Simple steps for Linear Regression Analysis in SPSS

Today i am going to describe you simple steps for Regression Analysis in SPSS. Regression analysis is a statistical test used in finding out the relation between dependent and independent variables for quantitative research. So this test is best suited in a situation when you have a theoretical or conceptual model containing either single  or multiple independent and dependent variables. SPSS is a software that help conducting regression analysis effectively. Following are the steps involved in conducting regression analysis:

  • Firstly you need data, which you must have gathered prior conducting analysis.
  • You create variables with reference to that data, for instance you want to know the relationship between income and price of mobile consumers purchase.So here, the dependent variable would be price and independent variable is income. 
  • Then you have to click Analyze appearing in your menu bar, then go to Regression and then Linear. Sequence is Analyze > Regression > Linear
  • A dialog box would appear where you would be able to your variables, you need to shift your dependent variable into Dependent (s) text box and independent variable into Independent (s) text box. It can be done by either dragging the variables of using arrow button beside each text box.
  • If you need to check your data for various assumptions, you have tabs of statistics and options where you can get your data checked for various assumption through plots and tests. Click Continue button. 
  • In the end you need to click "OK" tab to get the result in output window.


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