Simple tips for Literature Review

Literature Review is very important step in your research process. Your research usually starts with this step and provides you the basis for your research. Literature Review is no doubt time taking but needs all of your concentration and analytical skills so you may be able to identify the gaps and match the theories to come up with conceptual model for your research. Today i am sharing here simple tips for literature review:

Gather relevant articles, which are related to the area of your interest. You may get plenty of literature but you need to keep yourself focused to your topic or area of interest.
  • Start reading articles presented by Guru's in their domain and published in world lass journals because those article would present the true picture and concepts of topics. For instance; those who want to review literature in the field of branding or brand management, must begin with reading Aaker and Keller's articles on branding. 
  • Keep making critical notes and important points you may extract, it will help you organizing your thoughts in the end.
  • Try to understand theoretical frameworks mentioned in the literature first and identify various perspectives being adopted in the study, it will help you relating theories and perspectives for your research.
  • Start understanding the general theories and concepts and then come down to the specific areas of your interest.
  • Literature review should be able to highlight for you the key gaps in the research so may be able to build your research in that area.

These are tips i consider worth mentioning for a good literature review. I hope it will be helpful. Cheers !


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Unknown said...

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