Degree Attestation by HEC: Facilities opened in Lahore and Peshawar

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is highest education authority in Pakistan. It not only regulates the education system and approves universities' charter after careful evaluation but also involved in degree attestation in order to confirm the validity of degrees. HEC attests the degrees/diplomas or certificates issued by HEC recognized universities only which may be private/public. Further neither does it recognize foreign degrees. For many years, HEC was providing attestation services only in Islamabad city. In order to facilitate people, it has opened two more facilities for attestation at its regional centers which started their working on 3rd June, 2013.

One facility is opened in Lahore and other in Peshawar. This action would make it easier for many residents of the particular city and nearby towns and cities to get their degrees attested. Following are the details of location of both offices:

HEC Regional Centre 
55-B/2, Gulberg III, Lahore 

HEC Regional Centre
Phase-V, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Procedure of Attestation

There is a particular process for getting your degrees attested by HEC
. There are announced official timings for degree attestation from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. During this time period, token numbers are issued which help you wait for your turn. Total of 240 token are issued for a day, any number going beyond that is neither issued nor entertained. Further, they do not exceed their time limits in order to entertain the applicants. You can also apply online at HEC's official website for degree attestation.

First of all to begin with degree/diploma/certificate attestation process, you must have original certificates/degrees from Matric onwards along with transcripts/DMCs; Detailed list is as follows:

  1. Original matric certificate
  2. Original intermediate certificate
  3. Original degree
  4. Original transcripts/detail mark certificates (DMCs) showing date of admission and completion                           of program
  5. Copy of Computerized Identity Card 
  6. Authority letter duly attested by a Grade 17 officer for the authorized person 

Further there are few other important requirements of degree attestation by HEC such as;
  1. The name of the candidate should be same on all documents provided, i.e. both on degrees and NIC.
  2. The father name of the candidate should also be same on all the degrees and identity documents provided
  3. Date of birth should also match on all documents provided
  4. Both Degrees/ Transcripts issued on the same date, or overlapping semesters between an Undergraduate Degree and a Graduate Degree will not be recognized/ attested by HEC.

Note: If applicants are unable to fulfill any of the above requirement, HEC will not attest the degrees/diplomas/certificates. 

Attestation Fee

There is charged fee for per document attestation by HEC. It charges Rs. 800 for original document attestation and Rs. 500 for photocopied degree/diploma/certificate attestation. Those who go by themselves have to pay the fee on the counter but those applying online and does no go by themselves have to submit their charges to OCS which also provide shipment service for degree/diploma/ certificate attestation. OCS shipment service charges are Rs. 155 for Islamabad and Rs. 240 for the rest of the Pakistan (excluding attestation fee).


muhammad Umer said...

comprehensive information .
can we attest our provisional certificate from HEC ??
thanks :

fadi said...

i did not get, what is meant by
"Authority letter duly attested by a Grade 17 officer for the authorized person" ?

Ali Chaudhry said...

Fadi it means if you want to get attest your documents through another person you have to give him authority by giving him an authority letter that should be signed nd stamped by a govt. officer of grade 17.

Fahad Hussain said...

Do your document attested through law firm in Pakistan known as INCORP

Tayyaba Gulzar said...

It means now we can attest degrees from lahore

Syed Fahad Ali Shah said...

It is confirm that attestations can be done same time from lahore? How many persons get attestation in one day? From which time line starts?

iREPORT said...

very comprehensive details.... many thanks for writer, jazakALLAH!

wasi raza said...

how long will it take my documents to be attested after i submit them to HEC?

ali raza said...

thanks for sharing blog its really informative keep it up.
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Nasir Hayat said...

HEC staff of Lahore office is very bad and rude behavior ...:( not its properly updated website....:(

Faisal Malik said...

My father name on my CNIC is "Umar Farooq Saeed" and on my Educational documents its "Farooq Saeed".
So is there any problem with the name ??

Noor Khan said...

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Rana Shahid Imran said...

Is It necessary to be register with PEC,for Engineers to attest there degree from HEC?

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