Trouble Selecting Study Field

Students always get into trouble selecting study field after their matriculation and intermediate. They randomly apply to various institutes with intent to take admission wherever they get one. Here I am talking about those students who lack aim, direction and vision for their future. And dilemma is that majority of the students fall into this category. The reasons for such condition are basically the lack of awareness, proper guidance and illiteracy that are also the major evils of our society. Our education system suffers due to lack of awareness and illiteracy of parents, negligence and lack of support of teachers and absence of career counseling facilities at this level (however same situation exists at every level).

One more problem that I have observed is that students’ minds are penetrated with certain specific fields which they might not be interested in. The encouragement to explore their interests is nonexistent in our society that is the reason its trouble selecting study field. Minds are blocked and stuck which causes failures and frustrations. Interest, visions, abilities, skills and hard work are just words which are never taken seriously by our students. In my personal experience, on asking students of their aims, I just got blank faces in response and silence prevailed all over.     

I feel sorry to quote this but our education system is damaged to its roots. Students are not provided with right education at the base level which does not enable them to learn and proceed with the aims. They are confused, considering studies as a burden and relying on deteriorating methods of getting further in their education level. All factors of such sort contributes to their trouble selecting study field.

Not on the system’s end, I would like to suggest here what students can do at their ends to survive this situation. They need to explore themselves and study what matches their interest. Identify their aims, clear the vision and grab opportunities from the surroundings. It can be done by asking for advice of certain teachers who they consider can guide to the best. Their willingness to achieve only comes when they themselves have drive to achieve something. So students, just not waste your time and life, gear up yourselves and hit it!    


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