Govt of Punjab Graduate Policy

Govt of Punjab has took yet another step to promote youth's practical contribution towards the development of Pakistan. After the successful starting of "Chief Minister's Youth Commission" Punjab Govt. has started a new scheme in which Govt's land will be given on lease to Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry students.

What is this Scheme:          In this scheme Govt. of Punjab will lease its agricultural land to students of Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry. Lands will be given on specified lease period which could be extended on performance basis. Students will use those lands to grow forests, dairy farms and do cultivation of different crops. There will be loans for graduates to use the lands properly.

Lands will be distributed in different stages, in first stage there will be 30,000 acres of land which will distributes among Forestry graduates on which they will grow forests. In second stage, 50,000 acres of land will be distributed among Agricultural graduates.

Eligibility:         There is very simple eligibility criteria to apply in this program, you have to be the local graduate of that area in which the Govt. land is available. I think this is a very good criteria as this will encourage  locals to study these degrees and also generated some good business in rural areas.

Where is the Program Now:        Currently Govt of Punjab has distributed lands and loans among 1300 graduates. Certificates will be distributed among those 1300 students by Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif on July 10, 2010 in Raheem Yar Khan. Govt is also accepting applications for the 2nd stage of this program in which 50,000 acres of land will be distributed among agricultural students.


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