1st Anniversary of Education Inn of Pakistan

Its been a full year since I wrote this post and started Education Inn of Pakistan to contribute my little part to help my fellow students. My aim was to create an information portal where students can get all the information, reviews and updates regarding Educational Institutes in Pakistan. I created it with the view to be a source for all my fellows, to even answer the queries and to have a positive and sharing environment for community of students and learners. I know i have long way to go and my vision is getting broader with every time passing. In my 1 year journey I got Madiha's help in every aspect of this blog. She helped alot in EduReadings and made huge contributions in other sections as well. I am really thankful to her and I welcome others too come forward and help your fellow students.

In the beginning, my major focus were detailed reviews of Educational Institutes. In the due course i added one more category that is of EduReadings. It is aimed to explain educational concepts of different subjects in comprehensive and elaborative way so students may get a clear concept of topics and theories. Continuing with these, around 3 months back I came up with new addition to my Blog that was of Notices. This head is all about updates and notices regarding exams, events, Educational Exhibitions etc. It is to provide my readers all the latest news which I can to my best. Now recently I have started a section under the name of Admissions, it will serve my readers with all the information related to Admissions at Universities & Colleges.

With my these little efforts I try to update my readers and share my views and opinions. In future i am hoping to expand it in terms of more categories and information.I welcome all the suggestions and comments. Education Inn is here to provide information; spread knowledge and share perceptions.

Many of my students readers asked me to start a new category related to the jobs for fresh students. So I was thinking to start a new series of posts in which I will share some openings in different organizations which are particularly for fresh graduates. I know that any of you can go to any jobs portal and find jobs opening in companies but those are mostly for experienced professionals so what I am gonna do is that I will search jobs for fresh graduates and share with you guys. That is not only, along with searching in different portals main source of my Jobs section will be my personal sources like I will use my personal contacts to find out jobs for you people. So by adding this new section of "Jobs for Students" I am taking a responsibility, a responsibility to give my fellow students those opportunities which might prove to be their career. So keep reading and be updated!!

At last I need to thank my readers who always appreciated me by reading my writings and encouraged me to keep writing. 


Nabeel said...

Congratulations buddy, many bloggers get bored in few months and stop blogging. Hail to you, you not only manage to blog only but added new categories too.

Now you have added a fantastic, most wanted category, Job Only For Fresh Students / Graduates. This is the most needed thing in our society. Every newspaper, job portal gives the jobs for experienced people. Best of Luck to you, may you go on long way

Jamison Hands said...

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