My BBA at IBA Lahore

My BBA at IBA Lahore will always be remembered throughout my life. Four years spent in this department can never be erased from my memories, each and every moment spent there has some sort of significance. I have started feeling it like a home to me as four years of my life has been passed in it's seminars, cafe, lab, library, corridors, having fun with friends and chatting and gossiping.

To start with my very first day at the university, i entered with a new hope and fresh aspirations, i did not know anyone over there, but in a matter of days i started to k now a lot people over there. I remember us sitting at the door side in a circle having fun, chatting and playing truth and dare. We were new to each other but moving towards knowing each others.

When I became part of IBA, at that time it consisted of only one building, not large in size, few rooms and seminars and labs. Whereas new building adjacent to it was under construction. After a year new building was also available to us, it is awesome, well constructed, airy, wide,a number of seminars, modern lab and library and cafeteria. Infrastructure and facilities at IBA is no less then any renowned private institute. It is good enough to compete with those top ranked business schools in our country.

Every Semester used to bring new excitements, new instructors, new experiences and fresh concepts. Compilation of project at the very last day, preperation of presentation at the very last moments, always refusing for assignments even though it was given once a semester.

That all is unforgettable.

A week before exams was considered to be preparation week, everyone used to be busy in collecting notes from the photocopier, getting prints, taking classes from friends, group discussions... I can never forget those days.....

Experience with teachers have been good. I found a few brilliant ones, some were good and there were average or below as well. I can say that i was not totally satisfied with teachers over there.

Frequency of events was also disappointing there, One annual sports gala and a combine farewell and welcome for BBA, have always been under criticism by us, but we could nothing about that. But still we used to find ways to have fun.

IBA has given me a whole experience, an experience of four years, including somewhat professional and social. No doubt i have learnt there but there is more potential, which can make IBA most desirable institute.


Salman said...

hey im also in the same institute ... final year - final semester

Jamison Hands said...

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