Terrorism Holidays

The two words up in the heading are too horrible to read, but unfortunately this condition is prevailing in our country. Now educational institutes are the target of terrorists. This thing has created a chaos among students of all ages. The terror of blasts has made students to sit home, unless the security measures are up-to-the mark in educational institutes. Students are the main asset of any country; terrorists are trying to paralyze our country. Parents are afraid of sending their kids to schools, colleges and universities. We do not know that how long this pathetic situation is going to prolong, but we can only pray.

The blasts at Islamic University are highly condemnable. After that sadistic incident, there has been disturbance all over the country. All institutes were closed till 26th October, 2009 and were asked to adopt security measures till then. All educational institutes have been asked to take standard security measures; which includes 8 feet high wall around the institute with wire hindrance up on it, no entry without students’ ID cards, properly equipped guards, metal detector gates etc; but mostly have been unable to follow the instructions given. The situation is too chaotic, some schools are open some are closed, which are open parents are afraid to send their kids; some opened but were closed again because security measure taken were too weak.

Yesterday some explosive material was found from the Commerce University of Karachi. Due to which again a wave of terror run across the country. Some schools were again closed due to this. We used to have summer holidays and winter holidays, but now terrorism holidays are introduced to us. We condemn all this terrorist activity. our Govt. should take measures to end this as soon as possible. May Allah bless us and our Country and get us rid of terrorism; AMEEN.


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