How You Can Prepare Yourself for Interview

Many of you are about to finish your studies and start looking for jobs, and if you are really about to do this then my advice is not to wait for your studies to be completed and start dropping your C.Vs now. Yes now because there are very little chances say 10% out of 100 applications you drop to companies that you get a interview call. And if you are lucky enough to have an interview call I am sure this piece of information will help you a lot and increase your chances to be successful atleast in the interview. Being an HR major I have developed some points on how you can prepare yourself for interview, here they are:

Step 1, Find Out The Type of Interview:       Here is the very first step to prepare yourself for an interview. Find for what type of interview you are going, remember there are three types of interviews (1) Screening Interview (2) Decision Interview (3) Data Gathering Interview. Your level of preparation depends alot on the fact that what type of interview you are going to. Because the screening and data gathering interviews are just not enough important to do "ALOT" for them, main thing is decision interview where you make into the job.

Step 2, Prepare To Be Asked:        This is the key point, when you are going for an interview you should know about the organization you are going in, you should have fair amount of information about the JOB you are applying for. Search and look what type of questions an interviewer could ask and rehearsal there answers. If you could manage to know a little bit about the interviewer before the interview that would be a big plus.

Step 3, Prepare To Ask:      Always remember that interviewers like the candidates who come with preparation and can convey their thoughts well. So never get hesitated or feel shy of asking something from interviewer but make sure you don't ask something silly. Ask what you really wanna ask and that make the sense in that environment.

Step 4, Dress Yourself :      Hey get a suit and start wearing it so make your body feel comfortable in it, I know students don't like formal dresses in their student life but believe me when you are at interview a smart suit makes the difference. Navy blue is recommended color for your suit but you can also pick black or dark brown. Spend some money on your dressing and it will give you a big "competitive edge".

Step 5, Get Rid of Anxiety:     Research proved that many of candidates score low on interviews because of their anxiety. Get Rid of it Man, researchers found that anxiety can be significantly reduced if you have a realistic understanding of the context of the interview and go into interview with an open mind. So if you are fairly prepared for interviewer's question then you would feel confident.

Step 6, Get A Commitment:     This is not the part of preparation but it is important that when you are finish with the interview get something called commitment. Like "When I'll be informed?" or "When are you planning to finalize you hiring decision?". This practice will help you in managing you time schedule for other interviews.

I tried my little best to give you some quick tips about interviewing, let me know if you need something more on this thing.


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