by CM Punjab. The aim behind this scheme is to solve the transport problem faced  by girls students. It is one of major issues that creates problems for them and their families. It is expected that the distribution would take place by the end of this financial year.

The eligible girls students for scooty scheme for female students by CM Punjab are those belonging to government sector colleges and universities. These scooties would be the one which runs with battery that needs to be recharged in order to save petrol consumption. It is a good initiative to solve transportation problem since our society needs such kind of awareness but in my opinion this money could have been used to make the public transport system better so they can trust public transport and majority of population can use that.


Rabia Naeem said...

What is your eligibilty criteria??

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