Comparison of FAST and LSE Entry Tests

Guest Post by: Tymur Malik

Lahore School of Economics:
On Sunday 11th July, 2010 entrance test for MBA program held in Lahore School of Economics in the Barki Road campus. Their campus is very far away from the city which must have been a problem for those coming from different parts of the city, because there is no route of local transport towards that area. But the good thing was that they were very punctual,  test started exact on time which was 9 a.m. As we all know that unfortunately we are not safe from terrorism, to prevent any such thing, the security arrangements were very good and students can feel safe while they are inside the campus. 

Other arrangements were also very good, like they had already displayed the auditorium’s number on the boards to help students to know their rooms and their employees were also there to guide them towards classes. Test itself was a bit lengthy as at this age most of the students are not used to of 3 hours tests, which would have been a concern for many. But test in comparison with other universities was quite easy, as it didn’t had a lot of in depth mathematics questions and the English portion was also not of a high standard , which I feel was a good thing in students perspective. Again the test was very lengthy and it was a bit hectic to sit there for 3 hours. Mathematics section had 50 questions, sentence correction was 10 in number, comprehension had 30 questions in total and students had to right an essay from 3 given topics. 

FAST National University:
Today on July 12, 2010, entrance test for MS, MBA, BBA, etc held in national university fast. The tests were held on three different timings, the test that held in afternoon was supposed to start at 3 p.m. and the reporting time was given 2:30 p.m. but due to poor management it couldn't start at the right time. They don’t even facilitate their visiting students with car parking. There was not a very foolproof arrangements of security. The test was delayed by almost 30 minutes.

Test was computer based. There were four sections of the test, English, I.Q, Quantitative and General Knowledge. Each section had different number of questions and time was also different for every section . The test was very difficult, keeping in view that the students coming for the test are from different fields of study, their main focus was on use of English, as almost every question had one or two English words whose meaning must not be known to the majority. The priority should have been to test the students, whereas their emphasis was more on testing the English of students. Allover this test was a difficult one in comparison with the Lahore school of economics test.


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