International Islamic University - IIU Islamabad

International Islamic University is the only one of its kind in Pakistan and provide a real Islamic meaning of education to both Pakistanis and outsiders. With promising management and pure dedication towards education and education in pure Islamic way. Its not that IIUI only provide Islamic education as its name suggests, its a complete package of Management sciences to engineering and from social sciences to islamic studies. The whole idea behind this institute is to provide young nation the latest education with some Islamic touch. Well it seems quit impresive, the whole idea, but the question here is that weather they really provide what they claim? My answer is yes. They are really providing a brilliant enovironment rather Islamic enovironment to students which is producing some great youngsters, altough IIUI's students are not yet getting welcome response from market but they got a great potential to capture the market in really near future.

IIUI is growing with great pace because of two major reasons; first which is its greatest strength is its students who are really hardworking and passionate about their studies and second is its management's dedication about this institute.

Teachers are cooperative to students who get frequent assignments to do and marked on a lenient scale so students are quit satisfied with their teachers. Most of the teachers Masters which for me is a weakness at the university's end because at this competitive market you got to have some real experienced fellows to make your students something like brilliant.

Some of the weaknesses are as I mentioned above about the qualification of teachers is mostly Masters. Generally administration is very non-cooperative with students which create little bit of dissatisfaction among them so they, the administration, need to be more cooperative with students. And also students don't have much liberty to complaint against management which quit unjust on the part of Management. Lets have some quick review of different aspects of IIUI.

HISTORY: Back at 1980 this institute established but construction of its new campus made it possible to expand and offer a whole new line of programs. Old campus was located around the Faisal Mosque which was not much spacious to make it a quality place to learn so the management decided to build a new and large campus.

BASIC INFORMATION: New campus of IIUI is situated in sector H-10 of Islamabad. In this purposely build campus they consturct seprate hostels for male and female students. Education in IIUI is also sperate for male and female students which somehow matching with all the Islamic concept behind this institute.

STUDENT TALK: Students are really satisfied with this institute's education standards and also with the teachers' attitudes. But a students of IIUI told me on the behalf of others that management and administration is not much cooperative with students and don't give proper attention towards their problems. Other then this complaint they seems like happy with this institute.

FACILITIES: Facilites at International Islamic University are above average because of these plus and negatives. Library, Computer and Science labs are above average with library having huge amount of books, journals and magzines reaching almost 1.5 million in numbers and computer labs are up-to-date and science labs are equiped well.

Full transport is provided to students of twin cities. Hostel facility is also there for both male and female students. Class rooms are air conditioned and well maintained. Cafeteria is not up to the mark as it is low on quality and variety. Overall all campus building is also clean and well maintained.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: IIUI is offering different programs in following faculties.

  • Arabic Language and Islamic Civilization
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Islamic Studies
  • Languages, Literature and Humanities
  • Shar'iah and Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Management Sciences

WEBSITE: Here is the weblink of Islamic university click here to have more knowledge about IIUI.


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