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In 80s Pak-Aims was an institute in which students like to enroll themselves for MBA program. Their standards of MBA were too high and very much well directed but with the passage of time and LUMS’s step into the business of education makes things little bit tough for Pak-Aims. LUMS by hiring Pak-Aims faculty started their progress steadily and gaining the attention gradually. On the other hand Pak-aims did nothing to retain its teachers and so they start losing their popularity as LUMS get over them.

Well apart from this little history of Pak-Aims down falling they still have repute for being an old player in the game. If you ask me about Pak-Aims I’ll not suggest it as a good place to be if you can get admission in some other institutes like LUMS, LSE, IBA-Karachi, FAST, GCU and welcome our new entrant FCU. But again one can prefer Pak-Aims if one have some financial limitations as they offer cheapest MBA in private sector in about 238000. Pak-Aims has the potential to compete with the education market in Pakistan but I don’t know why they are not utilizing most of their potential. I mean they don’t have a campus which tells that this institute is more then 25 years old.

Lets have a quick review of different categories of Pak-Aims which is now Institute of Management Sciences.

HISTORY: The Institute of Management Sciences is a project of Al-Karim Educational Foundation which is a non profit organization with an aim of providing higher education in Pakistan. IMS was started under the name of The Pak-American institute of Management Sciences in 1986. Pak-Aims at that time was offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Management and Computer sciences. Pak-Aims was chartered in 1995 under government of Punjab in 2002.

BASIC INFORMATION: Institute of Management sciences have two campuses one in Center Point and other one is near MM Alam road. With experience on hand and determination to grow, they are providing Business, Computer and Las education for past 25 years. They have enjoyed leadership in MBA before the entrance of LUMS and now challenged by LSE, FAST and to some extend IBA-Lahore.

STUDENT TALK: While talking to an old Pak-Aimian I get to know a lot about IMS. He told me that back at IMS administration was too strict not only for students but they keep an eye on teachers too. Class rooms are in good condition but not too spacious, air conditioned. He wasn’t happy with the cafeteria and library of IMS. Overall he was more concerned with the strictness of administration then study standards.

FACILITIES: Pak-Aims is not ranked as a well established institute which provide a lot of facilities to students I mean their class rooms are although neat but not too large, library is very small, cafeteria is also not provide variety and computer lab have small number of computers. There is a table tennis in the name of sports and that’s all.

MARKET WORTH: In market Pak-Aims has a name. Organizations know Pak-Aims and in many organizations there are high ranked managers who passed out from Pak-Aims so job positioning is good. They also place their students in different companies so the job market is good for pak-aims.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: Currently Institute of Management Sciences is offering these programs
  • BBA
  • BcS
  • MBA (morining/evening)
  • MBA 1 year
  • MCS
  • MBA Executive

WEBSITE: Here is the website of Pak-Aims, click here.


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