Admissions: Textile Institute of Pakistan

TIP is one of the well known institutes for Textile studies. As there is huge job market for students having degrees in Textile Sciences so TIP could be one choices for students to study Textile Sciences. TIP has announced its admission for Fall 2010. They are offering admission in following undergraduate programs.

Programs Offered:

  • Textile Apparel & Design:
    • B.Sc in Textile Science
    • B.Sc in Textile Design Technology
    • BBA in Fashion Design Management
    • BBA in Textile Management and Marketing
    • BBA in Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising
  • Business Administration:
    • Bachelors of Business Administration
      • Marketing
      • Finance
      • Human Resource Management
      • Supply Chain Management
How To Apply:       You can get Admissions Pack from City campus (A-142, S.M.C.H.S., Karachi) for Rs. 1500. Fill the forms and submit it before 11th July 2010. 11th July is the last date to apply. Admission test will be conducted on 18th July 2010.

For more information call: +922134549734 or visit


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