Stress at Work

Stress is a metal and psychological condition that can both positive and negative impacts. It is caused in response to certain environmental conditions that may act as stimulus. Employees are very much prone to stress because they are exposed to certain situations like deadlines, assignments, tough situation, uncertain work environment, boss's harsh instructions etc. Stress is goods when it gets the best out of you but excessive stress at work may lead to inefficiencies. I believe that it depends on the person exposed to the stress. This dependence make stress an independent construct that can impact employee's performance while person's personality and mental characteristics can act as moderators.

Following factors can contribute to stress at work

Nature of Job Responsibilities

You may be given certain responsibilities which either are below or above your mental and physical capacity. You may cope with this sort of stress by updating your skills, understanding your job closely and checking your emotional attitudes.

Role in Organization

Stress at work may arise from you role ambiguity, role demands and significance of role. You can cope such stress related factors by keeping your abilities of performing simultaneous tasks at the same time intact. Never let situation overcome your emotional state of mind, stay balanced and involve yourself in healthy activity.

Career Development

It involves factors like job promotions, job security, pay raise etc. You can cope such stressors by development of emotional intelligence like social awareness, self-management and relationship management.

Interpersonal Workplace Relationship

This factors includes workplace harassment, biased behaviours, discrimination etc. You need to keep your nerves strong and ignore the ones who try discourage you or take advantage of you. Keep it cool and involve yourself in healthy activities so you may be able to cope in such situations.

Overall Organizational Climate

Overall organizational culture, its environment, management style, communication system etc. can contribute to stress at work. You need to keep the things balanced around you through your positive behaviours, hard work and commitment to your job.

You must not neglect the situation when you start feeling stress, you need to give your best to keep yourself out of the trouble ! 


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