Admissions: American Heritage University

American Heritage University is the first american university to start its operations in Pakistan by opening admissions in its Virtual Campus in Lahore . Although that the mode of the lectures will be like of Virtual University it means that they are not going to use regular traditional methods of teaching instead lectures will be delivered on screen, internet or any other soft form. So for me this is not a big deal and knowing the fact that fees are quite high even after the 50% scholarship for every student. Well lets see what programs are they offering for Pakistani students.

Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
  • Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems

There is not quite information provided as far as last date of application or how to apply. So you can visit university's Lahore campus for more details.

Contact Information:
  • 1 Campus Road, Canal Bank, Near Doctor's Hospital
  • Phone: 0423-5168822-55

Fee Update:     I have confirmed the fee of all the programs given above from their Lahore campus. They confirmed me that the fees given on their website in American Dollars are applicable here in Pakistan with 50% discount because they are offering online studies. The fee details are given below.

Fee in USD
Fee PKR (Approx)
300$ per Course
PKR: 25500 per Course
300$ per Course
PKR: 25500 per Course
325$ per Course
PKR: 27625 per Course
325$ per Course
PKR: 27625 per Course
350$ per Course
PKR: 29750 per Course


Nabeel said...

First American university in Pakistan, great. I think students would be crazy about it even I believe that business study can't be done virtually.
Let me know the fees of their programs if you have.

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

@Nabeel: I have updated the fees of american heritage university Lahore campus. I hope this will satisfy your requirement.

Nabeel said...

That's a great help Shahzaib. But how expensive they are as compare to course fees we have here in Pakistan

hmbk said...

it is too much costly as it is distance learning. students will not be crazy bcoz its not affordable.

hmbk said...

student shuold join HEC recognised and chartered university and sudty should be campus based.

hmbk said...

y the fee is mentioned PER COURSE? so what will be fee of PER SEMESTER or PER yEAR? with such a High fee we can get education in HEC/PEC/PMDC/govt of Pakistan Registered HIGH class University even at self finance in private sector. with proper lecture/lab & Class rooms.

Shahzaib Siddiq said...

You are right about programs being costly, But I think the only attraction for students would be the American Visa they will get by enrollment in this program as announced by University. Well lets see how the response comes.

Anonymous said...

But I think this is not that expensive, I mean you are getting an American Degree without spending a single penny over your traveling and accommodation...
I think this is a great opportunity for us.. Even local institutes are charging so much and if we can get an American Degree for the same sum of money, whats harm in that??

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. its really great... Now we can have American Degree rite in Pakistan...

Hmbk, I have verified the details regarding their per subject scenario, which they are replying that if student can get any exemption of subject on the basis of his prior qualification .. His fee for that subject will also waive,,, otherwise .. the normal scenarios that we have here in Pakistan.. we have to pay the fee of the whole program (semester wise)either any subject got exempted or not...

and one more interesting thing i want to share.. they are not taking any charges from you .. Its like you have to pay the amount to the account of AMERICAN HERITAGE UNIVERSITY directly via wire transfer...

no chance of fraud or falseness, moreover, university has placed the add of its Lahore campus on its website ..check it your self

Anonymous said...

Its great opportunity .... spend same and get more... its not that expensive i mean calculate the total expense and frustrations you might face while planing to get an American degree by being there... it would be much more then they are offering.. you do not have to pay for your accommodation,. traveling tickets...

I think there MBA program is gr8. living in Pakistan and availing the live interactive classes from California... i haven't seen such thing ever before...

Sharjil said...

Dear All!

If we see MSCIS course contents It advanced level.I have coordinate through university.UMT and University of south Ashia professes come out in Lahore campus.

Unknown said...

I think those considering this university should be made aware that this institution is not recognized by the Department of Education in the USA or the CHEA (commission for higher education accreditation ) in the US. Am Heritage only has an "approval" in one state--California--and this is only a license to operate, not to grant degrees. It will not be recognized by any other universities in the US, or other countries. Although the representatives in Pakistan say it is "almost about to get HEC recognition", i fail to see how that would happen if it isn't even recognized in the country of origin for all this time that it's been in operation. For those thinking it will get them jobs abroad or hoping to pursue education anywhere on the basis of a degree from here, you should know that is completely unrecognized. It might be great, but it won't have any value to it whatsoever professionally or academically. It is against the law in several US states to list degrees from unaccredited universities on a resume, and the only other shot is that local employers (who might be impressed by the "american" brand) might hire graduates. But that's a risk i wouldn't take, personally.

