Two Years Bachelors is Going to be Eliminated in Punjab?

After Punjab Govt.'s decision of giving independence to 26 Govt. colleges across the province Education minister for Punjab announced that there will be 4 years bachelors programs in all these 26 colleges. Now 11 colleges of Punjab have decided not to open admissions in two years bachelor programs this year. Which mean that future of two years bachelors degree is in great danger.

For me this is a good step which should be taken years ago but its never too late. Why I am in favor of this step because, now there is no demand for 2 years bachelors degree in market as no big institute is accepting any 2 years bachelors for admissions in further studies. Every institute is preferring 4 years bachelors and foreign universities also only consider 4 years bachelors for admission in their universities.

A news is that some kind of association of professors is going to resist this change. I don't know why they are resisting this change may be they are afraid of this new semester system but my request to all of them who are resisting this change that they should accept this change and put their full efforts to make it a success as the new world is calling for it. I also want to see 2 years B.Com to be eliminated as there is absolutely no demand for this degree anymore.

Colleges not opening admissions in two years bachelors programs are Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore, Govt. Science College, Govt MAO college Lahore, Islamia College Copper Road Lahore, Govt. College Samnabad Lahore, Govt College Gulberg Lahore, Govt College for boys Gujranwala, Govt College for Girls satellite town Gujranwala, Govt College for boys Faisalabad, Govt college for girls Madina Town Faisalabad, Govt college for boys and Govt college for girls Jehlum, Garden college for boys and Govt. girls college satellite town Rawalpindi,  Govt Anbala Muslim College and Govt Girls college Sargodha, Govt college for boys and Govt colleges for Girls DIG.


Mubeen said...

The teachers are protesting against this change because the syllabus for BS programs is relatively advanced and new, and they will have to work hard to increase their own knowledge, and then to pass it on in the classes.
Simply, most of these teachers do not want to work hard, they want to continue with their half-century old lecture notes.
Govt. College of Science is going to host the largest number of BS courses (i.e. 16). I have done my FSc from this college 10 years ago. From the present students, I got news that teachers are on strike because courses will change and become more advance (champions of Laziness); and the students are protesting because they are afraid of higher tuition fees.

Unknown said...

This is realy a great change in our country and I am very very very happy from this change because i want to have this kind of change

Jamison Hands said...

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