Personal Selling Approaches

To market their product to customers, organizations use different approaches, depending on the nature of product or services, resources of the organization, expertise or others. Initially there were four approaches which were being practiced but later one more approach came into practice.

Stimulus response selling:

It is the simplest approach to selling. It uses structured questions and statements, which act as stimuli for the customer and sales person get the desired response in their favor. Words and statements of sales person furnish a stimulus if they are well planned and hit the nail on the head.
Planning or preparation of conversation is being done at the sales person end. He prepares structured questions whose answer is most likely to be in “YES” leading towards the end of the sale in “YES”.
This approach involves less contribution of the buyer, its one sided conversation in favor of sales person, who has the aim to sell at any cost. So it’s suitable in the situations when buyer is unprofessional and has less knowledge.
Example includes telemarketing, in which one script is being memorized and then repeated on every call till the sale call is closed.

Mental State Selling:

It is formula approach to selling. It is similar to stimulus response selling as it also uses structured question to lead the buyer to different mental states. These mental states are AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Sales person should be intelligent enough to keep track of buyer’s mental state while asking him questions.
It is bit technical and requires sound mental ability of the sales person. First he tells customer about his product/service to gain Attention, then tries to develop customers’ interest, after that a stage, conviction comes, when salesperson describes the functions and benefits of products/services. After that in the stage of desire he should overcome the hesitation of customer and make him positive about his product/service and at the end sought the sales call.

Need Satisfaction selling:

In this approach, first of all the problem is identified. What does customer need to solve his problem? Sales person first listen to customer and let him take the initial part of conversation to uncover the needs of buyer. When need is identified then sales person tells about his product/services and how can they benefit customers and tell the entire features. Then sale is closed either with positive response from the customer or negative.

Problem Solving Selling:

In this approach problem is already identified, sales person need to define it to the customer and then tell him all the alternatives available even of competitors to solve the problem. He also explains his own company’s product/service, after that he evaluate the alternatives carefully; doing comparisons of all and then sought the sales call.

Consultative Selling:

In this approach both buyer and seller works with collaboration. In this approach seller tries to help the buyer out in accomplishing his organizational objectives and strategies. It involves two way interactions. Seller sincerely tries to seek out the problem of buyer and use all his resources and expertise to provide him services. It may take several days for sales to be done.


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