EduReadings: How to Motivate Salesperson?

Motivation is the key component in getting the job done by employees. The more motivated are they, the more positive results are there. Here i am particularly going to discuss the case of Salespeople. They are very important to any organization, whether selling products or services. They are revenue generating units of the company so keep them motivated is necessary for productive results.

Salespersons are directly effected by all the strategies devised, polices made, planning constructed by the managers. Besides that some environmental factors and external factors also effect them. So Sales managers should realize this and make periodic adjustments to keep them motivated and focused on the tasks. So i am going to describe certain guidelines fo motivating the salespersons:

  • First of all those persons should be recruited for this job whose motives and objectives match the requirements of the job, his needs should be aligned with all the tasks and benefits of the job so he may be able to perform well and be motivated as this job will be fulfilling his objective as well.
  • Individual considerations should be taken into account when motivating and rewarding salespersons. Motivation is basically product of needs, if needs are being taken care of and fulfilled then a lot has been achieved, though all needs can not be fulfilled but taking care of it sometimes whenever possible, take care of their needs, as satisfied needs ignite the motivational behavior.
  • Salespersons should be provided with all the information regarding job so they can perform it very well.
  • Monotony of the works leads to boredom, hence lower performance. So the jobs and tasks should be redesigned, some additional feature should be kept on adding and some new tasks should be assigned, so it may keep the salesperson fresh and motivated.
  • Motivation can be increased by building salesperson's self esteem. This can be done by acknowledging good performances and giving some rewards.
So above mentioned guidelines can help you motivate your sales force and get your goals and their objective achieved simultaneously.


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