Marketing presents a number of ways to understand consumers and research in this field is ongoing which offer various conceptual models and theoretical frameworks for understanding consumer's attitudes and behaviours regarding products/services. Neuromarketing is another emerging and hot domain in marketing which uses technology to track consumer's brain activity on exposure to various stimulus. Neuromarketing is a terminal where brain scicences and marketing meet. There is used technology like Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG) and  Steady state topography (SST). Technology helps answering interesting questions on reasons of consumer's particular behaviour and how their brain works in generating a particular response whether it be cognitive or affective. 

Neuromarketing is not common because its costly and have extensive details to deal with. But without a doubt it produces useful results for marketers as many it did for Campbell soup, Frito-lay and BMW. The insights into consumers' brain in always delighting for marketer in order to understand their psychology but technically the working of brain is complex and biologically there are certain brain activity that is triggered by other factor rather predicted or to be observed by the marketers. So its not always the one producing the accurate results. Its future is still questionable because applying it in research and practice would neither be cost effective and easy nor would be the one producing accurate result. 

I hope this article helps to the ones looking for an insight in understanding neuromarketing. Cheers !  


Kerry Schultz said...

my concepts on neomarketing were just not getting clear so that i write a paper for superiorpaper. but reading your bried but thorough article really helped me understand it all so better

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