EduReadings: Components of Communication

Communication is very important in all aspects whether its from marketing perspective or organizational. It is actually transmission of message from sender to receiver. If it is reached to the receiver as it was intended, its then known as effective communication, and if it does not give the meaning to the receiver you actually wants then it means that your communication has gone wrong. Well communication is a whole process, consisting of following five components, here i am going to discuss this components in terms of we as consumers:

The Sender:

Sender is the person who is the source of the message. He initiates and generates the message and always has some purpose at the back of the mind. So this sender can be any formal source or an informal one, formal source would be any commercial of non-profit organization and informal source would be our peers, parents, friends, siblings etc. Now if i consider my self a consumer here, and i am receiving any information regarding a product from both sources, i would rely more on the informal source rather the formal one, as i'll find it more genuine and sincere whereas i'll take the formal one as biased and more of company's own benefit.

The Receiver:

Receiver is the person who receives the sender's message. Sender must understand the sender's psychology before creating message. In marketing communication, we are the receivers and we are bombarded with huge information and ads all the time, all are conveying some message from the sender. Receiver interprets the message according to his perceptions.

The Medium:

Medium is the passage or way through which a message is reached to consumer. It can be personal or impersonal, like if advertiser runs an ad campaign on tv then its impersonal medium and if a company's representative is coming to you and trying make a sale telling you about the products/services, then its personal medium. The medium should also be a right choice, as wrong choice would lead to failure of message.

The Message:

It is the most important component of communication as it has direct impact on perception of the receiver. Message should be carefully designed so it may get the desired response. Message can be in verbal (written or spoken) or non verbal (image, symbol) form. A combination of both can be persuasive for a consumer as it will be giving all information with visual depiction.


Feedback is very important component as it lets the sender that whether his communication has been successful or not. Immediate feedback help sender a lot in a sense that he can change or modify his message at that very instant. But when you are communicating using impersonal medium then its hard to get immediate feedback, you have to wait and watch. So methods should be designed in a way to get the feedback as promptly as possible.


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