EduReadings: Affective Approach in Advertising

Affection is all about touching the heart of the audiences. To reach their hearts and agitate their emotions is all about affective approach used in advertising. About a decade back, factual approach was considered efficient but research has proved that now emotional/affective approach is more useful.

Following are the components of affective approach which integrate to make an impact and stir up people’s emotions.

Wants: Our needs are rationale whereas wants are totally irrational. These are our desires. And affective approach is used to stimulate those desires to get the positive response. If I say that “I want something, it is irrational and depicting my desire to have that. So through advertising this is what advertisers do.”

Emotions: Emotions are very effective component of affective approach as emotions are directly hit by it. As in surf Excel ad, where boy is trying to act like his teachers’ dog who was died while she was sitting sad, in doing so he got all his clothes soiled. But he did not care. This concept was very touching and it worked.

Likeness: It is another very important component and considered to be most significant. Some researchers say that if people have liked the ad then the positive feelings will transfer towards the product or brand as well. But there may be chances that they have forgotten the brand name shown in ad so in this case positive feelings will not transfer to the products.

Resonance: It is way of identifying with the customers. It is connecting your ad with people on the personal level. You create or associate a metaphor, text, picture or anything in your ad, and this “rings bell” whenever seen or heard anywhere.

So using affection approach in your ads to get to the people’s heart and sentiments is very positive and productive thing to do.


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