EduReadings: Virtual Personality

Here i am going to describe an interesting topic, it is a simple thing but you might have never think of it side what i am going to tell you. It can be used positively to boost your personality. So here i start....

As the term is self explanatory, that it is creating personality that actually does not exist. For instance; as internet usage has increased manifolds and chatting over internet is the most popular thing. So what some of us do is that we create our accounts with some different identities to interact with different people. So we will call it a virtual personality that exist only on internet.
Now what happens that if you create a personality unlike you (or you may want to be like that), you pretend to be that person, if in real you are introvert you try to become extrovert over there, if you are not talkative you try to interact with people, if you are not confident you may consider that personality to be confident and like that. And there are chances that at the end of the day you have got these trait in your personality because of continuous practice, these traits become part of your personality.

So Virtual personality provides your the opportunity to try out different personalities, which you are not and you may adopt a bits and bytes of that virtual personality in you which may groom you. It is just like going to the clothing store and trying out different outfits and then you may select the one that best suited you. Similarly you may adopt certain characteristics out your own created VPs and adopt the ones you may wanted to be.


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