How to Attempt Paper Effectively

Have you ever found yourself in a position when you thought that you did a great job in exam but on result day your marks wasn’t matched with your expectations. Well that happened basically when you don’t attempt you paper effectively. So I decided to put together some guidelines to be followed when attempting a paper.

I am not going to give you any supersonic thing that can help you get 90% marks when your preparation is for 70% but one thing I guarantee that if you follow these points you will get the marks according to your expectations and preparations. These guidelines will specially help students studying in annual system but some institutes do have subjective type of questions in semester system even so it’s also better for those who are studying under semester system to have some fair bit of knowledge about how to attempt paper effectively. So here we go…

Study Well:    Yes to attempt a paper you should study the books first, point to be noted is that I am not saying to attempt a paper effectively I am saying to attempt you need to study your books well. While studying always give more time to major concepts but never left minor topics totally, at least read them once. This practice will help you if got something called “out of course” or “upset paper”.

Start with Your Strong Point:                      Always start with a question about which you are damn sure that you can give 100% what is demanded by paper setter. Because its all about making positive perception of you in the mind of paper checker. So if you hit him hard with your strong concept then he’ll of perception that he checking a paper of some genius. So never show your weak point at start.

Complete All Answers:          Make sure that you complete all your answers whether you know them or not. Well if you are thinking that how is it possible to complete something which you don’t know, well in that case pretend as you know and conclude your answer. Basically the point is that you don’t need to left an answer thinking that “I’ll come back to it afterwards” believe me most of the times that afterwards never comes.

Attempt All Questions Required:     Never left a single question because it’s just like surrendering your right for some certain marks. So make sure that you attempt all questions required for 100% marks, remember I told you to read all topics at least once that will help you here.

Keep Your Paper Clean:        As all of you know better that it’s better to have your answer sheet neat and clean and avoid any unnecessary cuttings or overwriting. Paper checker love those papers that are neat and make it easy for checker to check paper.

So these were the things which I thought are important to attempt paper effectively.


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