B.com At Punjab College Of Commerce

Before I start my article about PCC let me tell you that I am an Old Punjabian and have done my B.com from PCC. Punjab college is no doubt a very big name in undergraduate studies especially in Lahore. They enroll thousands of students for intermediate and bachelors level studies. There trade mark is that every year they secure some positions in Inter board and Punjab University so their popularity is increasing day by day. Youngsters love to become Punjabian as it is turned into a Brand which is every student's wish.

Now lets talk about Punjab College Of Commerce which is part of Punjab Group Of Colleges and responsible for I.com and B.com. But here I am more concerned about B.com of PCC because for me I have no benefit of doing B.com. Yes !! my two years at Punjab college never give me a single benefit.

Surprised? I'll explain it to you what I am talking is my personal grooming because an institute with this much huge setup and state of the art facilities Punjab college is not grooming its students to meet further challenges of modern studies in which your personal skills including communication, Interpersonal and analytical skills are given more importance than of those of bookish knowledge.

No doubt PCC is providing excellent education to its students and after its biggest competitor Hailey College of Commerce finishes with B.com IT, PCC has become a leader in B.com-IT. But they are not focusing on their students' personal skills which is a really pit fall of PCC.

Now see another side of picture, now as Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has started 4 years bachelors degree, most Institutes don't accept 2 year bachelors degree for further studies like MBA and those who accept only offer 3 year MBA program. So now if you want to start your bachelors make sure that its a 4 year degree, for this purpose you can start B.Com(hons) at any institute of your choice including HCC and University of Central Punjab (UCP).

It is so much unfortunate that no one has ever raise voice about this dilemma that why Institutes are still offering 2 year bachelors instead of 4 year. For me institutes like PCC and Superior are only offering 2 year programs just to make money out of them. I feel it my duty to tell my readers about this matter of importance that now there is no demand for 2 year degree as it has no future scope for further studies at any level.

So be very much careful before starting your bachelors.


aiman said...

I've heard about this 16 years of education requirement to get admitted in a decent university. I think youre speaking the truth but people are still doin it to save time !! I am student of BBA n i hope somethin will happen but it really bothers me . lets hope for the best !

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

Right, actually this is due to lack of information among young students and also this unethical practice of those institutes which are still offering 2 years graduate degree.

waqas said...

I came to USA after doing my B.Com from Punjab University RCC College. I want to continue my studies but unfortunately I have to start right from beginning means it will take so many years to finish my bachelors begree.
So every Pakistani should listen and understand that doing B.com is just a wastage of time, money and later frustration.

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suzie said...

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

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