Why Students Join Superior University?

Guest Post By: Shahrukh Siddique

Nowadays the atmosphere of gaining competitive advantage over the rivals through the sword of advertising has become very popular amongst educational institutions. Advertising strategies were thought to be useful only for the companies to get their products sold out but in terms of educational institutions….! It looks a bit hilarious. Whether we are walking on the roads, reading a newspaper or watching TV, and yes listening radio, we will come across many institutions taking part in this war but one name, which is leading in all is Superior University.

The University management is spending a lot on its advertisements. It might be not possible that they have left any media behind to promote it. By watching these advertisements thousands of students are joining Superior University. They tend to compare their bright future with the bright ads of the university. A larger percent of the students’ fee went into these advertisements.

If you have ever cross Ferozpur road there you will see a large hoarding of Superior University showing their new offer the “Split Degree Program” which is another net for trapping students. I hope everyone have read their catchphrase “The Fastest Growing Institute of Pakistan”. What comes into your mind after reading it? It deceives most of the people I mean another trap. Yes, it’s a “Fastest Growing Institute of Pakistan” but not in terms of quality of education but in terms of quantity of students they are admitting every year. According to a recent but rough estimate about 2 to 3 thousand of students have joined Superior University last year.

Let me tell you about their internal management. There are lots of students to whom they have given the rank of Teachers’ Assistants but are actually teachers and teaching their juniors. Many MBA/ BBA students who haven’t yet completed their own degree and aren’t yet qualified are teaching juniors for their own program. If we made a rough observation then we can easily access that the number of the qualified faculty, they have hired is less then the number of students and their sections. The faculty, they have shown on their web is not sufficient with reference to the number of the students.

In my opinion advertisements are made by the manufacturing firms to promote their sales by adopting this rule the management of Superior University is promoting it as a product. They have put the future of students at a dilemma. They are spoiling their future. I will really appreciate the management of the University that they are true businessmen, who knew that today’s students especially youngsters are very prone towards advertisements and they are doing so. Every student have an aim to study abroad, to explore different environments, to study in the top universities etc etc. Through advertisement they are targeting the weak points of the students.

Their recent offer of Split Degree Program in which they are offering an opportunity to the students to complete their study partially in Superior University and partially in any of the famous Foreign University. First of all none of any student have applied yet for it. If any one has applied then after completing his program he will get the degree of Superior University, not of that Foreign University where he had completed rest of the studies. To about 80-90% students are awarded by the University’s own degree.

Once students get admit into the University they come to know about the real picture. If any student tried to leave the university, the management even teachers start using different techniques to stop him from leaving the university. They even threat the students if they wanted to leave it by disqualifying them or failing them in any of the subject. After that they hold some discussions and decide that if that student will not leave the University they will qualify him again. If by force any of students refuses their offers and didn't come under their pressure and leave the university. They didn’t give that student the original transcript letter on the official paper of the University. So once again the student has to trudge around them to get the original transcript letter.

They even don’t offer any proper discount policy for their old students. The fee discount is only given to those who have any strong reference. None of their student is at an influential post. They are comparing their system with the LUMS and LSE and also Cambridge University London and showing students sweet dreams.

You will be thinking of why I’m so against them. I’m not against them but their system. I’m sharing the experience of not only mine but lots of student who have left Superior University and who are still studying in it.

At last I only wanted to say that every student must think before taking any decision about its career. Each of us as a student takes admission in any educational institutions having certain dreams and aims in life. We pay huge fees and bear this burden only to make our future brightest; but what about these institutions, who in order to earn money and to raise their capital put the future of many on dilemma. I will also request to Government officials to give some consideration and take actions to have a control on the growing trend of advertisements among the educational institutions, which creates an illusion and betrays many students’ and thus spoils their future.

P.S:       Anyone having any kind of query about this article and needs any proof he or she can contact me.


Haris Nadeem said...

I have seen the hoarding you mentioned but I’ll slightly oppose it because you have only targeted Superior University for this ridiculous issue as there must be some other universities who might have been trying to expand their setup without ensuring quality of education. Although it was a very awakening article but I think there is a problem in the whole setup in our part of the world and the whole system of education needs to be revised. The GoP should take an initiative to eradicate this problem otherwise it will hit students’ career with a very high velocity.
An institute is recognized with its quality of education proved by the proficient team of teachers with having modern study environment and the whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards. Therefore, students shouldn’t inspire with all those deceptive advertisements but they should really visit the campuses before getting admissions into it.

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

Exactly, there is huge roam for improvement in our education system.. But why we only touched superior university is because we got some hard copy proofs of there Transcripts being rejected by HEC and other institutes.

Nabeel said...

HEC should take actions about their transcript or quality of study. They have categorized Superior University as 'W' grade; the best one. How come this happen?

fatima said...

hello, I am a student in one leading Euorpean Universities abroad..and I am asked to do a research on superior university by my co.ordinator here because they have a program to join this split program in Pakistan...Could anyone will tell me some facts about superior university ..this article was detailed but i felt it as biased...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well i have read all the comments of the other people as well as the person who wrote it. Firstly i would ask this guy that at what time he joined superior?
And if he is having such proofs or any thing which is related to Superior University he should post or attach such proof on main. Let’s see what happens next. There are many rumors and other things related to many other Universities, but the thing which enlighten of this thing being fake is that the person is a student of Superior University.
If the management is doing such things then why one 1 person is highlighting this thing why not the others?
We cant stop any person to speak for such kinda Thing on main.
According to you 2 to 3 thousands of students are getting enrolled per year but u have answered the thing why?
Why they r choosing Superior?
Many questions are left behind if we start cross questioning....

@ Fatima ... Superior cant ask the coordinators of your Universities to ask students to do research on Superior University?

@ Shahrukh ... Split Degree is the step for the students to have a chance to enhance there Potentials ... and if you talk about people applying for Split Degree.. Well it depends on the affordability of the students. And YES they r issuing the degree of the foreign university.. Our Management can’t threat the HEC for awarding them "W" Category...
We don’t compare our university with any other university we just take them as our competitors which i don’t think so i a thing to be highlighted! Huh! Duh! :P
Well.. i don’t have any relation with it but i know almost 98% of the hidden facts .. And rest of the 2% i don’t wana know because i don’t have any concern with that neither I have a habits of peeping into someone’s personal life.

Unknown said...

Dear Umeed,

First of all I've provided all the proofs of Superior University to http://eduinn.pk but I don't why they didn't publish it. But if You or anyone out there need those proof then email me at shahrukh.25@gmail.com and I'll personally send them all the proofs.

Secondly there are many things in this country which is wrong but people don't speak about it. I don't know why people are so dumb but I'm not afraid of any kind of threat so I speak out loud about all those wrong deeds happened with me in this university and happening with lot of other students there.

Thirdly I know that people are enrolling there in thousands and that is only because our Govt. doesn't have any check on universities. As any Food company advertise their product more and more then people will start eating it without knowing that whether it is harmful for them or not. As Govt. don't ban that food stuff in same way they are not banning this universities whether it is exploiting and destroying the future of students.

Rida said...

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Unknown said...

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Zain said...

Sir can superior university give degree(which is recognised by HEC) to the students after complete their session or not???? kindly explain please!!!

jhon said...

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