Anonymous said...

But I am still amazed that if they don't have the approval to operate the university other then California, how they are operating their campuses in Malaysia, India, Macedonia and Philippines...

Moreover they are offering degree programs in above mentioned countries.
If they re not eligible for that how these govt. are allowing them to operate… as they are not new there…

Anonymous said...

I have taken an admission in MBA program in AHUSC and I found it great to have American education right here in Pakistan.
I by myself, checked all the information about the campuses running all over the world like in 1.Macedonia (Euro college /city kumonabo. 2.WKMDC World Knowledge Mgmt Development Center in DUBAI. 3.EDS Business College Malaysia. 4.Laguna State Polytechnic Southern Luzon University and Batangans... 5.IMA Indian Management Academy Ahmedabad India.
6.AHUSC American Heritage University of Southern California Lahore campus. Soooooo How can they run schools all over the world without any permission.....I am satisfied and glad to get admission in such university.

Sharjil said...

Dear all!

I have got admission in MSCIS from AHUSC.Its so great compare to our local university .its recognized and accelerated university.

asadullah said...
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asadullah said...

I am a person who have started my career and wanted to continue my studies so I searched different universities however those were offering executives program but for a person like me who don’t have time and find it very difficult to visit the campus daily in that scenario the AHUSC has offered me the full package that suits people like me I mean the classes would be conducted through video conferencing that I even can ask questions to my adviser and I have no need to visit the campus daily I even can attend the lecture at my home or anywhere which is totally a different and unique learning experience. It’s the first institute in Pakistan which is offering DBA program and having the US doctorate faculty not partially but totally. I have checked its accreditation as well it is accredited by the California Bureau of Private Post Secondary Vocational Education and this is the link of the site
And it is further recognized by the California Higher Education Accreditation and
United States Department of Education for verification you can visit the AHUSC site
I found it more than satisfactory so I myself feel good to be a part of this institution

Unknown said...

Well, best of luck to those who got admitted, but just a few points: It is recognized by only a handful of similarly unaccredited colleges/universities in different places, so it means nothing that the uni is offering its programmes in those places. Just please don't be impressed by the fact that they merely mention they have been offering programs in Malaysia, etc. It does not mean that the government of Malaysia formally recognizes it. And for evaluating foreign qualifications, local authorities always look to the country of origin to see if the university is accredited there, and it's not accredited in the US. The Californica State Approval, I've already told you they have that, but recognition under that does not mean it is a degree-granting authority. Only those recognized by the US Department of Education or Council for Higher Education Accreditation in the US are recognized. I am sorry to see that your "homework" and investigation into this university did not go beyond a superficial level.I just wouldn't attend a non-recognized or accredited university, personally. But in the end, your educational options are your decision.

Unknown said...


You have actually shown limited understanding of American educational system. Like most social services in the United States, education is regulated by the states. Federal involvement comes in when students seeks federal financial assistance.
To qualify for such assistance, the school must have been in compliance with state's guidelines and in operations for about three years. It is after these requirements are met the school can apply for federal "recognition" essentially for Americans citizens to qualify for financial aid.
Foreign students do not typically qualify for such aid. In that case state approval is sufficient to validate any degree from AHUSC in this case.
AHUSC is currently in the process of acquiring that national accreditation since students now want federal assistance to complete their various programs.

This response is coming rather late. But we feel it is necessary to educate doubting Thomases about the true position and status of AHUSC.
Your quoted statement below is not quite accurate. For an institution to be nationally accredited, it must first be approved by the state.

"It is against the law in several US states to list degrees from unaccredited universities on a resume"
There is no centralized regulatory department that supersedes states powers to regulate education like in most developing countries.

ass said...

hello to sarah , and everyone here
I complete my degree from this university or campus or a shop, or a house of education , or londonamericancollege, or WKDMD, or sorry, im confusedddddddddd........
oohh,, they r in Rasulkahima , in freezone state
i went to dean to speak about my futher education want to apply abroad about nobody accepting .
he told me to wait, till end of year, it will be done,
i cant tell this to my parents ,my brother,my cousion they all will worried or, be laf,,,

Unknown said...
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