University of South Asia - USA

University of South Asia is yet another institute which wants to provide every degree and any course within that degree. Although USA's main campus is literally a small building considering its offerings but they are determine to offer each and every possible degree. Who much they have succeeded in their "one in all" mission is a bit tragic story as non of their major programs like computer science and business administration got ant attention from job market. I have seen some of USA's brilliant Computer Programmers but that seems like their own skills and interest in CS, but it would be unjust if I don't give any credit to the institute so one can say that if you have good interest in CS then USA could help you by providing you some basic facilities but never expect to receive huge welcome by market in fact prepare yourself for " what you said where you have done your MCS, USA? what is that?". Same is the case with their Business department. 

USA is famous for its fun living style of study although its been administrated by an army man but students find it joyful to study at USA. This is a major reason why USA attracts students every year and get them enrolled anytime in the year, yes this is true this institute hardly got any admission criteria and the one they got is open for change at anytime. A friend of mine got admission even after their semester is started. 

USA's O&A level repute is good but i never met any of those students so i better no to discuss more else than their repute is good for O&A levels.

STUDENT TALK:          As I said above is that students likes studying at USA because if its tension free environment and students are satisfied with their studies because as a matter of fact its a very different class which is studying at USA some call them "High Class" some with other names but I haven't seen anyone who is serious about his or her studies. I find some students complaining about management behavior which is offcourse not for studies but other issues. I only got one comment which is some kind of studious that is " Management should hire some PhDs teachers".

FACILITIES:          USA got a very up-to-date computer lab in its small campus with lush green little lawns. Class rooms are air conditioned so that the labs and cafeteria. University got a small transport service which is run by rental buses. Cafeteria is although air conditioned but food quality is not up to standard. Campus is kept very clean and proper care is given on this matter which is quit good. So if I exclude the size of the campus then overall facilities are Average".

PROGRAMS:        I'll give you complete list of the programs offered by USA but right now I'm unable because university's official website is malfunctioned right now which is quit surprising for my. In the mean time check your luck at this Link.

WEBSITE:        Here is the link for official website of University of South Asia.


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