How to Motivate Employees?

One of the biggest concerns of organizations is to keep their employees motivated for their better performance that would ultimately effect organization's performance. Motivation levels are never constant for everyone, one person being motivated in working a team but other may feel uncomfortable in that situation. So it depends on behaviours, situation and other multiple factors which may be intrinsic or extrinsic. In order to deal with such situation we first need to know what motivation actually is? As Stephen Robbins defines it as a process through which efforts of individuals are energized, directed and sustained over a period of time. It means that the efforts employees put in to do their tasks must be enough to do it most effectively and efficiently.

In or to keep their efforts in right direction employees can make them comfortable by provinding them certain benefits or incentives which they consider valuable. Here i would describe certain ways managers can motivate their employees but obviously situations have significant impact in selecting any of these:

  • At the very basic level, certain monetary rewards and incentives along with additional perks for the individual and his/her family are one of the motivators for employees

  • Experienced and skilled employees should be given enough freedom to utilize their abilities and knowledge in order to perform their tasks  

  • Stay connected to employees at individual level, have their feedback on tasks and job, they feel good and privileged this way.

  • Have their suggestions in decision making, it would encourage them to bring up new ideas and make them feel good that they have their say

  • They should be developed regularly, identify the skills they are interested in and want to develop and provide them training accordingly

  • Offer your key employees time benefits like compressed work weeks, flextimes or work at home etc.  

  • Recognize them, their efforts and reward their performances even appreciate them publicly if they have really helped your company grow and creating company's offerings

  • Provide trusting and open culture so they may be able to share and act real

These are certain general and very important ways employees can be motivated. By adopting a few of these or even two or three may help you increasing motivation level. 


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