A-Level Campuses At Lahore

A few years back, a little number of people knew about O-Level and A-Level. But now the trend of doing O-levels and after that A-level is becoming popular. A- Level is an international certification from commonly two different boards in Pakistan, one is Cambridge i.e. CIE (Cambridge International Examination) and the other is Eddixel (London University). Cambridge is tough as compared to Eddixel, and has more value. CIE is offering the facility to the candidates to complete their A-level in two parts of one year each. Mostly schools in Lahore offer A-levels of Cambridge board.
Following are the popular schools offering A-level to the students.

Beaconhouse School System:
Beaconhouse, a well recognized name in the private sector. It has got a standing and repute in education sector. It’s a project of an international non-for-profit organization. They are offering a well organized A levels program to the students. There are various campuses of it in Lahore, A- level is offered not in all of them. It is offered at Beaconhouse gulberg campus (ALGC), Beaconhouse liberty Campus (BLL) (Only for girls), Beaconhouse Canal side Campus (CSC) and Beaconhouse Defence Campus (BDC). They are facilitating their students with very competent teachers, good guidance and refreshing environment. They are providing a Cambridge A level program. A range of subjects is provided there. Students also get scholarships who secure 6 A’s or more. Even those who perform well in December test and other exams are eligible. Students can choose the subjects of their own interests and matching their capabilities. Students are also encouraged to participate in different activities and competition both at school level and national level. So at Beaconhouse you can get a good combination of studies and co-curricular activities.
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Keynesian Institute of Management & Sciences (KIMS):
KIMS have its recognition among the colleges offering A-levels program. they are also offering AS level and A II level. Its campuses are in Defence and newly opened campus at Johar Town. They are also offering a Cambridge Certification A-Levels. They are offering scholarships at 2 A’s even. Nice and comfortable environment, good education, well organized study system, different activities for students, everything you will get at KIMS. The subjects offered are majorly of sciences, commerce, computing & business with exception to Art and designing. Teachers are qualified and have achieved a lot through their students.
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LACAS (Lahore College for Arts & Sciences):
A well known name to students. They have their A levels Campus near new airport, which is known as Burki Road Campus, quite far away. But to seek education u must go even if have to go to China. Anyways. The environment what I have heard about is quite open, free and bold. The students who really mean to study can study excellently because teachers are really good there. But those who are more towards chilling stuff can even ruin themselves (“a caution”). Scholarships are also offered to brilliant students. A variety of subjects is being provided from Commerce to music & media studies and Sciences to Arts & fashion designing. Last date for Registration is Wednesday 12th August 2009.
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LGS (Lahore Grammar School):
Lahore grammar school a cherry to the cake among all A-level Schools. Lahore Grammar is more famous for girls, than for boys. A level at LGS offers reviving and challenging educational experience. It is affiliated with the Cambridge Board of International Examinations for the A-Level programmes. Applicants to A level program are also required to take GET (General English Test) & GMT (General Math Test). Its has its campuses for A-level at Defence, Ghalib Market and Gulberg for girls only & Johar Town for boys only. It has a strengthened position and name. They are offering bigger range of academic and extra curricular options to students, variety of events and some exciting stuff. They a well organized system and teachers are well equipped with knowledge.
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SICAS (Salamat School System):
One more name with got enough repute but not as much as all above have. But still reasonable enough. They have coed the campus for A level program. Have good faculty, some young teachers as well. Students are always encouraged to show all their skill at different levels besides studies. They provide interactive environment like all others to make students more confident and vigilant. They are offering different subjects with average quality of education.
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Resource Academia:
It is also a well known school for A-levels. Its campus is near Barkat Market, opposite University hostels. The chief executive is Mian Aamir Mahmood. The school has good faculty and challenging environment for students. Besides studies students are also refreshed with extra curricular activities, events and trips. Facilities are good enough for students to go forward and bring out best out of them. Scholarships are also provided to the eligible students.
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Crescent School System:
Crescent is a good option, as it has a huge area, great reputation and a solid faculty. Crescent Model Higher Secondary School is no doubt one of the best schools nationwide with a remarkable history of producing academically outstanding students. The school offers many indoor and outdoor extra-curricular activities. A-levels program at Crescent is quite good under a qualified and brilliant faculty. It is really a good option go for A-level. A range of subjects are offered there. Campus is separate for boys and girls. There is a very organized, well behaved and good environment. Students are encouraged and braught forward not only in studies but also in other skills and activities.


Anonymous said...

What are your comments about The Sterling Foundation School.


Madiha Munawar said...

well i havent heard any good about this school yet... and it is also not known among people...it does not have very good repute specially when it comes to O-level and A-level... for o/a level they have affiliation with eddixel and cambridge boards but studies there are not up-to-the-mark, this is what i heard from the former students of Sterling foundation School... Principle there is is heard to be quite annoying and problematic...

Armaghan said...

and the Aitchison College? Wouldnt be fair to ignore them...

Tahir said...

Is all the branches of Beaconhouse have same level of education standards? Any idea about Johar Town and Valencia Campuses? One have to go for Garden Town branch or if he lives in Johar Town he can select Johar Town branch without compromising on education given.

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

If you are talking about A-Levels then they don't offer A-Level classes in all campuses.

Tahir said...

no i am asking about quality of education. What about City School

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

Yes level of quality is same in all branches and much better then City School.

smumair94 said...

does Beaconhouse have hostels for students doing a levels?

Mahnoor iftikhar said...

can you provide information about a and o level so people could also judge from the result

Rvel Zahid said...

is there any college which send ur admissions by taking some money. i have done 1 year privately. but i want to send my admission from any school. any low standard school info then plz plz tell me

Bilal said...

I want to do A levels in (private) from academy any off plz suggest me any gud academy or any gud school which have evening program . and also tell me about Eddixel as mentioned above tht its easy to do and at last most academy's didn't offer too much variety off subjects its very limited to chose from subjects plz tell me abt this . thx

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